Arisa Creators’ Labo #14 – Yamato


This is Arisa from “The Art of Shunya Yamashita“, she is scaled 1/7, has a nice sculpted face and a cool guitar at her hand. She was produced by Yamato and her release Date was in 2007.

I own that figure for some years now I like her but unfortunately she started to lean a bit. Her stand on the base was also very shaky until I felt the urge to use some glue. Last week I decided to do a little reshoot of this figure , I tried to make a stage like setting. That didn’t really turn out like I imagined, but some pics turned out pretty nice I think,

anyway here are the pictures…




Arisa is avery pretty looking figure, her face is very well done, this figure doesn’t have the typical anime face. I like her purple twintailed styled hair and the strong green eyes, I really like the optional glasses that were included ^^.  She also has a nice smooth looking mouth. Her appearance is tall and mature, Arisa has long legs and wide hips. The sculpting of her body also looks great, this figure shows nice collarbones, nicely shaped boobs and a detailed belly.





Normally this figure wears a white plastic school uniform which fits to the overall look of her outfit, but I exchanged it with the red white shirt which you can see on the photos. The Figure is also castoffable but for this shooting I thought  it wasn’t necessary to do so, maybe next time =D



Arisa - Creator's Labo# 14 - Yamato - 009

Arisa - Creator's Labo# 14 - Yamato - 011

Arisa is standing on her tiptoes with one hand she is holding her detailed guitar in a chilled fashion and the other hand is placed behind her neck. In this shooting I used my Sony Alpha 550 with the Sigma EX 50mm, an 6500K lamp Softbox an external  Flash and a  small slave Flash.  For the backround I used black tissue and glitter stripes.

So that was my first Blog entry, I hope it wasn’t too bad 😀 I’ll will try to improve my writing and my rusty english in the future. Helpful critique is always welcome

see ya

4 Responses

  1. Leonia

    Really nice atmosphere with the background. This is not my favorite Shunya figure vut Arisa is cute !

  2. wieselhead

    thank you very much
    in terms of the look Arisa is nearly my favorite figure,but the figure itself has some flaws like leaning and a shaky stand.

  3. Dick

    I want to know that which software do you use to deal with these picture? I love these fonts which in the top picture~~

    • wieselhead

      Im only using bibble 5 pro to adjust light and contrast and sometimes some of the many other option. thx ^^ for the headers I use Photoshop I have hundreds of fonts, If you’d like to know the name of the font I could look it up for you later.

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