Nono on a winter day (without snow)

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This is the second time Nono appears on this blog, I really like her a lot, the adorable and more expressive face up are enchanting and give her a sweet appearance.

I got her head on yahoo auctions back then in August 2019. She is just such a cute DDH-01, I equipped her with Clannad style eyes and borrowed a wig of one of her bigger sisters.

On yahoo auctions there are numbers of excellent looking doll heads. I should not look at the listings there too often as those auctions turn out to end expensive.

I took those pictures in November 2019, for some reason I didn’t post them on time, although I think that they turned out very well ^^.

In this shooting I dressed Nono up in the Anniversary Strawberry Dresses Mini from Volks. It was an anniversary outfit for the 15th anniversary of Dollfie Dream, it’s a very cute and also elaborate outfit that consists of: ribbon brooch, tail vest, blouse, skirt, pannier and socks. I really like the way it’s designed and the magical atmosphere, all parts fit and look great together, like a combination of ringmaster and fairy tail princess.

pretty shoes from taobao, unfortunately they have no zipper, so they only fit MDD, good for Nono, a new pair of shoes.

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