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Hi and welcome to my review of Kurono Kurumu, after Max Factory’s Muramasa she is my second maid related figure. The figure came in a slim space saving box, the figure has a standing pose, comes with two additional straps for her castoffable outfit and a small instruction manual.

Kurono Kurumu was manufactured by Orchid Seed and released at the end of June 2012. The figure is scaled 1/7 and has a height of 245 mm. Her grey prototype was announced a few years ago, I had already given up hope like on this figur. I thought that Kurumu would never be finished or canceled in worst case, but surprise surprise they finished Kurono Kurumu this summer and Orchid Seed also started to work on an colored prototype of Chouhi Ekitoku.

The origin of Kurono Kurumu is the manga Rosario + Vampire which also received two anime season, It differed a lot from the manga, but it was still a very popular show back in 2008.


The story centered about Tsukune, because of his miserable grades he had to enroll in a youkai academy, a school for monsters and demons. There he meets the vampire girl Moka and the chaos begins. As usual in a harem genre anime, Tsukune meets other pretty girls that will fall for him, he also meets Yukari, the Mizore and Kurumu. Who of the girls was your favorite?


Kurumu is a 16 year old teenage Succubus, she has a serious crush on Tsukune, but decided not to use any of her abilities to win his heart. She is very kind person with a big heart, Kurumu shows no real hostilities towards her three love rivals, she actually considers them as friends.

The outfit is actually based on episode 11 of the first season of Rosario + Vampire, where Kurumu advertised the newspaper she made with her friends at the newspaper club.

Kurumu is my first blue haired figure and I like this ocean blue color a lot. The strands are very well recreated, the most interesting detail on her hair is the elaborately sculpted headband. The quillings and the purple ribbon with the golden star do look very pretty and detailed.

Her face comes quite close to illustration the figure is based on, there are the purple eyes with the voluminous eyelashes. With the nicely sculpted mouth this figure of Kurumu has a slighty more alluring expression. Personally I would have added a faint blush and some gloss on her lips.

The head of Kurumu is slightly tilted down, she is ought to be placed a little higher on a shelf or where you place your figures, haha it gave me a hard time to find the right angle for the pictures.

Kurumu is wearing a halfway modest maid outfit in matte black color, the choker, her top and the apron have beautiful and elaborate looking quillings like the hairband. Her skirt has some lace at the outside, other nice details are the black long gloves, the white stockings and the dark blue glossy shoes. The dress is more focused on looking alluring than being an outfit for work, without the apron it could easily be used as a dress for an festive occasion or an romantic date.

The top of her dress presents Kurumu’s captivating cleavage very well. There also is a castoff option, the parts that come off are her skirt and the breast part of her top, the black part around her upper body remains. I somehow had the impression that this part could be taken off as well, but it is quite sexy like that as well. Under her skirt Kurumu is wearing some light green panties.

The castoffability is a nice extra, that most figures of Orchid Seed offer, even though I just use this feature for the photoshootings, they always do a very good job in making the figure fetching, fully as well as partially dressed. Personally I prefer Kurumu with the lovely garnished top.

The body of the figure has a nice sculpting and has a cute pink skintone. Kurumu is not what I would call chubby, but she is sculpted with a little more meat overall. The thighs, the butt (which is especially well done) or the fairly sized boobs for example. Well, Succubi always have nice boobs and Kurumu is no exception. Her boobs are nice, she has light brown pointy nipples.
The shape of her boobs is more on the realistic side and are showing some gravitational influence.

With one leg lifted and a slightly tilted stance, the pose of Kurumu captures a scene where she seductively pulls the straps down her shoulders very well. The hanging straps are a good idea, but the problem is that you have to apply these them on your own. They seem to be flimsy and it is a real pain to put them inside the tiny holes, one the one hand you don’t want to break them, but you also want to display her with the straps. For most of my pictures they weren’t used.

Final Words

Orchid Seed made a very nice figure with their Kurono Kurumu, it was worth the long waiting time from the early prototype to the final figure. The simple, but nicely sculpted and sexy maid attire works very well with the standing pose and the attractive body proportions of Kurumu.

The quality doesn’t disappointing either, paintjob and shading is applied in a clean way. Also the sculpting of this figure leaves a very good impression. Overall the figure offers a lot of eyecandy. The only not so good thing is the way you have to place the straps into her top, I’ll try it again.

Another review can be found at Neathgrim

At last some more from my pics below


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  1. Denny

    Thank You very much for sharing your Pictures of Kurono Kurumu with us. Your Technique is amazing. Kurono is one of my Favorite Figures in 1:7…you say it, buxom, sexy and beautiful. Very good Work from Orchid Seed and still you. I think your Pictures should advertise the Figures. Perhaps the Manufacturers should even inquire with you? * laughs * You’ll catch the last of the Figures out. Great. Keep going that way. By the Way I like the black/white one near the Bottom…oh yes…good Work man.

    • wieselhead

      No, problem I enjoy this kind of stuff 😉
      Yeah Kurumu is a very pretty figure, I like them a bit more buxom.
      Thx for all the praise, yeah I would love to be hired by them haha.

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  3. BioToxic

    Kurumu was my favourite from Rosario + Vampire, although I didn’t really like the anime all that much.

    I like how her face looks a little more mature than the artwork she’s based on. I didn’t realise the same pose was also featured in the anime.

    I really love those black long sleeve gloves, more figures need sexy gloves if you ask me. The cast-off is also nice, but I think she looks best fully clothed. It’s a shame the straps are a pain to put in place since I think they add a little more ‘sexy’ to her overall presentation. I can almost forget she’s wearing a maid outfit :D.

    Her pants look a little too tight, the red shading makes them look painful to wear :lol:.

    • wieselhead

      It was by far no masterpiece, but at least the interaction between the group was funny and nice.

      The slightly altered face adds a lot more sexiness to Kurumu, I wouldn’t have mind the look of the illustration as well.

      These gloves are very elegant and sexy. Well not everybody likes maid outfits. The top actually appears a lot more attractive than the general maid attire with the straps and the legendary cleavage ^^
      Only the apron and the balloon skirt give her the maid look. I also prefer her fully clothed, it looks more complete that way. Haha that might be true, a little too dramatic shading there. She should better take them off 😛

  4. Fabrice

    She was my favorite character in the series before the ice girl came about.

    her bust is well quite the eye catcher lol sigh if she existed in the real world I would make her be my maid after seeing your review, >.<

    but also I think i want to rewatch the anime, it was pretty entertaining.

    • wieselhead

      Yes Mizore was the best girl of the show, next to Ruby ^^
      I remember that Mizore was my favorite back then, I liked her personality and punk rock outfit.
      Ahaha I would hire her directly, she doesn’t have to do the housework, looking beautiful would be enough XD
      Yeah I also thought about rewatching it.

  5. Izlomdoc

    Do not be so sad. Everyone has their own tastes on his chest). In Twitter you not read my answer, so here I am writing)

    • wieselhead

      Oh now I feel a little stalked :O
      Yeah in the end everyone’s tastes are different.
      I also like figures of petite girls, nevertheless.
      Even though I couldn’t find many that triggered my order interest this year.

  6. Izlomdoc

    Thanks for the review.
    But she had a very controversial figure.
    Too much meat 😀
    Beautiful ass.
    Ugly chest.
    On some photo looks gorgeous in real life is often not very much.
    I love this character, but this figure did not touch the heart.
    In any case, thanks for the wonderful pictures. Hopefully, next week, too, buy a normal camera and improve the quality of pictures in my reviews.

    • wieselhead

      youre welcome

      I can see that too much meat isn’t something for everyone, but I like her like that.
      Ahaha ugly chest, you say Now I have to comfort Kurumu XD
      Well it’s somewhat on the bigger size, but the boobs aren’t what I would call ugly maybe just too big for people who prefer smaller sizes.
      Thank you very much, even if you don’t really like the buxom figure. I hope you will find the right cam, you might enjoy it ^^

  7. Pedropinilla

    Excellent review!
    So many great pictures of this wonderful figure and also nice comments ^^ …I also like this character but I only watched the first season of the anime cause I’m gonna try the manga instead.
    About the figure itself, a very nice job from OrchidSeed, the painting and the colors combination are superb, all the curves and the look of her eyes are also great.
    Impressive, congratulations for this wonderful figure and thanks for this quality review. Bye~

    • wieselhead

      Oh thank you very much, Im glad when you liked it.
      She’s a lovely figure and I think I should try to make some more and better pictures of her ^^
      I would read the manga of the second season, but there are already so many chapters of it, I don’t know if I will ever reach the end.
      haha don’t flatter me 😀

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