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Hello, today I will review a cute little Dwarf, no grumpy bearded one, like in Lord of the Rings it is a cute, female one with a fancy looking dress. Dwarf was manufactured by Orchid Seed she got delayed in December and so her release date was pushed back to January 2011.

She is a Non scale figure, since she’s 210 mm in height, she looks like a 1/8 scaled figure, at the moment she stays next to Momohime and Maaryan and they look very good together.

The origin of Dwarf is the Lineage II MMOPRG, her name sounds not very lovely. I guess its just the name of her battle class. This time I can’t provide much background informations about her origin, I’ve never played this Game and never felt the urge to do so.

Any Lineage II players here?

In the Game you have a lot of freedom to design your character, so I don’t know why they made Dwarf look like this, the main characteristics of the Dwarf battle class are the twintail hairstyle, the cute face an the quite short legs in comparison to other battle classes. In the Game her sweet dress is called formal wear and you can get it after clearing a quest of the game.

Unfortunately that were all the infos I could gather about her in the Game, so from now on I will focus on giving you my impressions about her sculpting, the painting and on Dwarf’s outfit.

Hair & Face

As always I will start from the top to the bottom, so at first comes her hair, Dwarf has beautiful dark pink colored hair with a cute twintail hairstyle. There are two colored metallic cone like hair attires at them, another detail of her hairstyle are the two long strands at the sides of her bangs wich are framing her face. The flow her hair as well as the strands are very well detailed and cleanly sculpted, hidden behind her bangs you can see her thin dark pink eyebrows. the cat head item at her necklace isa very cute detail isn’t it? I never noticed it in the preview shots.

Now to the eyes, they are matte coloured but the paintjob lets them appear deep and shiny.

Her big round eyes are looking great and give Dwarf a very lively and lovely expression. She has a  cute snub nose and light blush marks at her cheeks. I actually don’t like figures with wide open mouths very much, even though Im owning quite a few, but the half open mouth of Dwarf is sculpted very nicely, I really like the depth and how you can see the tounge inside the mouth.

Overall her face looks very soft and extremely cute, in terms of happiness and cuteness her face beats the little Nanoha which I reviewed last time, Maryan and even Reinforce II.

Outfit & Body

The outfit of Dwarf appears like a mix of a wedding dress and a ballerina outfit it has frilly straps and oval bulky skirt part. The top which covers her delicate chest and her belly has a light pink colortone while the rest of her dress; with exception of her underskirt everything has a cream white color and a nacre shining effect to it which resembles silk cloth a bit, it has nice details, like seam lines indentations and so on. The underskirt is white but semi transparent and has some small heartshaped ornaments printed on it. To add more playfulness to her dress, a lot of pink ribbons have been used, my favorite ribbon is the big one at her neck.

Imagine you have to fight Dwarf in the game and then your badass character got humiliated by a player who uses such a cute looking Dwarf as character. The reaction would be priceless ;D.

The body of Dwarf looks attractive; well she doesn’t show much skin, but the places where she shows skin look really nice, at the front you have her pretty collarbones and at the back you can see her pretty shoulder blades. If you think that her light pink colored harem pants look a bit silly, Orchid Seed provided a cast-off option; under her harem pants you can see white, scanty cutted and frilly panties. When casted off you can also see her nice legs and her buttocks are a little bit exposed. As long as you don’t flip her over you can’t see her panties, but the exposed legs add a different look to Dwarf so I think this cast-off feature is useful.

When looking at the shoes of Dwarf it appears that she has quite small feet, they are cute and like all the ribbons at her dress the design of the socks also adds some playfulness to the figure.

Dwarf appears very girly and cute, but she’s not defenceless because Orchid Seed equipped her with a mighty looking bow, it is silver, silver-gold and gold colored the detailed sculpted slots are looking very good, the bow isn’t colored too shiny, otherwise it would mismatch with Dwarfs outfit. The bow can be divided in two parts, so you can put it in Dwarfs hand. In Dwarfs box you can also find a metal rod arrow with an heart shaped head. It is supposed to be put between Dwarfs index finger and the middle finger, you have to pay attention not to lose it.

Dwarfs base looks like the garnishment of a wedding cake, but you can’t eat it of course.

It is mainly made of transparent plastic, with heart shaped ornaments and some gem shaped transparent parts on it, as I had her on my desk it was fun to be able to rotate the figure with on finger. Dwarf is attached to the base with one leg; she is well balanced and has comparative short and sturdy legs so the possibility of her to lean in the future is pretty low.


Final Words

Dwarf is my first figure from Orchid Seed and I’m really satisfied with their final product.
I didn’t know they were this good. Im a fan of cute looking figures, so of course I love this figure, she is incredible cute. Her face is cute because of the well painted green eyes and the half open mouth. Her outfit looks really nice and gives Dwarf a fairy-like, enchanting vibrancy.

You may have noticed that most of the time I’m quite positive and maybe a bit too nice with the figures in my reviews, but it’s no exaggeration when I say that Dwarf is the best figure I’ve bought since ALTER’s Momohime in July 2010. The figure looks a bit girly and sweet but it’s not like you will get tooth decay from her sweetness, she fits very well into my collection.

If you are interested in her, don’t miss your chance, she’s a really cute and beautiful figure.


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