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Since the summer in Germany finally started to get sunny and hot for a few days, I got pretty lazy and didn’t feel like publishing new posts at all, be it anime or figure related. Well, I already took some pictures of my Sonico – Gravure Swimsuit, so I should write about this lovely figure nevertheless, lets see how halfassed this figure review can be under these conditions.

The Sonico – Gravure Swimsuit version figure was manufactured by Alpha Max and released in the middle of June 2012. The figure is scaled 1/6 and has a height of 260 mm. She is bigger than a 1/7 scaled figure, but definetely smaller than all of the 1/6 scaled figures in my collection.

I tried to cut back on my Sonico figure purchases and my interest in this figure wasn’t that fix to begin with. I really wanted her at first, then I lost my interest in her and in the end I wanted this Sonico again. Figures these days are sold out very fast at the big japanese shops and you shouldn’t be that hesitant if you want to be sure to get your copy. Fortunately there are local dealers where you can decide to buy a figure even weeks after the release in Japan.

This figure is not based on an ecchi illustration that is showing Sonico in a teased and embarrased state, it’s the first happy Sonico figure that has been released so far. The figure is based on the game Sonicomi by Nitro+ where Sonico is an aspiring Gravure Idol at the start of her career.

Sonico has nice looking and detailed hair, with many sculpted strands and a soft look overall.
It features the typical pink color gradient, on top she has elaborately sculpted headphones that she actually never takes off. Her head is tilted and turned, as if she is posing during a shooting.

Alpha Max did a good job in recreating Sonico’s look from the Sonicomi game, especially the energetic and friendly eyes were captured very well. With this face her cuteness overshadows her sex appeal by far, even though she is dressed like that. Sonico has a happy open mouth with a nice upper front teeth line. I have no experience with Alpha Max as manufacturer, but it is nice that they gave blushmarks to the final product, unlike other manufacturers. Im looking at you Native and Orchid Seed! Anyway this Sonico is quite cute and looking at her makes me happy.

Sonico is wearing an open shirt with a shiny, skimpy bikini underneath, her legs are equipped with fishnet stockings and on her feet she is wearing black and shiny high heels. As little accessory she wears a cute necklace with stars and a little guitar around her neck. Stockings with a bikini are no strange combination, people who say this just have a lack of sense for fashion.

The shirt is castoffable, it is made of soft and flexible material, you just have to take off her head and pull the arms out of her body. For the bikini display option two alternative arms are included, the gaps are hidden conveniently under two ribbons. The bikini top also comes off easily, the material is flexible and causes no paint transfer on the figures body.

The bikini is super shiny, nearly like a mirror that reflects its surrounding. The top is skimpy and offers some underboob and sideboob views, she shouldn’t run with this kind of bikini top XD.

The slip part is quite skimpy at the front, apparently Sonico is shaved at her private area, what am I saying? seriously 😀  The figure is sculpted in a standing pose with a nice arched back, she also has nicely sculpted and fairly sized boobs with light pink pointy nipples. With her arms like that the boobs seem to be lifted upwards by Sonico’s shoulder muscles. Her midriff and the wider hips give her a very female appearance. Her legs are slender and very long unlike in most other figure adaptions. With her pose, the cute face and her attractive body Sonico has a strong presence.

You can also dress this Sonico figure with bare boobs and the white shirt as display option. Ehh! whats with this insect punk, get off Sonico!


Final words

Im satisfied with this Sonico figure adaption of Alpha Max even though she isn’t my favorite Sonico figure. Her face is only slightly less detailed than the one from Native or the Bondage versions from Orchid Seed, but with the more sensual and teased face expressions they appear somehow more interesting than the Gravure Swimsuit figure of this review. But after the mainly ecchi figures of Sonico it’s very nice to see a figure of her in an happy and cheerful state.

This a figure that portrays the innocent and happy side of Sonico very well. Alpha Max quality is pleasing, in this figure adaption they offered a clean and appealing sculpted body and a good and clean paintjob.

Another nicer review can be found at Seviesphere

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