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Clalaclan Philias is a 1/8 scaled figure manufactured by Kotobukiya (I guess this the third review of a figure from Kotobukiya in a row). The origin of this figure is the popular video game Shining Wind which I’ve never played, I have to admit ;D

When buying figures I don’t really care about the origin what counts the most for me is the look.

It happens very often that I see older figures by chance which I really want to own and then when you’ve decided that you really want it, in most cases the figure is sold out everywhere.
This was also the case with Clalaclan. Well there were several items at ebay for 140€, but no thanks that is way too much. After some weeks I got her from ebay for 50€ from a guy in my country. Its nice when you don’t have to pay horrendous shipping cost from time to time XD.
Clalaclan Philias

Clalaclan Philias

Clalaclan Philias

Clalaclan Philias

Her base looks like something from Tupperware but it’s ok because its very small. Clalaclan wears a white and shiny dress which has some very nice silver details. Her dress also has a lot of frills from her skirt to the sleaves. Clalaclan is castoffable so you can pull her big skirt off, only the skirt not the shirt XD then you have a better view at her beautiful long legs. Around her waiste she wears a blue foundation garment like thing, which adds a bit of contrast to her overall bright white appearance.
Clalaclan Philias

Clalaclan Philias
Clalaclan Philias

Her face expression looks very friendly and calm, she has detailed green eyes. on her head she has a silver crown. The paintjob of her face and her upper body is nearly not noticeable her hair looks also a bit plain, painted shadows or highlights are only on her dress and her legs. Well that sounds worse than it actually is in a shadow area she looks a bit plain but with some light she looks really good.
Clalaclan Philias

Clalaclan Philias

What first meets the eye is her voluptuous cleavage which looks nice, on the other hand her butt is very flat so in real life she would probably fell over :D.She wears realistc looking white thigs highs whith nice ornaments at the top and fitting white shoes. Clalaclan comes with a shield which can hold in her hands.

Final words

Clalaclan is a nice figure with some really good details at her dress, the paintjob at the skin of her upper body and the hair could have been a bit better. Nevertheless Clalaclan is a good looking figure with a friendly face and an attractive body. The pose looks good and is stable,overall im very satisfied with this figure.

Next time we will have a review about Alter’s Al Azif figure which lately arrived at my house.

2 Responses

  1. Sevie

    Hab mich gerade durch ein paar “ältere” Review von dir geklickt und muss sagen, dass mir diese Figur unheimlich gut gefällt!
    Deine Fotos sind wirklich super schön!
    Hab gesehen, dass du sie aber verkauft hast (bei MFC erstalkt…). Schade, schade, aber vielleicht find ich sie irgendwann nochmal ^^
    Wobei mir die Bikini-Version von ihr auch super gefällt ^^
    Ach, so viele schöne Figuren…

    • wieselhead

      Oh freut mich das du auch einen Blick auf meine älteren Reviews wirfst ^_^
      Ja die war wirklich ziehmlich hübsch in ihrem weißen Kleid besonders in der kürzeren Version.
      Wenn man bedenkt das ich wochenlang nach der Figur gesucht habe, hätte ich sie wohl doch nicht so
      leichtfertig wieder verkaufen sollen, aber nach ner Zeit wollte ich sie einfach nicht mehr haben.
      Vielleicht findest du sie ja nochmal – viel Glück dabei =)
      Ja die hat auch ein paar überzeugende Argumente ;P finde ich auch sehr hübsch

      Ja, wem sagst du das und in ein paar Tagen ist schonwieder Wonfes !Yeah!

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