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On May 13th 2010 this humble blog went on air, so yeah it’s already have been two years since I started writing figure reviews. In this 2nd year I’ve written 56 post, 23 were figure reviews, the rest were about anime, preorder posts about my figure purchases and there was quite a number of Super Sonico related posts, like the Sonicomi Game, music and artbook.

Sorry that I haven’t planned anything fancy for this anniversary post, no new theme, no changes in design, I just hadn’t the time, not the mood and no good idea. Or was I just lazy?


In comparison with one year earlier the stats made an remarkable jump I can’t really say why, maybe the increased number of sexy figure reviews was one of the reasons. I found quite a liking to these kind of figures, but I still like the innocent ones that are showing less skin as well.


Additional to the very good blogs and interesting bloggers I already found in the first year, I could find a few more interesting and blogs and bloggers like Seviesphere, FigyuraWorld of Yamaguchi Hoshiko and Emptyblue. Don’t be aggrieved in case I missed somebody I might have mixed the first and the second year. To everyone thank you for your interesting, inspiring, and funny posts, you make the figure collecting hobby and anime culture a lot more interesting.

little Crisis

A few months ago my 500mb webspace was full with pictures, so I was forced to upgrade my rate at since the price was fair. They caused no downtimes in these two years.

The only downtimes occured when I tried to upgrade to a higher Wordpess version, it happened around three times this year, if I remember right it happened everytime I wanted to update. 😛

I wasn’t sure if I should include some whining in this post, but I decided to do it. Aside from the many nice experiences in this year I’ve also experienced a few not so nice things; like loosing regular readers, friends who stopped blogging and link exchanges that missed their purpose.
I might be little too sensitive about some disillusion, I should try to accept these downsides.


In the second year I got many nice “models” to shoot as well, it was a lot of of fun to come up with different ideas for the setups of these photogenic figures, even though the outcome sometimes differed from the actual idea. Aside from just combining the props I already had in my possession I also used some self made things I just built for a certain figure shooting.



My plans for the second year worked halfways, there were some improvements in certain aspects, like photography and at my writing style, but I still haven’t found a better theme for this blog.

I also wasn’t able to improve my html or css skills, I think its even worse than before XD

[ ] finding a better looking wordpress theme
[ ] Improving my html and css skills
[x] improving the writing style
[x] improving the popularity
[x] improving my photography skills

You see, there is still much to improve, lets see what I can do until the next anniversary.

Before I’ll end this post, I want to thank all of my blogging comrades, readers, also the less regular and silent ones. Thx for all your support, I really appreciate your comments and clicks.

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  1. Xine

    Happy 2nd anniversary! I think you’re doing a wonderful job with this blog, keep it up! Cheers!

  2. fabrice

    Heh i was so determined i posted a comment here. Mhmm must be in my dreams i guess anyway happy belated anniversary!

    I still cant believe how much this blog has grown since I first came here actually i forget when was the first time i think back in 2010? proof to that with those amazing stats, 3 times to amount i get! credits to you this is a great blog especially your figure reviews and its originality behind it. keep it up! Im glad i stumbled here ^^

    As for finding a new theme, and changing heck thats going to be annoying haha

    • wieselhead

      Maybe you just forget it or placing the comment failed, but I don’t mind it being related, thx a lot Fabrice ^^.
      Yeah I guess somewhere in 2010 we started to exchange comments more regulary.

      I was quite surprised about the boost, thx for the praise *blush*
      After my vacation I will definetely change it, hopefully.

  3. Luth

    I’m a little late to the party but congrats on your second anniversary! It’s great to see you still going strong and still pumping out fantastic photos and reviews and I’m glad to see that your site stats are reflecting how much people are starting to appreciate the quality work you do. Looking forward to seeing how you go in your next year as well!

    • wieselhead

      No problem, your second blog year also started recently if I’m not mistaken?
      Thank you I still have a lot of fun with these things, there is always something new to learn.
      see you =)

  4. Otakumouse

    Congratulations buddy! U agree with Tier’s post. Maintaining a site like this requires a lot of DEDICATION and it’s not a simple task. Keep the figure reviews coming!!!

    As for “DESIGN”, you can contact me and I’m willing to assist you if ever you want a unique site design for your blog 🙂

    Congrats again! more power!

    • wieselhead

      thx a lot ^^ sorry for the late reply, I had the flu or something like that.
      Yeah I’ll try my best to keep it like that.

      Oh thank you very much, that would be nice if you could help me a bit with this humble design.

  5. Tier

    Congrats on two years! It takes a great deal of dedication to keep a photography-themed website running for two years. Curiously, a lot of figure review websites that I used to follow died off right after they hit the two year mark (for some reason, I still have Wawawa Wasuremono and Ota desho bookmarked, and I even look through them from time to time). Here’s to hoping that your next two years are even more fun.

    • wieselhead

      thx a lot Tier, haha yes Im taking this part of the collecting hobby quite serious and I love photography ^ – ^ .
      There were more active figure blogs in the past, but nowadays it’s quite hard to find good new blogs about figures these days.
      I guess the people stop when they have no space for new figures left or cause they’ve lost interest in the figure hobby.
      Thx a lot I hope you won’t stop in the next few years as well.

  6. Nadav

    Congrats! Two years is a lot of time. I’ve only started reading your blog half a year ago but you’re doing a great job and I look forward to seeing more figure reviews. It’s funny that you want to change your theme because I think it suits your blog perfectly. I understand that you might want to try new things (I should know, I change my blog CSS every week) but I just wanted to let you know that your current theme is pleassnt and fits your blog very well

    • wieselhead

      Thank you very much ^^ I really like this stuff here. Oh really, well Im just a little dissapointed with it, since I would have prefer a more fancy look, thx for letting me know that its not that bad 😀

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