Pre order post #38

Hi, I hope you had nice Christmas holiday

Today, I will present you a newU Preorder post. Uhh, what has the Figure Hobby turned into, it is more expensive than ever before, release dates became unreliable and updated dates are pushed around more regularly than ever.

Although with all those negative aspects one can not complain about the lack of beautiful figures.
This month was full of very nice figure announcements, which actually needs to the next problem…

Which one should I purchase!?

Rikka Takarada – I Believe in Future from GSC

From the SSSS Gridman show that I liked just a little bit, main heroine Rikka appears in an nice pose with parts of the base flying around her. The cute expression aside this figure is a rather ecchi creation, some will like it some won’t.

The figures proportions seems to be more inspired by pixiv artworks than how the girl looked in the anime, but that is fine since I love nicely shaped thighs like that. There aren’t many figures around with such voluminous thighs and I really like the figures expression, so I would be very happy to order the figure here. She is scheduled to be released 2021, that is for sure a long time, but I would not have to worry too much about expenses for 2020.

release date: April 2021 – list price: 19,800 Yen

Chino – Summer Uniform from PLUM

Plum just makes the best figures of young girl characters and this Chino could be easily one of their best.
The sculpt and overall presentation are so enchanting, everything about her is just so sweet and happy.
Her summer uniform accentuates her cuteness once more and everything looks quite lively.
I think from all the figures listed in the post her preorder will be set by me soon.

release date: 03 2020 – list price: 14,850 Yen

Hurdle Girl Illustration from Skytube

An figure adaptation based on a character drawn by Kekemotsu, the color palette is strong, the bold yellow jacket for example is striking. I approve about hurdle running in a black bikini and I also really appreciate that they combined the rather daring outfit with a very sweet facial expression and the golden eyes are beautiful. It seems to be a pretty figure of a nice, sweet girl in a skimpy outfit and a great looking butt.

release date: 08 2020 – list price: 19,580 yen

ARMS NOTE Kouhai-chan of the Swimming Club from AMAKUNI

I would really appreciate it if AMAKUNI would start giving bigger promo pictures to the shops, it’s just so tiny!

Ahem, while I don’t know a lot about ARMS NOTE, this stunning figures positive aura is contagious, really love the golden eyes and the happy fang. The tan suits the figure very well, especially in combination with the blue sports bikini.

release date: 09 2020 – list price: 13,618 Yen

Kantai Collection Suzuya [Xmas]mode from AMAKUNI

I forgot about Kancolle to be honest, still remember the characters that were dear to me, but I only play Azure Lane nowadays. Nevertheless this Suzuya figure is especially pretty in the nicely textured red christmas dress, the exposed shoulders and overknee black santa boots.

release date: 09 2020 – list price: 14,500 Yen

Ore o Suki nano wa Omae dakekayo – Sanshokuin Sumireko from Aniplex, Aquamarine

Her anime is on my “going to watch” list, but I really know nothing about this character. Nevertheless her figure appears to be very nonchalant and attractive, also her pose looks cool. The alternative top looks very interesting together with this school uniform, I really like the long skirt version in blue.

release date: 08 2020 – list price: 13,182 Yen

Teletha Testarossa: Maid version from Phat Company

In 2018, 13 years later FMP received a new season, not as great as I wanted it to be, you can’t just use content from 13 years ago and expect people to be all excited about a so so adaptation that ended with a cliffhanger. I did finish the light novel because of it and at least Tessa got 3 more figures because of it, but I think this one was the nicest.

release date: 08 2020 – list price: 16,280 Yen

Iya na Kao Sarenagara Opantsu Misetemoraitai Hon Chitose Itou STD version from Alphamax

The angry panty flashing girls are surprisingly popular and this character even got the second adaptation. doing something you don’t like, but still doing it nevertheless is a weird fetish. Anyway a scornful maid is somewhat interesting. There are 2 versions available, one with castoff option and one without, in any case you get the 2 faces, one that shows you even more disgust, you swine!

release date: 06 2020 – list price: 19,580 Yen

Asuka Soryu Langley -Gothic Lolita Ver.- :Re from Kotobukiya

This figure is apparently a reissue from a figure first time released in 2004, the new Asuka figure has a nicer anime style face and a few more smaller differences made, I really like the base with the stairs, the gothic lolita dress is nice anyway.

release date: 05 2020 – list price: 12,800 Yen

Sansei Muramasa – Character’s Selection from Rocket Boy

I really like Sansei Muramasa, but this here is the tainted love version apparently, bondage, chain around the neck, it’s all quite kinky. The figure has an alternative face plate and alternative hip part. I’m really not sure about purchasing this figure, it’s a bit too erotic and display in the open might be interesting.

I know the origin of the figure and while most visual novels have sexual scenes, but Soukou Akki Muramasa is very grim and not vanilla. Still seems to be a great looking figure just not really my cup of tea.

release date: 08 2020 – list price: 17,500 Yen

And now I will show you my latest preorders concerning 2020. The ambitious plan is to order only 8 new figures in 2020, delayed figures doesn’t count at this. I admit with those delays together it looks like I lost control ahahaha.

Asuka Langley – RADIO EVA Original Color

A quite nice figure adaptation of Asuka. There are 2 color variations of this Asuka figure, I decided to get the less saturated one.

Lacia – Black Monolith Deployed version

I’m outing myself … as fan of the Beatles anime, a big reason was the charming Lacia voiced by Touyama, Nao. The figure doesn’t show Lacia’s pretty smile but at least she looks like from the anime. I decided against the cheaper version, I rather want the cool one haha.

Takimoto Hifumi – Witch version

Ummm, why did I buy a figure of Hifumi, I think it’s a very cute figure with the breezy witch outfit and the gigantic hat.

Juliana Eberhardt

I became quite a fan of the odd Raita design, while the body proportions look something special, I’m really addicted to great faces Raita creates. Great coincidence that I also love summer and bikinis, Phat Company also announced a figure of the more friendly looking Riela Marcellis. I will definitely order her, too.

Matoi – Nidy-2D version

The nidy version is so adorable I decided to watch a few episodes of the anime Phantasy Star Online 2 – Episode Oracle, before I would order this Matoi, unfortunately also there she is a cute angel, although she didn’t wear this great outfit so far.

I wish everyone a wonderful start into 2020, I look forward to another year of exciting figures in 2020.

7 Responses

  1. Otaking, the Statue Conqueror

    I see you are interested in some of the ones I already have my eye on (since before i saw your article here). Here’s the ones we both like or want.
    1)Rikka Takarada – I Believe in Future from GSC — it comes out very far off so I have time to get the money for this one, and it looks great. I am already going to get 2 more from this anime, but this one looks great, I wish I could also get the other one, with Akane Shinjō. Hot girls, good anime, I’d love to support it and Trigger this way. I already saw this one before your article.

    2) From Is the Order a Rabbit? I might get the Megu one, the colour combo is more to my liking and she has curly tails just like Mami from Madoka Magica. I haven’t watched “Is the Order a Rabbit?” yet, I am waiting for the new season to come out, to see it all together. I already saw this one before your article, same for Megu.

    3) Hurdle Girl looks great, but I dunno. I saw this one here first, thanks.

    4) Iya na Kao Sarenagara Opantsu Misetemoraitai Hon Chitose Itou STD version from Alphamax looks funny, but I think I’ll pass. I already saw this one before your article.

    5) Takimoto Hifumi – Witch version — I already saw this one before your article. I love it, really… I wish I could but no money lol

  2. Miette-chan

    This is quite interesting, is this the year you abandon curvy bodies for more slim athletic ones? I think you should get all the maids, maids are great, they are a man’s dream! I will see how the years goes before committing to Tessa, I’ve been wanting a figure of her for over a decade now! I think Ques Q’s version will probably the most likely one for me to get.

    Another thing I noticed is how all this is from older shows, it feels to me like figure companies are so far behind that we are barely getting figures from shows of the past 2-3 years rather than whatever aired in 2019.

    • wieselhead

      Haha, maybe that was the mistake in the past year. Well, a fair number was curvy though.
      Yes, maids are always enchanting, really hope for a lovely figure of Belfast, if I would have even more luck I would also wish to get Edinburgh as figure. Tessa is a wonderful character, yet the figures around aren’t that great.

      Yes, I have the thought that they wait on purpose to see what’s popular, Kotobukiya has often announced a figure when an anime began, although they sometimes place their bet on something that turns out unpopular.

      GSC is a bit weird at the moment, they still work on stuff that aired 3 years ago or is old like Kancolle.
      Delays won’t make it better for them. As long as cancellation of orders is not allowed they will be fine though.

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