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As some of you might have noticed Im a little bit obsessed with Soniko, well I like her so much ^^

I’ve ordered the limited edition of the Super Sonico Game β€œSonicomi” which is produced by Nitro+, the player takes the role of a professional photographer who supports Soniko with her starting gravure idol career and getting closer to her, the game will be out on September 30th.

A few days ago a free trial version of the game was released and I didn’t hesitate to download it.

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On the start screen the animated Soniko is humming the official title song “Superorbital” of her game and gives us a warm welcome afterwards. In this trial version you have the choice between taking a peek in the story mode or just play the photoshoot mission. Aside from the normal visual novel options, like screen size or voice volume, there are also a few options for the 3D, like auto setup, frame rate, anti aliasing, soft focus, effect quality, HDR and Depth of field.

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Story Mode

In the story our alter ego is a professional photograph. We have a job today and are taking pictures at a concert of a certain band, in the audience we see Soniko for the first time, later that night we get closer to her as she bumped into us after a failed stagedive and falls unconscious.
Of course we help her and start a conversation with Soniko who became a bit flustered after waking up. After thanking us for the help she leaves to enjoy the rest of the concert.

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Soniko left quite an impressions on our alter ego, she even appeared in his dream, but then the alarm clock disturbs his sweet dream. And so we head off to work, outside of the office we notice Soniko. No time for a chat, we’re already late at work. It turns out that the model for today is Soniko, who is going to start her gravure idol career. Soniko tries to act cheerful and energetic, but she seems to be very nervous about her first real photoshoot, so we have to motivate her.

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Now Soniko is emotionally ready and the first photoshoot mission starts, but at first you have to prepare her outfit, the location and the topic of the shooting are predetermined by the customer.

After the shooting there is a final conversation with Soniko and the boss and here the trial ends.

Photoshoot mission

As mentioned before there is a single photoshoot mission next to the story mode.
soniko 036_1

This part is really fun you have a few clothes to make an outfit for Soniko, in the final version there will be a wider range of clothes, but the selection in the trial shows the possibilities in the game very well. You can choose between a shirt, t shirts, short trousers, skirt, stockings, socks, bare legs with shoes or without shoes and so on. Theres also an option for accessoires like a hat, glasses and a bag. You can combine the clothes the way you want and see how Soniko looks in them, she strikes different poses on the right side of the screen.
soniko 018_1

soniko 002_1

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Afterwards you can check if your chosen outfit matches with the wishes of the customer.
When you are ready hit the button at the bottom and the photoshooting starts.

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The mouse movement gets more limited during the photoshoot, to change your position you have to use the WASD buttons of your keyboard. There is a time limit and the angles you have to hit are shown via blue circles, for this you’ll get ratings from bad to perfect. After the shooting Soniko is exhausted from all her posing hahaha,via right mouse button you can access a few motivational options like talking to her or giving her some water to expand your time limit.

soniko 045_1

soniko 021_1

This trial version of Sonicomi was very entertaining and Im somehow happy that I’ve ordered the limited edition of the full Game, I hope there will be a few nice goodies included in this edition.
The 3D Soniko is very cute with her voice and the body language, nice motion capturing here.
During the photoshoot missions the game makes good use of the advanced 3D effects like HDR and Depth of field, the Soniko model looks really pretty that way, no she isn’t fat *punch* XD

Even though most of the text is written in japanese and I can’t read a single letter, I could understand a few words Soniko were saying, I hope AGTH will work with the final game πŸ˜€

From my impression I think that the photoshootings will be more or less tame, maybe if you come closer to Soniko you can expect some more explicit scenes when you meet her privately.

If you would like to try the Sonicomi trial version, just follow this link, click on the “ダウンロード” behind one of the links and it should start downloading the 495mb. Make sure that you have installed the latest grapic driver for your video card and have the latest version Direct X installed.

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  1. NekoCapsule

    hi, i was just wondering- when i downloaded, i kinda wnet throught all the “i agree to blah blah blah” was it supposed to start automatically? because i’m tryna figure out what the hell is going on. i dont know how to start it (no problem with winrar either)

  2. byuu337

    Hey a question, how do you see if your clothes match the client’s request ? I would like to know >w<

    • wieselhead

      The problem is that it is written in japanese what outfit the clients want
      But there’s an option to check if your choice is all right ,so I guess you can tell just by comparing the japanese typo
      Like in this picture

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