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Hi fellas have you already bought all the christmas presents for your beloved ones?

Im always one of the last people when it comes to reviewing very popular figures.
My BRS anime version figure arrived some days ago thx to shipping.
I chose EMS shipment at first, but after I received the payment request
with 3700 yen only for the shipping I asked AmiAmi if they could change
the shipping method to SAL and so I could save some money.

I guess most parts about this figure were mentioned in the other reviews,
so I don’t intend to write something about the missing star XD

So today I will share my thoughts about my Black Rock Shooter ★ anime version figure.
I had the pictures ready on Saturday but had no mood for writing anything then.

Black Rock Shooter ★ anime version is an 1/8 scaled figure which was manufactured
by Good Smile Company, she was released on november 11th 2010.

Black Rock Shooter (Burakku Rokku Shūtā) origin are the Illustrations of huke
The Main elements of the BRS illustrations are chains, chess pattens and grungy
looking textures in an post apocalyptic environment and girls in stylish black clothes.

Black Rock Shooter became overly popular with figure collectors over night.
PVC Figures,  Nendoroids, Figmas have been made by GSC and if this “hype”
goes on we can expect many more characters from the BRS universe to be
turned into figures in the future, I hop they make Black ★ Matagi some day.

So now back to the main topic of this post.
This BRS anime Version really caught my interest,because everything of her
looked very cool,  I especially liked her face and the very dynamik pose.
Since it’s called anime version I think I have to leave some words about the anime
or better said  OVA which was aired on july 24th 2010 I was a bit curious how this
one would turn out because  aside from the look of the illustrations no info was given
about the characters. Well, the OVA doesnt’t explain much of the things which were
shown there It’s mostly up to your imagination how you judge the things you see there.
But it fullfilled its purpose to give some backstory to the whole franchise.
The OVA has an independent movie like flair to it which I really liked.

In short the story of the OVA centers around the  friendship between Mato and Yomi.
[spoiler] One day Yomi dissapears whithout a trace and Mato tries to retrieve her.
During her search Mato meets Black Rock Shooter girl by chance and then
Mato merges with Black Rock Shooter girl and so they take off to the
“otherworld” to save Yomi who is posessed by the villain Death Master,
Aside from her colthes Black Rock Shooter girl had a quite  expressionless and plain
aura in the OVA wich somehow fits the look of her Illustrations.
But therefore its said that her Cannon can fire 20 shots per second.[/spoiler]

So there we have the model kit called BRS anime version, I never had to assembly
so many parts before a figure  was ready to display and honestly,
I didn’t enjoyed it, pushing the pegs into the holes was really thrilling.

I imagined how the guys from GSC were sitting in their office, discussing
about how they should put their figure into the box without breaking anything.
“Haha we’ll give the customers all the single parts and when they break them
during the assembly its their problem.” *argh*

If you haven’t opened the box of her yet, should please visit Plastic Parfait
before you start to unpack her, there Luthren has some good hints for
the assembling, the construction manual wasn’t that helpful in my opinion.
Luckily I was able to put all the parts together without any damages on my figure.

Now when everything is in place we can admire our cool looking figure :D
What first meets the eye is this dynamic looking pose which gives the
expression of her leaping forward with her big cannon right into the battle.
In my opinion the way the twintails are attached to her head doesn’t look that well.
You can change her bangs into the version with or without the blue flame.



The face looks cool but the expression looks also a bit empty, aside from that
The blue eyes are very detailed in combination with the outer white sclera ,
they look really pretty and deep, the mouth appears a bit simple with this thin
red line BRS also has nice ears =D


BRS has an unique outfit, she wears a black and shiny black hoody raincoat.
It is detailed and sculpted with an dynamicly flow which looks very good.
beneath that she wears a bikini top and hot pants as well as high boots as footwear.




Here we have a very good looking base the figure is kept in place with one peg in the
foot and one hand at the cannon, her stance is not super stable but it’s sufficent.
Together with the different lengths and angles of the chains it makes a great diorama.
I really like the dry brushing and grungy effects on the black and white blocks.

Good parts

Bad parts
-texture of the hair
-size of the box
-shipping cost XD
-assembling procedure ;(
some more experimental pictures’

There isn’t much about the figure itself to complain about, paintjob and sculpting
quality are really well done, overall I’m very satisfied with this figure, also the base
looks really great the whole figure also looks very visually appealing on my shelf .

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BRS ★ anime version by GSC by wieselhead, unless otherwise expressly stated, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

  1. duqs January 6, 2011

    I suggest you try out the photocontest of GSC, wouldnt hurt and everyone gets a prize XD (shameless yet might-be-beneficial plugging)

    1. wieselhead January 6, 2011

      oh yeah good idea, but I can’t decide which on I should submit, could you help me a bit ? ;D

  2. wieselhead January 5, 2011

    Hi thx for your comment
    I agree one BRS is enough ;)
    The star was easy to attach
    thx for your praise ;)

  3. anonymous_object January 4, 2011

    Ah, she looks great. Going to stick with my Blade version though as I don’t feel the need to own multiple BRS figures right now. The base on this version is way better than the simple one on the blade version but I suppose that was part of the discounted price on the blade version.
    Looks like you had no problems putting the star on then? xD
    Thanks for sharing the pics. Good job on the photos as usual! :)


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