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Time for a new figure review, since I paid around 4000 Yen I already received the cute demon girl figure called Leviathan. She was an Hobby Japan exclusive which I ordered some months ago.

The figure was produced by Amakuni on behalf of Hobby Japan. As Hobby Japan exclusive she could be ordered between August and October 2012, the  release date was on the 23th of March 2013. Leviathan is scaled 1/8 and has a height of  22 cm (30,5 cm with pedestal)

The origin of Leviathan is upcoming anime The 7 Deadly Sins “Nanatsu no Taizai”

Leviathan is the first finished figure of this line up, the figures are actually shared between two manufacturers; Amakuni and Orchid Seed, four figiures will be made by Orchid Seed and 3 by Amakuni. The figures were announced earlier than the anime was aired. The seven characters have unique designs by Nitro+ with the background of the seven dead sins from the bible.

Leviathan - The 7 Deadly Sins - Amakuni - 017

Hobby Japan hit one of my sweet spots with this stuff, these lovely figures have certain features that I actually like a lot, I totally love cute demons girls, especially Leviathan with her punk rock appearance triggered my interest. Leviathan’s name stems from the ancient creature, a serpent like sea monster which in general is referred to as the demon of envy.

Leviathan is the sin of Envy, this theme was adapted  in shape of a teenager in his abdolesence age where insecurities about oneself leads to inapropiate and rebelish behavior. The figure of Leviathan adapts this theme very well, she slightly reminds me of the Suicidegirls models which features the fashion style of  emo and punk rock culture. Im curious about her role in the anime.

Leviathan - The 7 Deadly Sins - Amakuni - 019

Leviathan - The 7 Deadly Sins - Amakuni - 013

Leviathan - The 7 Deadly Sins - Amakuni - 008

Leviathan - The 7 Deadly Sins - Amakuni - 032

Hair & Face

The hair is painted in light purple tone, she has long hair which seperates into many single strands at her backside, at the front the strands get finer which creates a nice look. On the left she has a side ponytail with a demonic black hairband in axe design. Unlike other characters of the seven sins, Leviathan only has small horns on her head, they have a nice shape and are an interesting part of the figures design. The figure has pointy ears, even though Leviathan is no elf.

A very good part of Levi chan is her face with the expressive lined red eyes and eyelashes, these eyes really have a lot of details to savour and are still noticeable from a fair distance.
Next to all the happy face expressions of anime figures, Leviathan is wearing an exceptional expression, her raised eyebrow has a nice sense of disagreement with a little, cute tsundere charme. The cheeks have a touch of rosyness and with her pouting expression and the fang hanging out, a very convincing and great looking face was created.

Leviathan - The 7 Deadly Sins - Amakuni - 024

Leviathan - The 7 Deadly Sins - Amakuni - 001

Leviathan - The 7 Deadly Sins - Amakuni - 033

Outfit & Body

The outfit of this figure is full of punk rock elements, she is wearing a grey, grunge look t-shirt with the left side burled up. In the middle there is a Envy logo with a fish head, it’s hard to close the shirt, but more about that in the next block. Under her shirt Leviathan has blue – purple striped sleeves and wears fingerless gloves. The familiar of her is called Behemoth and can be placed under her arm, it  is adorable how she’s carrying a stuffed animal like a child would do.

Stockings are also part of  Levi chans outfit, I love the striped pattern and how it lightly digs into the flesh of her thighs. As footwear the figure has heavy buckle boots with a great sense of detail at the buckles, the jaws at the front with the zippers at each side, are a really cool design idea.

Leviathan is no shy demon girl like you can see on her fashion for the lower parts of her body, the part that looks like a combination of belt and skirt barely covers her buttocks. Instead of wearing underwear she has a band aid which is removeable, there is a spare band aid included.

With 22 cm Leviathan is one of the bigger 1/8 scale figures, which gives her very good and noticeable presence, the bendover pose is dynamic and confident sexy, her little familiar can added when using the sleeve arms, you only have to push it between the left hand and the hips.

Fully dressed the figure looks already very appealing and the few skin revealing areas are a nice tease. Without clothes you can fully admire her nicely sculpted body, Amakuni and sculptor Hiroshi did a great job. The youthful body of Leviathan has really nice proportioned curves and details at the front and the back as well. Levi chan has a very meaty, round butt . You rarely see a booty that big and pretty on a 1/8 scaled figure. The figure also has very nice and perky boobs, the size seems ideal for her proportions.

Leviathan - The 7 Deadly Sins - Amakuni - 006

Leviathan - The 7 Deadly Sins - Amakuni - 009

Leviathan - The 7 Deadly Sins - Amakuni - 027

Leviathan - The 7 Deadly Sins - Amakuni - 005

Leviathan - The 7 Deadly Sins - Amakuni - 011

Cast off & Base

The figure has a worthwhile cast off feature, Leviathan looks really fantastic without clothes. Removing the clothes is a pretty much straightword process, after seperating head and arms from her torso, the shirt can be taken off. You can either display her with the sleeve arms, but there are extra parts with more skin revealing arms. It’s great that the figure offers some more variations in terms display options, dressed, nude or partially nude it’s up to one’s own taste.

This a very cool and well made figure, but there is on thing that doesn’t really convince, it’s the shirt. It is nearly impossible to close it properly and once you managed to close it, it will open up just a few moments later. It seems like the used material turned out too inflexible and stiff. It’s not the convenient quality cast off, from Orchid Seed. Fortunately the skirt is easier to handle.

As base the figure has an interesting designed pedestral in a marmorated blue color, three pegs slide in the feet of the figure. in case you don’t want to use it you are free to seperate the disk from the pedestral, to have a lower base.  The texture of it is completely flat and very shiny.

Leviathan - The 7 Deadly Sins - Amakuni - 014

Leviathan - The 7 Deadly Sins - Amakuni - 004

Leviathan - The 7 Deadly Sins - Amakuni - 002

Leviathan - The 7 Deadly Sins - Amakuni - 023

Leviathan - The 7 Deadly Sins - Amakuni - 025

Leviathan - The 7 Deadly Sins - Amakuni - 016

Final Words

To sum it up the figure is drop dead gorgeous, I already was head over heels on the day I saw her illustration, but the figure convinced even more after I unpacked her. She has a beautiful face with an not everyday expression, I love the little fierce look in her eyes and her mouth.

The figure has a very appealing character design, with an attractive body and curves. I also love her unusual and nice punk rock related outfit. Leviathan has a number of opportunities to be displayed  even under her clothes there is a very good sculpting and also the paintjob doesn’t leave much to be desired, the figure is nearly flawless, only the fact that her shirt is hard to close without further ado, is something that dissapoints with Leviathan from Amakuni.

Another review can be found at Figyura, who was a bit faster than me *damn* 😀

Overall she was relly worth the waiting time and also the higher price, it’s my best exclusive figure, that I’ve received so far. Im looking forward to see more figures from this lineup.
Belphegor(left) Mammon(center), Belzebub(right) and are  the figures I would also like to have from this lineup, especially, Belphegor convinced me with the latest illustration, which willbe used for the figure.



Leviathan - The 7 Deadly Sins - Amakuni - 010

Leviathan - The 7 Deadly Sins - Amakuni - 021

Leviathan - The 7 Deadly Sins - Amakuni - 015

Leviathan - The 7 Deadly Sins - Amakuni - 012

Leviathan - The 7 Deadly Sins - Amakuni - 020

Leviathan - The 7 Deadly Sins - Amakuni - 018

Leviathan - The 7 Deadly Sins - Amakuni - 026

Leviathan - The 7 Deadly Sins - Amakuni - 028

Leviathan - The 7 Deadly Sins - Amakuni - 031

Leviathan - The 7 Deadly Sins - Amakuni - 029

Leviathan - The 7 Deadly Sins - Amakuni - 022

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