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A review about ALTER’s Charlotte E. Yeager figure, this figure is scaled 1/8 with a height of 230 mm and her release date was on 1th July 2011. Charlotte E. Yeager is a character from the popular anime show Strike Witches.

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The Wonderfestival 2011 Summer excibition started on 24th July 2011. I searched and checked out a few sites and blogs with pictures and infos of new figures and prototypes, I found many nice and promising figures, lets start with the manufacturers in…

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Here is the Taiga – Tiger Costume version from Ques q or like I called her “The slutty dressed Taiga” :D
She is scaled 1/8 and 200 mm long, the Taiga figure also comes with an additional face and a tail.

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  • "Okay, so Orchid Seed's been doing multiple colorways of their EXISTING figures, but can't even paint their NEW ones for WonFes?"
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