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Referring to the vote, you wanted to see the review about the Nekomura Iroha figure first.

This figure was released on November, 30th 2011 and I received her as christmas present.
The figure has no specific scale, but since she has a height of 175 mm which makes her around the same size as the 1/8 scaled lat type Miku from GSC, this figure could be labeled as 1/8.

I haven’t heard many good things about Griffon Enterprises, the manufacturer of this Nekomura Iroha figure before. But I liked the design of this figure and wanted to give this company a try.

Nekomura Iroha is a vocaloid, she was originally designed by Sanrio, the company behind Hello Kitty for Comiket in 2009. Iroha’s voice provider is a professional singer, and thus she is cabable to sing in high and low tones. I listened to a few songs, but they weren’t really my cup of tea 🙁


She was illustrated by manga artist okama, somehow I’ve never heard of a Nekomura Iroha vocaloid before. Well, Im not at home in the vocaloid culture so that shouldn’t mean anything.

The figure comes with a big and white base in the shape of a Hello Kitty head, normally Griffon seems to use the same black bases for most of their figures, but this base is designed different. The base has three small holes for the two speakers and a microphone on transparent rods. The nice speakers have a ball joint and can be adjusted in different angles and directions.




Hair & Face

Nekomura has two exchangeable heads and an attachable ponytale, so she can be displayed with or without helmet. Both faces have different expressions, without helmet she hows a a neutral friendly face expression, with helmet she shows a happy and energetic expression. The open mouth has a clean shiny finish as well as the eyes. At the backside of both heads is a hole for the ponytale, this part has a very loose fit and falls of everytime you move the base, a bit annoying.




The plain orange hair is not very exciting, I don’t know something is just missing. I prefer the helmet head, it resembles a mechanized cat head. The painting, the shading and the shiny finish are very well done. Underneath the detailed helmet Nekomura wears a set of black headphones.


A nice part of this figure is her dynamic pose and the small body, well she looks rather undeveloped and more like a child, but that makes her appearance very cute ^^

Her eyecatching red outfit is a mix of a yukata and a tight body suit, the upper part around her shoulders has a bright to deep red gradient effect. A big Hello Kitty batch is applied on her chest. At the legs and on her hairband there are nice small details, the white screenprints are applied in a clean and sharp way.

The speaker gloves are called Dynamic-Phonon Buster, they remind me a bit of megaman, but Nekomura only uses them for peaceful purposes, must be really funny to see someone dancing with speakers on the fist “POW!”.


Final Words

Nekomura Iroha is a very cute designed figure, the tight red suit, and the pose are appealing. Both create a cool look and also the diorama like base emits the feeling of a Vocaloid on stage.

The overall quality can be considered as good, not so good is the stiff and plain looking hair with the always falling off ponytail. Also the figure itself isn’t that well connected to the base, you have to be cautious when moving her around, to prevent from falling. I would lie when I say that there are no differences in quality between Griffon and other manufacturers of the figure industry, the figure has rough edges, the skintone appears like the cheaper sort of PVC was used fir her face.

She isn’t one of my favorite figures, but when Im looking at her on the shelf, I admit that I like this figure quite a bit. Nekomura Iroha looks very nice next to my other small 1/8 figures.

The figure probably wasn’t worth the full price of 7540 yen incl shipping, even though a lot of stuff, like 2 heads, speakers and a special base are included. You don’t get the same quality for your money as with figures from other Companys like Alter or Max Factory or Orchid Seed.

Next time you can enjoy my Princess Bitch review, stay tuned.

38 Responses

  1. Yi

    I love her socks. The patterns/ designs on them are just soooo adorable. ^ ^ And so is her helmet. She looks cuter with it on.
    Anyways, beautiful pictures, as always. The colors are nice.

  2. Duqs

    IMHO, she looks waaaay better without the hat. They couldve just added some robotic cat ears instead of adding an entire cat helmet.

    I love how the upper part of her clothes looks very snug like cloth then as it goes down it becomes tight like a plugsuit.

    Very nice speakers, would want to get one of those myself for the house

    • wieselhead

      @Duqs, Oh you think so, thats interesting, I love the helmet ^^

      The suit is really nice, only the tace texture and the hair turned out as letdown.

      Haha floating speakers would be cool

  3. Sevie

    Hm ^^” Die Figur an sich gefällt mir irgendwie nicht sehr gut. Außer der “Neko-Helm”, der ist echt niedlich : D
    Aber auch wenn mir persönlich die Figur nicht so gut gefällt, sind deine Bilder natürlich wieder einmal unglaublich gut geworden :3 Besonders schön finde ich 002 und 009. Die Perspektive, der Ausschnitt und das Licht ergänzen sich einfach prima : D
    Freue mich schon sehr auf deine nächste Review ; )

    • wieselhead

      Ich hatte auch etwas mehr erwartet um ehrlich zu sein, die Hautfarbe und das Haar sind nicht so toll geworden 😀
      Oh dankeschön, bei den Bildern war ich doch etwas unsicher diesmal.
      Ja, kommt bald muss nur noch den Abschlussteil schreiben ^^

  4. Hoshiko

    Oh I didn’t know she’s a vocaloid. Is she a new character or something? I’m not very familiar with vocaloid >.<

    One thing's for sure though, she's very cute =) I love that last picture, looks as if she's on stage – the star.

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