Nono and Rin

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Today, I’ve prepared a new doll related post, showing you my cuties Rin and Nono in a fluffy setting. I took these pictures on a rainy day, LED panel and flash helped to create the soft light, I was surprised it turned out that nice.

Everyone knows her, Kagamine Rin, in my opinion Volks made her especially nice, the youthful face portrays her gentle and sweet personality. I left her uncustomized since I think her face is almost perfect, expect for the wig

This little angel is Nono my latest doll, I got her super sweet head from Yahoo Auctions. Any resemblance to Idolmaster Nono is intentionally, I tried to make a curly wig, but that was too difficult in the end. With the raised eyebrows and Clannad style eyes she is just so adorable, it’s so enchanting to put and see her in cute clothes.

Really fell in love with that adorable white sweater ^^

This is all for today

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  1. Miette-chan

    It’s good to see the slightly less loved dolls :P, I really like Rin and have been slightly crushing on her since I saw her at the Volks store display. You should take her with that shirt your next France vacation and drop by the Eiffel Tower. 😀

    • wieselhead

      Nono is new and I take good care of Rin actually. I just have a crushing huge doll picture backlog, editing the files always takes longer than with figures.
      Yeah good idea ^^

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