Kiseki – High School Girl Set / Mini (Navy Blue Vest)

Today it will be a doll related post featuring the High School Girl Set / Mini (Navy Blue Vest) from Volks.

On the Volks Dolpa 43 event this particular dress has been sold. I wanted to have it for my Rin Kagamine doll, although I didn’t notice it was for the smaller DDP frame. Apparently too small to fit Rin’s DDS frame.

Fortunately I call a DDP body my own and so Kiseki chan was getting the new outfit.

The outfit consists of a blouse , pleated skirt with interesting tartan pattern, navy blue socks, a ribbon tie and a sweater vest. It has a nice classic look, being a school uniform it gives the doll a fresh and smart appearance.

I became a big fan of the hime cut hairstyle since some years, people like Iretaro, she is so cool or the musician DAOKO make it look beautiful and stunning. Such a hairstyle is also available for dolls and so recently acquired this jet black wig. I did cut it into shape with what was in my manly hands ability.

The sweater vest is a bit too wide in my opinion, even though it’s nicely made and has a soft touch.

I think Kiseki looks very adorable this way. This outfit flatters the slenderness of the DDP frame, it makes Kiseki appears petite, but still rather tall and and it gives her a certain schoolgirl charm. The white collar above the blue sweater vest looks really stylish.

2 Responses

  1. Aya

    Turn out She looks great with Black Wig so she already a grown up with updated DDP body now XD

    • wieselhead

      I love it, maybe could look better with more hairgel haha.
      She grow so much, the DDP is nice, needs a bigger bust sooner or later.
      I Don’t know if MDD parts fit.

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