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Hi ppl today I will present you a review about a new figure of mine.
I bought  this Evangelion New Theatrical Edition Asuka Langley Shikinami Apron Version
at AmiAmi for 3600yen + 580yen SAL shipping and received her in the last week.
The origin of her is the latest Evangelion 2.0 Movie where she made her first appearance in the new project of the franchise. There was a scene where she tried to cook for Shinji in this dressup with the apron. Wave decided to produce her in this somehow unusual looking apron version. This Asuka is scaled 1/10 with a height of 160mm,without base.

Asuka ApronAsuka Apron
Asuka Apron

Im a NGE fan ,but not really because of the characters, to be honest in the anime show the EVA pilots were just to psycho and messed up, if there was a character I really liked it would be Misato. What I always liked about NGE was the very good story and the interesting setting.

As the first promo pictures appeared, I thought that this figure could be quite promising.
The latest promo pictures changed my impression quite a lot, because in these pictures the figure had a chubby looking face and somehow to me she didn’t appear like Asuka at all.
I was at the brink of canceling her, but haven’t canceled her, instead I hoped that she would never arrive at my house XD. Anyway as she arrived I was relieved that they kept and delivered the Asuka from the first promo shots. It’s interesting how you can ruin the impression of a figure just by posting wrong lighted images. I have to admit that I also had problems in finding the right light setup, the single flash was somehow to bright for her, natural light suits her the best.
Asuka Apron
Asuka ApronAsuka Apron

After all the plug suit figures of Asuka, its funny how they put this proud pilot of Eva 02
into a stereotype looking housewife who cooks for her man while wearing an apron.
Asuka ApronAsuka Apron
Lets start with the carrot orange hair, its a really bright orange colortone they’ve used at her hair and it doesn’t look like it has a paintjob, but at the bangs and on top the hair its brighter than at the rest of her hair. The strands are sculpted clean and quite detailed. On top she wears red hairclips with black stripes, designed in the style of her Eva unit. Thanks to Waves H-joint her the position and angle of her head can be adjusted.
Asuka ApronAsuka Apron

Her face shows a nice tsundere expression with very cute blush marks,
“It’s not like I especially made it for you, baka!” she might say or maybe Shinji came too late for dinner or she was mad because of a lack of cooking skills, in the old Evangelion universe Asuka wasn’t that nice torwards Shinji, she would never have cooked for him there. In the new Evangelion universe they changed the personalities of all the Eva pilots into less psycho and more likeable ways, I think that was a good change from the old NGE anime.

The sculpting of Asukas body is really well done remember she’s just scaled 1/10.
The collarbones, the shape of her boobs, her abs at the belly everything is sculpted really nice.
You can display Asuka with the apron or without it, the apron looks very good with it’s realisticly sculpted wrinkles and the darker colored outer lines. To take off the tight-fittin apron, you have to take off Asuka’s head and the ribbon at her backside. Then you have Asuka in her “I hate summer in Japan” outfit which she wears in Misatos appartment, it consists of only a blue bra and hotpants. The sculpting and especially the paintjob of the hotpants looks really good, it has a bluejeans like texture. The blue lines at her bra are painted a bit chunky, but it is still clean enough when you use no macro lens or magnifier glass. At her feet she wears pink slippers. At some of her fingers she has band aids and in one hand she can hold a nice looking laddle.
Asuka ApronAsuka Apron
Asuka ApronAsuka Apron

The base is white and simple, it only has a black lettering of Evangelion 2.0 on it.
Asuka is connected with the base through three pegs which fit under her feet.
I had to use some force to connect them properly, but it fits steady.
Asuka Apron
special shot with Izumi
Asuka Apron

Final words

Overall Im satisfied how Wave captured her personality and look very well, she really looks like the Asuka we all know, which is very nice,of course :D. The quality of her sculpt looks quite good, as well as the good looking paintjob, because of her small scale and the bit low price there have to be made some cutbacks when you take a closer look at her, too bad that she wasn’t produced at a bigger scale, a bigger face would have offered more space for giving it a bit more detail. I guess she could also have been a nice looking 1/8 scaled figure as well.
Nevertheless Waves Asuka Apron Version looks very good for an 1/10 figure, the apron and the laddle are nice items, the H-joint and the castoff feature allow you to display her in different ways.

Asuka – Apron version by Wave by wieselhead, unless otherwise expressly stated, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

  1. softz March 22, 2011

    This Wave’s version of Asuka certainly looks appealing, especially with the apron on. Hmm… I bet most men out there wish to have a girl whom wear like her while cooking. *opps* Hehehe

    I prefer natural lighting. :)

    1. wieselhead March 23, 2011

      Hi softz how are you?
      Haha maybe most guys would like that Asuka would cool for them XD
      yep natural light is nice but sometimes not available or not fitting depending on the situation and my ideas for a shooting :)

  2. Psycho March 18, 2011

    Asuka looks great here. But the price not great for my wallet.

    1. wieselhead March 23, 2011

      Oh that’s a shame since she looks very nice.

  3. Yi March 13, 2011

    The apron is done really well, as is the swimsuit underneath it. A cute figure overall.

    She’s such a tsundere!

    1. wieselhead March 14, 2011

      jep she’s very cute :D


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