Wonder Festival Summer 2012 hysteria

Hi fans of bishoujo figures, an awesome event, that every passionate figure collector was looking forward to happened on July 29th, this summer, it was the Wonderfestival Summer 2012.

There all of the Japanese figure manufactures presented their upcoming figures and revealed their plans for future products. I was very excited about it and after I’ve seen all this super nice figures I’m quite happy, it was one of the reasons that this post is a rather long one.

Is it just me or had we a lot of better figures than on the Winter Wonderfestival, anyway here are the figures that triggered my interest divided by manufacturers in non alphabetical order.


From the Altair line up there surprisingly was a figure of Waver Velvet, the master of Rider in the Fate/Zero story. I don’t have male figures at all in my collection, but I admit that Waver was kinda cute and likeable. The figure of Waver Velvet is scaled 1/8 and is scheduled for 2013.

The unpainted figure of Mirakurun already caught my interest. She is apparently not based on the cosplaying Chinatsu, but she’s the real deal from the tv show the girls of Yuru Yuri watch. It’s a cute magical girl figure and I like the designMirakurun is scaled 1/7 and will be released this year. Alter will also make a figure of Akaza Akari my favorite Yuru Yuri character, her personality and mine are quite similar, only partially of course. The figure has a rather plain school uniform, but face and pose are enchanting. She is scaled 1/8 unlike Mirakurun and is scheduled for 2013.

From Shining Blade we get this awesome Mistral Nereis, the Wonfes before she was presented with a closed mouth which I liked a bit more. Well, judging from the features of their recent figures, a second head option might be possible. Aside from that it is a great, dynamic figure. She’s also quite busty if you haven’t noticed. The figure is scaled 1/8 and scheduled for 2013

GSC has an epic motorbike, but ALTER has the more athletic bike and the hotter girl on it. Amane Suzuha from Steins:Gate was a surprise for me. With the close resemblance of the Huke artstyle she looks kinda scary unlike her sweet anime version, but take a look at this level of detail. The figure is scaled 1/8, the prototype is painted but no release date has been announced.

Alter is slow with the Bakemonogatari figures, but isn’t this Sengoku Nadeko figure not worth the wait? A very playful pose with a twinkling face, she comes fully dressed with trousers and a cool hat. Sengoku is scaled 1/8 and is scheduled for a release in 2013. A nice GSC vs ALTER

From the unknow, at least to me light novel Mahou Tsukai no Yoru, we see the magician Aozaki Touko again. You also might know her from Tsukihime and Garden of Sinners. A very attractive and proud pose befitting her character, the dress willl be dark green in the final product. This Aozaki Touko is scaled 1/7 and the release is scheduled to happen in 2013 as well.

Orchid Seed

Orchid Seed surprised with a whole lot of grey prototypes, they’ve put a number of their only illustration status figures on display there. Well they were reserved in announcing release dates.

The Queens Blade drill instructor Alleyne was also a surprise for me and OS decided to make her in an impressive 1/6 scale, an 1/6 elf girl (❁´◡`❁) what could be better. Alleyne is wearing her leaf swimsuit and has a slightly wet look from bathing in a lake. The figure will have a height of 270mm and the release date is sheduled to happen in 2013.

An ecchi girl like Panty Anarchy should be made by a company with the same tag. The bold Panty is presented in a naughty and quite teasing way, captured while pulling down her underwear as fast as she can. I really like necktie and the flow of her hair in combination with her nice smile.
The Panty Anarchy figure is scaled 1/8 a release date wasn’t announced so far.

Twintails, glasses and busty, there are several reasons for liking this Cover Girl  from Comic Megastore magazine, Luth rubbed this nice one under my nose. She looks good and has an unexpected elaborate base in form of a bookshelf, a drawer and pillars of books. Cover girl will be scaled 1/7 a release date wasn’t announced so far.

Another figure which is also based on a cover of a magazine is the summer holiday themed Push!! Cover Girl I already loved the illustration, but the prototype turned out really cute and pretty, I love her hat, the hair, the face, as well as the sculpting of the body and the clothes.
I like this one a lot. Push!! Cover Girl is scaled 1/7 as to be expected no release date was issued.

Chouhi Ekitoku, a character from Ikki Tousen was a figure I was waiting for 2 or 3 years since illustration only state, I was quite happy as I learned that her colored prototype was going to be presented on this Summer Wonfes. Well she didn’t really turn out like I imagined or maybe the few pictures which were taken weren’t good enough. The skirt is too long and overall Chouhi looks rather chunky in this dress. Well, I still like her, but Im not as enchanted as expected.

Three words for the Super Soniko – Sonicomi PKG version YES! YES!! YES!!! Bikini, star patterned pink stockings and heavy boots, thats already ordered hell yeah! She has a rather calm but still sexy face expression. I also like the standing pose of her a lot, I don’t always need something complex space consuming. Sonico is scaled 1/5 and will hopefully be released in 2013.

Orchid Seed is not all about T&A and here we have the GK adaption of Flandre Scarlet from Touhou. Im curious to see how this will turn out in the future. There also was another GK adaption of a Touhou character named Hijiri Byakuren. It’s nice to see that more companies adapt such lovely GK and turn them into affordable and complete and painted PVC figures.

Max Factory

Max Factory  also makes Lineage II figures now. I already have the cute Dwarf class figure from Orchid Seed, but a beautiful Elf would also be nice ^^ Max Factory also made a Dark Elf, but  I really like the design of this pretty Elf. She is scaled 1/7 and will be released somewhere in 2013

A character unknown to me was also presented, she is called Inaba Himeko and is from the newly started anime Kokoro Connect. She looks so cute and enchanting with her face and the ribbon at her shirt. Himeko will be scaled 1/8 and probably released next year.

There was also this figure of the kind and weird Kurokami Medaka from the anime/manga Medaka Box, she resembles the artstyle of the anime very well. The eyes and the mouth are really nice and give the figure a cool striking look. The uniform looks good as well and I like the way her cleavage is sticking out. This figure is scaled 1/8 and has a height of 205 mm.


Oh look another standing Kurokami Medaka in her extravagant school uniform, ok they are a little different. I like the face of this one a bit more, it has a more of a bishoujo feel to it than the one from Max Factory. Well on a certain magazine scan it looked really, really bad, but the figure they’ve presented at their booth looked 100% better and I like it quite a lot. Medaka is scaled 1/8 and has a height of 200 mm. It’s difficult to say which one is better, which one do you prefer?


Sonico still expands her popularity, I secretly decided not to buy every figure of her, but I really want want to have all the nice ones ^o^ Here we have this good looking Sonico – rabbit ear version and you know what, she is scaled 1/4!! This figure portrays a happy Sonico in a frilly and attractive maid outfit, she is so cute I can just love her. But where too display this darling?


Freeing had a grey prototype of her last Wonfes, but now Takamachi Nanoha from Mahou Senki Lyrical Nanoha Force is here painted and proud. Even though I know that Freeing figures doesn’t always have the cleanest sculpting and paintjob on their smaller scale figures, but this cool 1/8 scaled Nanoha looks very good and surprisingly the release is still planned for this year.


Gift presented a Fate Testarossa as match for the Nanoha which will be released this month. Both are from the Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha The Movie 1st where they are still very young. Fate looks like a seductive loli, long hair big eyes undeveloped curves put in a skimpy bikini and with Bardiche in her mouth. She looks even more borderline than the innocent Nanoha.
You can also look at her with a neutral mindest, she is a nice figure of a cute young girl in a nice pose, I like how she is holding her towel. Fate is scaled 1/4 and is scheduled for a 2013 release.


I don’t want to hurt the feelings of the people who own the first version of Tenshi from Angel Beats! , but this new one is just stunning and looks so elaborate in comparison. Tenshi with her wings looks innocent and simply beautiful with her bare feet and the flow of her summer dress and the pose just look nice. Angel Beats! is a tad older, but nevertheless it’s a very promising figure. Apparently she is scaled 1/8 and will already be ready for a release in January 2013.

Insane Black ★ Rock Shooter  looks awesome in various ways it’s an really impressive looking sculpt with a dynamic pose and a lot of details. It is just an 1/8  scaled figure, but it seems like it will need a lot of shelf space, maybe too much. This figure is scheduled for a 2013 release.

There also was a figure from Nisemonogatari  one of Koyomi’s sisters Araragi Karen, I really started to like her during the anime. The figure looks quite nice in regards of  a cute and energetic face expression, pose and overall sculpting the yellow outfit might look great in the final product. The figure will probably be scaled 1/8 and you can expect her to be released somewhere in 2013.

Kyahh! A loli elf. no, a cute loi elf , she is called Lysette Kalar and her origin is Rance Quest.
I really think that she is super adorable and Im really curious about how she will look as painted prototype as it will decide about my purchase. The release date of Lysette Kalar in January 2013.

Oh no! there was no hint of a scaled Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse figure in the super cool combat suits at all, maybe this is one of my disapointments on this Wonderfestival, there is only a Nendoroid of Takamura Yui in her suit. The release can be expected in 2013.


I paid more attention towards figures of Native recently, in most cases a purchase would be out of question for me since they are too ecchi. From their booth I liked the figure based on a original created character named Cat Girl. The waitress outfit and the bendove pose close to the floor with stretched out tongue pose is super alluring and the sculpting looks excellent. The illustration with the milk on the floor is very suggestive and a bit dirty, but I like this sexy figure overall. Surprisingly for a figure of Native she is wearing panties, so Cat Girl is my must have.


Female figures in fancy dresses wielding big weapons are cool. Kotobukiya also agrees about that and presented a standing Sakyua from Shining Blade. With her dress she is goes under the name “Fire version” I think sh will look great in her red dress with the nice cleavage. Im also a fan of her sadistic smile. Sakuya sama is an impressive 1/6  scale, the release is sheduled in 2013.

It seems like Kotobukiya is the only well known figure manufacturer that produces scale figure of Sora no Otoshimo. This is actually their second Nymph. In this standing pose which pulls more attention to her dress Nymph looks very cute with her flowing twitails and the transparent wings. To me she appears like a 1/8 scale figure. The release should occur somewhere next year.

I like Fate Testarossa, but Im actually not a fan of her. Nevertheless this might the first figure of her that is very appealing to me. She is posed in a dynamic flying battle pose with a shouting mouth from the Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha The Movie 1st. This Fate looks cute and badass at the same time I also like the details of her outfit quite a lot. Release is in 2013.


Look another Sonico from the Creators’ Labo line up. Here she is playing with a cat and is teased by perverted cat as well, she is sculpted in a lying pose, her style looks similar to the first one presenting her in a more model like than slightly chubby way. I planned not to buy more figures of her in an unhappy or teased looking state, but maybe this one will be funny and cute enough to make an exception, the accessories also look cute. further details haven’t been issued.


vector image by ManaAlchemist

The pose was nice, but unfortunately the face of Sena’s GSC couldn’t convince me, the same goes for the one from Megahouse. Surprisingly there was also a figure of Kashiwazaki Sena announced showing her in the Monster Hunter version  from a certain episode of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai anime. So far it’s just illustration status. Im a bit sad that it will be made by this company, but before I judge this figure lets wait for the painted result maybe in 2013.


This should conclude my “little” post about the nice figures of Wonfes Summer 2012, of course I won’t buy everything I’ve listed here, but a few figures will definitely find a place in my collection.

From my point of view it was a great event, I had high expectations and they were mainly fullfilled, on the downside there was not a single scale figure from Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? nothing from Muv Luv characters in combat suits and nothing from Cheerleader Sonico either.

The pictures are partly from Cutanews, Moeyo, White Garage0taku.livedoor.biz and MFC thx ^^

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  1. Persocom

    This WonFes didn’t really appeal to me a lot. Yes there are multitudes of lovely looking figures but not many of them call out to me right now. I’m probably the most curious about that Flandre Scarlet but doubt I’ll get her. I do like Mirakurun but I haven’t watched Yuru Yuri yet so not sure what that’s about.

    • wieselhead

      Ah ok, were you looking for something certain? I liked quite a lot of figures more than compared to the previous one ^^
      But Flandre looks great, even more in new pictures. Maybe you like it, I shunned it at first, buts it’s really funny and cute.
      For me it’s the better Lucky Star ^^ You should give it a try.

  2. Xine

    Those Touhou figs look great. The frills on the skirts look lovely as well as the pose. Kotobukiya’s Sakuya looks great as well. That Lineage fig from Max factory looks really pretty but she’s really human-like and I’m not sure if I’d have a figure with features like that in my collection.

    • wieselhead

      It was quite a surprise to see the Touhou figures there.
      A big scale figure like this will be nice, probably.
      But aren’t Elves more human like except for the pointy ears?

      • Xine

        Yes elves are human like but what I’m referring to is for some reason, I’m not sure if I’d like to collect figs which look like humans. I’m more into characters based on manga or anime I guess.

        • wieselhead

          Ah sorry now I get it. I thought meant human from an anime point of view 😉
          Yeah she has a more realistic human look, I will wait for the paint job until I decide to purchase this one or noz.

  3. Visual Fanfare

    I hate WonFes for the reason that it makes your wallet hurt. There are some cool figures at this WonFes, but I can’t say there are that many that catches my attention. I’m gonna try to cut back next year on the collecting and only getting those that I feel are outstanding.

    That said, I’ll probably fail at it since this was what I said this year as well. I think I spent more this year than last year. =(

    I am interested in that Lineage II Elf figure though, she looks really nice and would be a great companion figure to my Orchid Seed Lineage II Elf. For some odd reason, my Elf’s review remains the top hit at my site. It consistantly gets more unique visits than other reviews – I’m not sure if it’s bots or if someone has my review linked somewhere. I tried to track down where all the traffic are coming from, but couldn’t find anything out (yet). LOL

    • wieselhead

      On every Wonfes I feel like a kid in the candy store, so at first I don’t think about consequences for my wallet.
      Last year I’ve bought 28 figures, so far 2012 appears a little less extreme XD

      Im looking forward to the Elf and how she will look painted.
      Ah I see sometimes you are wondering about where the hits are coming from, Menace and Sonico Bondage version are reviews that receive regular hits here.

  4. anonymous_object

    Not a lot caught my eye at this WonderFes. Being a big fan of YuruYuri, I am interested in the Mirakurun figure a bit though. The Orchid Seed Alleyne figure is also downright sexy though I can’t say I’m a huge Queen’s Blade follower. Might be tempted to get just for the sexy leaf swimsuit :3

    There was also a absolutely gorgeous Kantoku neko girl figure but she’s a garage kit and I haven’t the skills to build her 🙁 But if she ever came out in PVC, I’d be all over it!

    • wieselhead

      YuruYuri is cool isn’t it ;D I prefer the cute Akari though. Alleyne might be a nice big figure Im curious to see her painted.
      Thats always the bad things about these lovely GK’s, building them on your own is more than difficult and if you give the work to someone skilled it costs a fortune and you don’t even know if you will be satisfied in the end.

  5. Kai

    I had been wanting an Angel Beats figure for a while now, and dat GSC Kanade figure is instant buy! Insane BRS looks like a very good and flashy figure and is definitely on my wishlist as well.

    • wieselhead

      Yeah this tenshi is so pretty. I don’t have the urge to buy a figure from the Angel Beats anime, but the figure alone looks so nice, that I don’t care about I liked her origin or not.

  6. Nopy

    The problem with ALter is that they come out with figures too slow. For figure collectors like me that don’t like to have more than one character, it means I usually end up getting a GSC figure. For example, I kinda want Alter’s Nadeko, but I already have GSC’s Nadeko and they both look good. At least they’re the first to come out with Mistral, she looks very detailed.

    I did not see Orchid Seed’s Flandre until now. That is definitely going on my wishlist, she looks amazing. That fire version of Sakuya also caught my eye.

    • wieselhead

      It can be a bit unfair if one company is slower with similar product, but there’s nothing with just picking the first best figure of a character or franchise.
      You could also wait till another figure adaption appears which might come closer towards your taste.
      Well you can keep old Nadeko if you are satisfied with her, but you don’t have to keep the older one, actually ^^

      Alter mainly does figures, GSC doesn’t only sometimes they overlap.

      Its good that OS also makes non ecchi figures from time to time. Flandre looks promising.

  7. super rats

    GSC Insane BRS, Alter Mirakurun and Nadeko, plus Native Catgirl are my faves of the ones you posted. I would be more interesting in the OS Panty figure, but that excitement gets tempered by the fact its an Orchid Seed figure.

    Kotobukiya tends to show some nice stuff lately, but I still wait to see them in person and pick them up at conventions, rather than pre-ordering.

    • wieselhead

      Ah cool, if nothing bad happens I will definitely order the sexy Cat Girl
      Saying this in an Orchid Seed friendly environment is quite bold :p
      joking aside, I don’t see a problem with their quality, the only problem about them is that they are relatively slow with finishing their products.

      Thats a good idea since the quality of their figures varies quite often ^^

  8. Nightmare

    The Summer version of the festival was far more enjoyable for me than its Winter one earlier this year. Instead of teasing us with endless illustrations we actually got to see quite a decent amount of prototypes this time.

    Alter excel at creating great figures that I have no interest in grabbing. Having butchered Senjougahara and shined with Hanekawa it’s not too surprising that they’re giving it a go with another Bakemonogatari character. What is surprising is the sculpt they’re going with, which is basically identical to Good Smile’s except you also get a wink and a pair of pants minus a great looking base; an inferior choice in my eyes. Amane Suzuha on the other hand looks great with a well executed pose and facial expression most befitting the character.

    Both cover girls from Orchid Seed are both visually appealing and well-crafted. The base for the Comic Megastore one may cause the price to skyrocket but it does look excellent complementing the figure. As for the Push!! Cover Girl, she must have one hell of a left trigger leg in order to escape the skirt that fast.

    Good Smile were being Good Smile by showing off more stuff from Black Rock Shooter and the *monogatari series. I think they pulled off Karen rather well and it’ll be interesting to see what base they’ll go with for her unless they just chop off the big vehicle behind her. What got me most excited was Araragi Tsukihi, or well, her cover art. If they can pull it off, especially with all the little details surrounding the character I’ll be most pleased.

    Native went from underwhelming on WF Winter to overwhelming during this event, in a good sense. Headphones girl being the highlight for me, though the rest look very promising as well. It’s too early to tell with the one in the police uniform but it could be another interesting figure once painted.

    Sena. I think it’s fair to say that no manufacturer to date have done a stellar job recreating the blonde bombshell in Sena Kashiwazaki. Good Smile’s version is the superior one for me, though far from outstanding. I still think they managed to capture her state when she’s escaping her troubles or rejected confessions that tend to occur on a regular basis in the manga/anime.

    So yeah, pretty stoked about next year as far as figures go.

    • wieselhead

      I also felt that way and I added a lot more figures to my “would like to get” list.
      haha I know that feeling, but most of the time another company manages to ignore my taste ^^
      It’s not much different, but fully dressed and cute at least, I wouldn’t have mind an adaption of Nisemonogari’s Nadeko in her appealing outfit 😀

      Well the skirt looks kinda tight around one single leg on Push!! Cover Girl, but I don’t really mind since Im already head over heels.

      Karen is nice, hopefully it won’t turn out as something too space demanding,

      The GSC one captures the uniform and pose very well, but I don’t like these angry face expressions in general.
      It’s just not very appealing to me to have a pissed looking girl on my shelf. Too bad Max Factory stopped making figures of that anime after Kobato and Maria .

      Might be very interesting next year, Im looking forward to it.

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