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When already running out of space you shouldn’t order old figures I would say XD

While I was searching for a cover illustration of the Nagasarete Airentou anime, a picture of a cute figure appeared and I was enchanted by her charming appearance and I wanted to see more of her. In the end I bought her on ebay, after I’ve asked the seller to make her cheaper, my price was quite bold, but luckily he accepted it, I wonder if he would have sold her for even less.


This cute girl is named Suzu, she is the main heroine of Nagasarete Airentou, a great comedy anime I just finished a few days ago. I guess I will write a review about it next month, it was very enjoyable. The figure was made by Kotobukiya in the year 2008 with a scale of 1/7 (225 mm). Her sculpt was realized by Takaku & Takeshi who also made my Noemi Itou figure and is working on the big figure Eustia Astraea, unfortunately she’s exclusive and will need space.

Info about Suzu’s origin

Suzu lives on an unexplored mysterious Island together with other females, in the past a thunderstorm occured as all the males were fishing and they never came back. Poor Suzu also lost her mother in that tragic event, since then Suzu lived alone, with the pig Tonkatsu who is the only remaining family member. Nevertheless, most of the time Suzu is a kind, happy and dilligent girl. She helps with harvesting the food in the island community. She likes household chores and would certainly be a good wife, in case there will be a male again on this lost island.

review part

Suzu arrived in her box, the seller told me that he never opened it before. Lets just believe it from the look of it that might be true, after nearly 3 years in her box I liberated her from her prison. Her foot was already connected with her sand textured base and her small friend Tonkatsu was included as well, he isn’t fixed so that you can place him wherever you want. Unfortunately the massive Ponytail lost contact with the head at it’s predetermined breaking point, but glueing it back in place was a piece of cake since the peg was still intact enough.





Nagasarete Airentou features a very cute cartoon look and Suzu was turned into a figure
which resembles her character very well in nearly every aspect. She has one closed and an open
eye, together with the nicely engraved open mouth she looks really adorable and gives the whole figure a very lively appearance. Suzu really radiates a nice “running to the beach” feeling.

Her massive long ponytail hairstyle is nicely sculpted with an active flow and single detailed strands, the brown hair also shows some dark shading. The big ribbon let it appear like Suzu would have cat ears in the anime the ribbon was dark blue, but it looks good in purple as well.



Suzu wears a cute, light pink and small bikini which tight fit compliments her soft, ample boobs and her nice butt.There is a small ribbon at the front of her top and at the sides of her bikini slip.
In the anime Suzu only had a traditionlal japanese outfit with white stockings, but maybe the sculptor was a little bit inspired by the bikini outfit from the illustration above.

The pose is a very dynamic one, Suzu is set in pose with an arched back and slightly twisted upper body, her right arm is happily stretched into the air and her hair flies through the air.




It is nice that Suzu has a 1/7 scale, the always not that exciting bikini outfit is equated by the level of detail on this figure. She has a very detailed back, these scapulas are damn sexy for example, from the front her soft and ample boobs are also nice to look at. As you see Suzu has even quite pretty long legs. Hehe, ok also the less sexy parts of her body are detailed, her fists show detailed fingers and the strands of her hair were made with the same attention to detail.



Final words

Suzu is a really pretty and cute figure and I’m glad that I was able to track her down for an reasonable price. Her quality in terms of sculpting and a clean paintjob is very good, Suzu is probably one of Kotobukiya’s better works. She has nearly the same look as in her origin Nagasarete Airantou, the transiston from cartoon 2d to a 3d figure was done very well.
The cute an happy atmosphere of this figure is catching Im really satisfied with this purchase.

On a personal note: Omg that felt so good to come up with a figure review again!
To me it felt like ages since the last one, fortunately the lean time should be over now and I should receive figures more regular in the next 4 months, thx for your patience ^^.


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  1. tanohsimini

    Lovely photos as usual. I love the backgrounds you use for these figures, it compliments their characters

    For a 2008 figure, she’s really amazing. I remember watching this series many years back^^” oh the memories! This figure is quite an accurate adaptation of suzu.

    I normally tend to find swimsuit figures boring but this one felt different than the usual ones. I guess it’s the pose and her facial expression and the detail

    Kinda sad that the figure was damaged^^” I bet the guy opened the figure! lol

    Thanks once again for another lovely review!

    • wieselhead

      thx I always try my best to let them look good ^^
      White backgrounds aren’t my style I guess. She’s quite a gem from that time I would say, Oh you knew it, haha thats cool
      I planned not to buy a swimsuit figure again, because of the reason you’ve mentioned, but as I saw this Suzu, I did it again.
      Haha you think he lied to me, omg XD

      thx a lot

  2. Kai

    Very nice figure^^ The body and the legs are sculptured quite beautifully, and the face and hair is in great detail, one of the best by Kotobukiya indeed. Love the piggie too ;D

  3. Tier

    Sometimes swimsuit figures are kinda boring or uninteresting, but Suzu is really cute. It’s also kinda neat how she’s winking. You don’t see too many figures giving a wink; in fact, I don’t think I have any figures that are doing that. And sometimes those old figures are pretty cool. Maybe their paint isn’t always quite as clean and neat as a brand-new, modern figure, but a lot of them are still very attractive, and they also have the big plus that they’re often of characters from less well-known games or anime, as opposed to the hundred million Vocaloid and Nanoha figures that keep coming out.

    The backdrop you used really does look like a mysterious island. Though, uhh, it’s sort of interesting to see her looking so happy, living in such unusual circumstances.

    • wieselhead

      She has a lively and dynamic appearance, most swimsuit figures don’t have and she’s indeed very cute.
      Some of the older ones are quite pretty and shouldn’t be ignored just because they are old.
      I’d rather would see more figures of less popular animes or games, don’t like the mainstream trend that much.

      thx, I just used a few big plants and a big reflector. The Island she lives on isn’t that bad actually, she has many human and animal friends.
      And they have enough food which they can cultivate and harvest. In the story a male character soon appears on the island and starts living with her,
      so don’t worry she will be fine 🙂

  4. Persocom

    Beautiful shots! I just got my first “swimsuit figure” and I haven’t gotten shots of her yet, and this already puts my thoughts of shooting to shame due to lack of props or a real beach xD Never seen this anime but it sounds worth a watch. Lovely figure though, puhi~

    • wieselhead

      thank you very much 😉
      If you have a well lit room, a big plant and a bit of sand it should work very well.
      it’s a nice comedy show with lovely Suzu.

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