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soniko bd headery

Since my Soniko – Bondage version from Orchid Seed review I became quite a Soniko fanboy. After I searched for informations about her character and origin in order to find material for the intro of my review of the Soniko – bondage version. At the beginning I just liked her character design with her charming girl next door look and the supercute face, after I heard her voice nd saw how she behaves in a trailer and in a song, I really fell for her. I ordered the upcoming game Communication With Sonico, where Soniko is starting her idol career and the player is her personal photograph who supports her in her work and takes care of her. Furthermore I’ve ordered a CD and I’ve also put a cute picture of her on my wall =).


For the ones of you who don’t know who this Soniko is here are some Info about her origin. Super Soniko was created by the Nitroplus Company in 2007, to be the mascot for their yearly Nitro Super Sonic Music Festival held in Japan. Since her creation, she has become quite popular, she gained a lot of popularity over the last few years. I would say the peak of her popularity was reached in this year, there were made several figures, and other merchandising products of her.

Here is the illustration this figure is based of

Soniko_Babydoll - 02

Oh no I broke my one figure of a character rule for the second time, well this Soniko babydoll version is my second Soniko figure. This Soniko was manufactured by Yamato, and caught my interest when I saw the grey prototype at the Wonfes 2010. I impatiently waited for the day preorders were opened and placed my preorder for her as soon as possible.

Unfortunately this figure was delayed several times, her first listed release date was in December 2010, then February 2011, then March 2011 and finally she was released in 18th May 2011.

Soniko is listed as non scale, but she looks like the right size (21 cm) to be considered as a 1/8 scaled figure. There also was a Soniko babydoll – DX version of this figure with some cool accessoires for her, like a fridge, a guitar and a huge bear, but the price of around 11,520 yen was a lot higher than for the standard version which was around for just 7,020 yen.

The Non DX version comes with a lovely heartshaped base like the DX version and as accessoires two kittens, a plate of macaroons + a single macaroon are included. The box of this figure is small and saves shipping cost, but aside from that it looks not very nice, its a baby blue box with polka dots on it and on the backside there is only a washed out picture of the Soniko figure.

  Soniko_Babydoll - 08

Hair & Face

The pink hair with many strands looks very nice, is very well sculpted and shows nice shading. The headphones look slightly chunky, especially the bows appear rather big, but the silver paint on it looks good. Her head has a nice looking shape, points to the right and is tilted downwards, so you better give her a higher place, when you want to have a good view at her face.

Soniko_Babydoll - 06

Soniko_Babydoll - 01

Her face is very well made and is quite pretty, the pink eye decals look great and this Soniko has the blushmarks I would like to have seen on my other Soniko bondage version figure as well :p

Soniko Babydoll version from Yamamoto
Soniko_Babydoll - 03

The mouth is very detailed with the upper front teeth line and some shiny effects inside her mouth. During the shooting I was a bit bothered by the uncomfortable face expression which she has from some angles. Most of the time it looks like a surprised expression, but to me it sometimes looked a bit like someone (the three colored kitten) is going to do bad things to her maybe it’s just my imagination or its just my fault because I’ve put her in strange poses, like in the pictures where Soniko lies on the furry floor XD.

Outfit & Body

This transparent “shortie” on her is called a babydoll, it has a nice flow and is painted with a faint transparent blue color on the outside it has purple quillings. The small printed on hearts which are also on her shoes and underwear are very cute, as underwear Soniko wears a tiny white painted on G-string. Both parts of her outfit have a good quality in terms of paintjob and sculpting.

Soniko_Babydoll - 09

Soniko_Babydoll - 07

Unlike Soniko’s character design Yamato decided to ignore the fact that she normally is slightly chubby and so they gave her a nearly model like body, of course her body looks attractive and very sexy this way, but the more flesh on her body is something that distinguishes her from other 2D character it’s nearly a trademark of her, nearly as important as the headphones.

Soniko_Babydoll - 04

Soniko_Babydoll - 05

Sorry for the short ranting ;p, well at least Yamato gave her alluring curves, a beautiful round butt and supersexy long legs, her body looks just great in combination with the pose of this figure. Furthermore this figure has a bright, slightly pink but overall a natural looking skintone.

I don’t care much about bare feet in real live and even less when it are the feet of a figure, but just look at these cute and tiny toes of her, even these small painted nails. Lol I hate the three colored cat for some reason, it makes Soniko feel uncomfortable and thats unforgiveable ^w^.

Soniko Babydoll version from Yamamoto

Soniko Babydoll version from Yamamoto

The shoes could have been painted more accurately but the level of detail is nice. Ah yes the base underneath has a really nice design, a pink heartshaped plastic disk with stars. Soniko and the base are connected via one peg, because of that the figure can be rotated. The other two holes on the base are for the feet of that three colored bastard who holds the shoe with his dirty paws.

Soniko Babydoll version from Yamamoto

It was a real pain to find these two chairs and a table which are fitting for a figure of that size, but re-ment had the right equipment, obviously the cool furniture is just props and wasn’t included with this figure, but the plate with the macaroons is included, from close view they have a badly made paintjob and on the backside of my copy is a super ugly paint run, but luckily it is not noticeable from the other side. The plate with the macaroons has no peg or hole, so it only can be placed loosely on Soniko’s hand and there is the possibility of loosing it because of that.

This Soniko figure also has a castoff option, first you have to take off the arms underneath the ribbons and then you can open the babydoll from the front and slide it down the shoulders, taking this thing off is easier than putting it back in place, but her body is worth the castoff.

children cover your eyes its castoff time!

Without the babydoll top, the tiny G-string and the bare feet this Soniko figure looks really nude.
haha with the tiny G-string it looks she wears nearly nothing, I would also go that far to say that she looks more ecchi than my other Soniko bondage version figure. What first meets the eye
(at least in my case XD) are her delicate shoulders and the slightly indicated collarbones.

Soniko Babydoll version from Yamamoto

Soniko Babydoll version from Yamamoto

Also her nice boobs draws attention, they have non erected nipples, but I like the shape of her boobs a lot, they are a little bit droopy and fit very well to the rest of her body.

Soniko Babydoll version from Yamamoto

Soniko Babydoll version from Yamamoto

Soniko Babydoll version from Yamamoto

No matter if Soniko wears her babydoll outfit or is displayed in castoff mode, the pose of this Soniko figure is fantastic, be it the turned upper body, the position of her arms or the way she is standing on one leg while the other one is pulled upwards looks really pretty, additional to this her arched back and the way her butt sticks out adds a lot of sensualism to this nice figure.

A very dynamic and sexy look is created in this pose, which makes this Soniko babydoll version figure from Yamato look adorable nearly everywhere she is placed. Well regarding her tilted down head and in case you want to have a better view at her face, she looks best at higher places.

Final Words

It is time to conclude this review, the Soniko babydoll version from Yamato turned out very nice. There are no real flaws in her painting, her dress is pretty and her bright skintone looks nice.

Soniko Babydoll version from Yamamoto

Yamato did a very good job with the pose and the sculpting, the body of this Soniko figure looks very attractive even though they pretty much ignored the slight chubbiness of Soniko. This figure also has a very lively and also dynamik pose. Also the face is very well done, but personally I have problems to get used to her face expression and these macaroons should have been painted with more care, but this two things are my only concerns I have about this figure.

Soniko Babydoll version from Yamamoto

Another review of this Soniko babydoll version and more pictures can be found at

Plastic Parfait

Soniko Babydoll version from Yamamoto


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  1. Wonder Festival Summer 2012 hysteria

    […] is teased by perverted cat as well, she is sculpted in a lying pose, her style looks similar to the first one presenting her in a more model like than slightly chubby way. I planned not to buy more figures of […]

  2. tomy

    I prefer the orchid seeds bondage version rather than this one>< Although I like the body curves of yamato's Soniko babydoll version. I'd rather have the orchid seeds one^^"

    You always seem to find great props to accompany your photos and also having backgrounds that go well with the figure

  3. Tier

    I need to take this figure out of her box. And I need to take the other Sonico out of her box, too. Both of them look great and I’m not sure which one I like better. They’re both cute and they’re both wearing thongs so I don’t know if I can decide.

    I love the shot with Sonico looking exhausted on the chair, that made me laugh. Your set looks fantastic, too.

    • wieselhead

      you have to do it!
      I would like to hear your opinion about them in your reviews, if you’ll find the time for it. I prefer the Orchid Seed version a little bit more.

      Oh thank you very much. I appreciate that compliment from an figure photography pro like you, thx a lot ^_^

  4. Miette-chan

    I think I find this Soniko cuter than the bondage version. Her pose and face are more in tune with my mental image of Sonico in this baby doll version than the other one.

    I do agree though, the lack of plumpness is disappointing. It’s not only one of things that differentiate Sonico from other girls but one of the things I like about her.

    All in all though, whether it is this version or the bondage version you can’t go wrong if you want a nice Sonico figure.

    • wieselhead

      The lively pose is really a thing I also like a bit more in this version, n terms of face I still orefer the bondage version only these superfaint blushmarks are not so nice.

      I guess they thought that the buyers want no chubby figure or the sculptor had the idea in mind.

      Yep both are nice

  5. Yi

    Wow, she’s super sexy~ So voluptuous, so curvy. The transparent top is lovely as well. Anyway, gorgeous images, as always. ^ ^

    • wieselhead

      Im glad you like her, she’s very sexy but also some kind of cute in her pose. thank you so much Yi *bow* *bow*

  6. Zai

    Great to see she arrived safe and sound! It looks like the paint job on your Soniko is a bit better than the one Luth and I got, especially on the g-string haha.

    I’m with Luth – that dress looks really awesome and I can’t wait to see more photos! Love the photos on the furry rug and the re-ment are great! I wanna get some re-ment at some stage but there are so many to choose from and so many different kinds I want that I don’t really know where to start. xD

    Had a bit of a laugh at Soniko trying to throw the cat out the window, ahaha.. I feel like doing that too since that cat likes to pop out of the base heaps and it’s damn annoying!

    But anyways, great photos of an awesome figure and I really enjoyed reading your review! I hope more lovely Soniko figures come out and I agree abouta decent one of her looking happy, would buy in an instant!

    • wieselhead

      Maybe, I couln’t find a bad painted are at her, but the maccaroons are as messy painted as yours.

      Hehe the dress reminds me a bit of Menma from Ano hi… 😀 I nearly fits only have to modify the front. Ah thank you Im happy you like it. Re-ment is great, the stuff should go well with figmas as well.

      haha right it’s such a stupid cat ;p

      Thats good to hear that it was worth the effort.
      Yeah that would be an instant buy for me, I want to see her smile ^-^

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