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Yay! My latest Taobao order was succesfully delivered, Taobaoring really offers nice service ^^. As always I’m super excited and instantly want to put the pretty clothes on my Dolls, but wait that can be dangerous! Maybe you already heard about stains or discoloration on a dolls skin.

In this post I will show you how I hopefully 😉 prevent the danger of staining clothes.


My pretty assistant Chiyoda helped with the process, I will introduce her more in a next post.

The loot: a sweater and 3 different pantyhose pieces.

As I just was just getting into the fashion doll hobby, I already heard many scary stories about staining clothes. The general advice from the manufacturers to prevent stains, is not to use clothes for a longer period of time, in reality this is a half hearted and risky way to deal with the problem. Actually, some clothes can stain the dolls outer shell instantly.


It has to do with the easily staining vinyl shell of the doll, but often the danger is mainly the excess color that is inside the cloth after the dying process in the factory. Except the clothes you want to use are white, I would always suggest to wash the clothes before using them.



I simply handwash the clothes in warm water with a few drops of washing-up liquid, for around ten minutes I let everything sink in the water. Sometimes no color will come out, sometimes it’s shocking how much color has dyed the previously clean water. In this case the sweater really was dangerously full of red color. Fortunately the pantyhose set was completely save, the water stayed clean.

Oh no, it’s totally red!!!

I would suggest to repeat this step with new water until no color bleeds out anymore.


Until everything dried, the doll should wear something else



You can’t really tell in advance if clothes will stain or not, sometimes dark colored clothes might turn out to be ok. You should really be suspicious of black, red, purple, etc though.
Of course this is no failsafe solution, clothes might still stain after a longer period, still washing the doll clothes before usage is a good advice as measure to deal with excess color.


Do you have any experience with staining fashion doll clothes?

Maybe your dolls skin turned accidently black after wearing stockings?

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  1. Hoshiko

    Taobao! My colleagues always buy from that site. The things are cheaper apparently. I never try myself yet but it looks like the service extends beyond Asia!

    Looks like you’re getting the hang of it eh? With dolls and whatnot. Sometimes I’m so jealous of doll clothes because they look better than human clothes! >.<

    • wieselhead

      Yeah, I’m getting more used to it now, I honestly never expected it to be so much fun (^▽^).
      Apparently most doll stuff is available on taobao, unique clothes, eyes and hair and much more.
      While searching for new doll clothes, I often saw interesting fashion for humans, too

  2. Miette-chan

    This is exactly why I mostly own a majority of light colored clothes for my dolls. A shame though since that limits the styles I can buy. Thanks to that though I’m lucky to say I have never experienced any stains aside from some wig ones on Nanoha. I did get a scare with a pair of black stockings though, should probably rinse those in the future.

    • wieselhead

      Yeah, it’s sad that the vinyl skin is so easy to stain, but often washing helps very good but prevents extremely bad surprises.
      Volks wigs also leave stains, I noticed that, too. As direct manufacturer they should take better care of such issues.
      I would always suggest to wash everything with suspicious colors, from my experience red is the worst ;D

  3. Anime Shutterbug

    Nice article, I have been purposely not buying dark clothes due to possible staining but seeing how easy it is to just soak them in bowl I may try that. Did you get a new dollfie? She looks very white skinned, pretty!

    • wieselhead

      Oh, thanks. washing things first is really important before the doll is wearing it. Washing might often be enough to prevent color stains on vinyl skin, unfortunately I just noticed that it was not save enough for peach pai silicone bust. Now I have to deal with some stains, hopefully I can clean it 🙁 So be VERY careful with that! I should update the article…

      Oh, yes it’s my latest Dollfie Chiyoda, I haven’t introduced her yet, since it took me some time to find the final style ^^ She is semi white, I will introduce her properly in an upcoming post soon.

      • Anime Shutterbug

        Oh damn, a stain on a peach pai! That is my worst fear, you cant just easily replace that like a normal $25 vinyl bust. I havent had an issue myself yet but I hear the silicone stains more easily than vinyl.

        So what are you up to, 3 girls now? I just got a great deal on a rare white skin DDdy2 body from White Christmas Alna. The body will be for Shia and then I will have an extra normal skin DDdy3 body laying around so you know a 3rd girl is not far away for me lol. Down the rabbit hole we go

        • wieselhead

          I was like, oh no it stained the precious boobs. It was a bit odd that the vinyl was perfectly fine and only the silicone was affected.
          Well, I will try to make it clean again and I will consider to get a stock vinyl bust for general use.

          Yes, three girls now. Oh from Alna, thats a pretty doll, but you will only get her body 😉 Thats good to solve the skin color issue, DDdy 2 nevertheless is not as moveable as 3. Haha it’s good that you have a body for future plans.

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