Sonicomi limited edition – Whats inside?

Today I’ll write about a long awaited Game of mine, called Sonicomi (ソニコミ).
Well, the post this time is rather about the box of the limit edition of Sonicomi and it’s contents.
As you’ve might noticed on Twitter, Im playing this game called Sonicomi to my hearts content.

Sonicomi was made by Nitro+, the Sonicomi limited edition was available for 6,460 Yen and is already sold out as well as the normal version, thx to EMS shipping I received my copy last week.

Front and Back


The Game comes in a nice looking carton inside are the DVD with the Game, a five track Drama CD with the adventures of Soniko and her band Galaxy One, the manual for the Game, the manual for the copy protection system, many slips of paper, a guitar pleg, a card for the Nitro+ cardgame Card Masters/Dominion a picture frame like thing with a picture of Soniko inside which says “Our Memories – You and Soniko” XD Im a big Soniko fan, but Im not that obsessed with her character.


There’s also a small book inside which has some Informations about Soniko and with illustrations from the game and illustrations from several artists. This is probably the nicest extra of this limited edition. I activated my badasss scanner to show you a few examples of the pages.





I scanned a few more of the Game Box contents, the manual cover, the front illustration picture which was attached to the box and the sheet with mixed illustrations of the cute Soniko.

medium size picture


Mixed Illustrations

It was the first time that I’ve ordered a japanese Game, well I somehow expected a bit more stuff to be included in this limited edition, maybe a poster, some stickers or something like that.
On the other hand, the Drama CD is very entertaining and funny, the box is nice and the game is working after some serious cursing of mine “Fuuu!” and it is quite entertaining to play the game.
I will write about my impressions of the Sonicomi gameplay in a different post, so stay tuned.

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  2. Dinara

    Soniko is so cute! I really want a figure of her but my DFC loving husband just doesn’t like her enough to invest in one.

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