Good morning, Rio

Hi everyone, Christmas is coming! Luckily I already found the right presents for my beloved ones and wait for Santa san to deliver everything on time. For today, I prepared another doll post... READ MORE

Kiseki with twintails

Hi everyone, I would like to remind you to start to think about christmas presents. We will continue with the doll posts, today Kiseki is presenting her beautiful “Aki” twintails wig from Lullaby... READ MORE

Kiseki in autumn

Autumn here in Germany unfortunately isn’t as nice as in previous years, I can’t remember a single sunny day in this November ☔, seeing all these pretty autumn pictures from the japanese wonderland... READ MORE

Rio’s Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone🎃💀   According to the season I’ve prepared a little Halloween themed shooting with Rio, fortunately the Azone little devil outfit arrived on time and Rio got her costume. The Azone ... READ MORE

New Figure Preorders #36

It has been a while since my last preorder post, I haven’t ordered as much as in previous years, because I became really picky and honestly the latest figure prices don’t allow it... READ MORE