Fallseason 2011 anime watchlist part a

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Hi there I wanted to show you, which anime from the Fallseason of 2011 made it into my current watchlist and I also like to share my impressions about them, I will split this topic into two post, cause I haven’t found the motivation to write about all the shows at once. In part a I will talk about Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, Fate/ZeroGundam AGE and Tamayura: Hitotose.


Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

This great show is a comedy about making friends, it was made by studio AIC build who made such horrible things like Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai (haha I know how to make friends). Kodaka and Yozora are bad with making friends, and decide to make a club called The Neighbours’ Club, this club is ought to be for people without many friends. Like in Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai we have female characters that aren’t the cute and kind beings which we know from other anime, they are strong, quick witted characters with edges, but unlike Kirino they are no spoiled and annoying bitches XD

Kodaka is considered as an delinquent because of his natural blonde hair, Yozora comes off as coldhearted and rude and Sena, well she’s popular with the boys for 2 plump reasons ;D, but she does not want such superficial friends especially not of the opposite gender. These are the club members in the first few episodes, judging from the opening more people will become members of the neighbour’s club. Yozora and Sena treat Kodaka in a normal way, but the two girls don’t really like eachother, I would say Yozora is the mean one in their relationship. Together the club members are doing quite entertaining club activities, even though the anime is not entirely used for comedy. Its also a good change that our male main character is no wimp unlike in most other shows of that kind. He also has a very cute goth loli sister ^-^ On a sidenote, it’s funny how AIC can reproduce the look of Shaft’s Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko so well, as far as I know the origin materials for both shows were illustrated by the same person. It doesn’t matter with studio had animated this show, the environmen and the characterdesign is very pretty and appealing.



After the Fate /Stay night anime adaption from 2006 and the Unlimited Blade Works movie from 2010, there is another anime adaption from probably one of the most awesome franchises out there. Fanboy? Yes, without Fail, I love this setting and Im happy that there is a new adaption of it now. The story takes place before the grail war of Fate/Stay night. Because of a different production team it appears darker and more mature than the previous storys with Shirou Emiya.

In case you slightly remember what happened during Fate/Stay night you might guess who will survive this holy grail war and who will not, but I try not to think too much about it, well but its also interesting to learn about the backgrounds of Fate and the different characters.
So far Fate/Zero left a very good impression, story and the characters are very well done and interesting. Masters as well as the servants have interesting personalities, even though the servants are a lot more likeable, none of the masters so far would get a sympathy award from me, everyone of them appears like he would sell their own children to get closer to get the grail. Most of them also use quite underhanded methods in this Grail War, so far I wouldn’t feel sorry for anyone of them. Ok, I guess I would feel sorry for Waver and temporary master Iriesveil.

Do you have a favorite Servant so far?

Well, Saber is Saber, but aside from that I like the snotty Gilgamesh and Rider  is just awesome.
The animation quality looks very cool and the action scenes are staged very enthralling  and appealing, the only downside of F-zero is, that you have to wait one week for a new episode.
Fate/Zero will be aired in two 13 episode long seasons, season two will be aired in April 2012.


Mobile Suit Gundam AGE

video wasn't availabe, thx Bandai Channel ^^

This is another anime from Gundam franchise, it feels like a mix of Battlestar Galactica and the older Gundam stuff. In A.G. 101 mankind lives peacefully on huge space colonies someday the colonies are attacked by unidentified Mechs called “Gafran“, the defence of the colony doesn’t work against the enemies, but fortunately attacks of the Gafran rarely occur. A survivor of the destroyed colony “Ovan” is main character Flit, a 13 year old boy who is a descendant of a family of famous mobile suit engineers. Flit is also a talented engineer and just finished his first Prototype, from the blueprints that his passed away mother gave him, a Gundam. When the Gafran attack the colony “Nora” Flit has to use his lightly equipped Gundam. With his advanced machine he was able to beat the small first wave of attackers, but the colony is already seriously damaged and lost. The people have to be evacuated with the help of the new battleship.

Some people said, that Gundam Ageis anime for kids, well there are three young teenagers in the cast. The setting itself seems to be quite interesting and promising, also the action scenes and animations are very good, so far I’ve enjoyed every episode.


Guilty Crown

In the near future a virus wiped out a part of the japanese population, the multi – national organization GHQ came to the rescue and stopped the virus, but in fact they just occupied Japan and now rule it with an iron fist. The wimp Shu is the main character of this story, when he came in contact with Inori, from the resistance group Undertaker his life changed dramatically.

He accidently came in contact with a substance, that he transported for Undertaker, which was ought to be used by their leader. Now Shu is stronger and also can extract weapons from people of a certain age. Shu helps the resistance group in two missions, but he rather wants to live his safe and peaceful life, but he can’t step out any more, there’s no turning back. The pretty Inori transfers to his school and makes herself a home at his apartment, to protect him from GHQ.

Guilty Crown has a great, visually appealing animation style, there are great action scenes and super pretty girls ^^. The the plot seems to be a good shounen story, even though some people might have expected a more epic story without school comedy moments, but I like most of this show and will keep watching it. This show will have 22 episodes, might turn out quite good.


Tamayura: Hitotose

After the 4 very nice Tamayura Ova’s, a whole anime of Tamayura was adapted, you should have watched the Ova’s before watching the anime. The story centers around Potte, a passionate amateur photographer, her family and her friends. Some years ago the father of Potte died, after that sad event his wife moved to the seto islands along with Potte and her small brother Kou.

Looking through old photo albums always made Potte sad, because they reminded her of her passed away dad. As she noticed how her little brother happily looked through the albums, Potte realised that these old pictures are no sad memories at all, in fact they are memories of happy times, which they had with her dad. This experience made Potte interested in photography again.

Now she also wants to capture happy memories and the magic of the moment with her pictures. She uses the old analog camera, Rollei 35S from her passed away father. Potte is a bit clumsy, but she makes up for it with her motivation and enthusiasm when taking pictures.

Tamayura is a slow paced slice of life show about the small happy things in life. It has a lot of likeable characters, like Potte’s three friends, Kaoru, Norie and Maon or the owner of the camera shop. With it’s nice animation style, the nice surrounding of seto islands and the moe look of the characters, the show creates a heartwarming and cozy atmosphere, I really love this anime.


Thx for your attention, do you have any shows you like to watch in Fall 2011 or was there a title which already caused some dissapointment in you? Just let me know.
Maybe I could make you interested in the one or the show, in case you aren’t already watching everything. in part b I will write about five more shows from this Fall Season 2011, stay tuned ^^

30 Responses

  1. Psycho

    Do you have a favorite Servant so far?

    In F/Zero my favorite is Berserker. I like the armor design. His Noble Phantasm is awesome too.
    “Touch it and make it as my weapon.”

    • wieselhead

      Haha the evil one, he looks very cool a bit like a Zylon ^^
      I would like to see him speak a bit, his real character is quite a bit related to Sabers past.

  2. tanohsimini

    Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai, you disliked it that much XD?

    Guilty Crown and haganai (boku wa tomoadachi ga sukunai) are on my favourite list. Also Ika musume and working!! I don’t know why but my love for the fate franchise is slowly dying>< maybe it's because shirou and saber were not paired up^^" as I love that bit of romance in the series. Fate/Zero has been interesting for me but I prefer Guilty Crown over it this season.

    I watched tamayura and it really has that nice, slice of life feel which I enjoy when I'm tired from work XD I watched the OVAs as you have said and it was quite interesting.

    I might give mobile suit gundam age a watch. Although it does give off that kiddy vibe^^"

    • wieselhead

      Yeah the show made rage most of the time.
      Kirino was super annoying, everything she did made me so angry, “argh! this stupid self centered bitch!”
      Why wasn’t she hit by a car XD

      Guilty Crown is good so far, I hope they won’t mess is up with this show in the end.

      Romance is a good part in action shows and I can really understand your poin’t.
      F-Zero is mainly dark and violent, but it has a nice epic flair and Im really enjoying it.

      I wanted to start the second Ika Musume season somehow, but I couldn’t stand how mean everybody was to Squid Girl.
      Are they less meant to her now? Working is good, but the repititive jokes about Poplars size are too annoying for me ^^
      I don’t like if someone gets bullied,, you know.

      Ah cool that you’ve watched it:) glad you could enjoy it.

      Its not that kiddy, it reminds me more of old Gundam and mecha shows, theres a lot of action as well.

  3. Hoshiko

    I’m watching almost the same series you! Except for Gundam. From the above list, the one I really like the most is Tamayura Hitotose. I know it’s a bit slow but it’s overall heartwarming and enjoyable!

    • wieselhead

      seems like Im the only Gundam watcher here, I feel lonely now XD
      Tamayura is so lovely, I love heartwarming and slow paced shows like this.

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