10th anniversary of Wieselhead.de

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10th blog anniversary of Wieselhead.de 🎉🎈

I started reading anime figure related blogs around 2008, blogs like Happysoda and Tentaclearmada showed me the appeal of bishoujo figures and ambitious figure photography, I slowly began with collecting my own figures.

On May 13th 2010 my blog went on air, a tiny spark lead me to opening my own blog about anime and bishoujo figures from Japan. A small village boy from Germany going out to take part in a worldwide community. In the early years I met many awesome fellow reviewers and skilled photographers and really had a great time to interact with them.

it was one of the better decisions in my life to open up the blog

My first few reviews weren’t especially great with my cute english for example, my pictures also weren’t always great, back in the day it wasn’t necessary to have perfect pictures, people could see the figures as they are and talk about it. 

Nevertheless my english improved and so did my photography skills and in these 10 years I posted 181 figure reviews.

A small selection of my reviewed figures from 2010 to 2019

Not many stayed active as figure bloggers and that honestly left me heartbroken at first, somehow I gathered enough motivation to keep going, and a few fellow bloggers became very dear friends to me.

Facebook unfortunately lead to the decline of blogs in general, Recently I also made a page on facebook, to get noticed and also to stay in touch with fellow figure collectors. I still run my blog on a regular basis, although I’m not as passionate as I used to be, but I still love figures and Wieselhead.de is my baby, that I won’t abbandon.

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