Merry Christmas – a very short post

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You better watch out
You better not cry
You better not pout
I’m telling you why

A few hours before me and my family and some of the relatives will start our christmas party, I wanted to wish you a Merry christmas, best wishes to all of my fellow bloggers, readers, regular and less regular commenters, hopefully you’ll get nice presents and have a nice time with your families.


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25 Responses

  1. Yi

    Merry Christmas, hun. ^ ^ Hope you have a great one.

    I’ll be spending a quiet Christmas with some of my family. It should be a busy, but also somewhat relaxing day.

    Best wishe~

  2. exilehero
  3. Nopy

    Merry Christmas!
    I’m not christian, but my family still celebrates christmas as a time to get together and eat lots of food 😀

  4. Kai
  5. Luth
  6. Zai
  7. Hoshiko
  8. feal87
  9. Persocom
  10. Fabrice

    I had a nice evening with my family, this christmas was sure a nice one =)

    Hope you had a good one too! im sure you did

  11. Aya
  12. Miette-chan
  13. tanohsimini

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