The colors of Spring – Rin & Mirai

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Hi Everyone, on two different days I took a few pictures of my girls Rin and Mirai outdoor in the garden.

April is an ugly season this year and Spring is not really how it should be, anyway a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to enjoy the few warmer days since the year began. To practise the outdoor photography I chose the family garden. A year ago I planted a cherry tree, it grow a little and offered a pretty cherry blossom in pastel pink.

Do you also like the cherry blossoms? In Japan the sheer amount of planted cherry trees creates an overwhelimg beautiful scenery. My small Prunus serrulata “Kiku-shidare-Zakura”, of course can’t compete with trees that have grown since decades, but the fluffy, flourishing pastel pink petals have a nice volume to be useful for doll photography.

Yeah, that is Kagamine, Rin. Volks did a really good job with her (out of factory) makeup, she is very cute and expressive, as you’ve probably noticed she has a different wig, I’ve really tried to work with her stock wig, but it was impossible for me get a decent look with that stiff thing. I ordered a new wig, since Rin reminded me of Prince Eugen from Kancolle, I decided for such a style,Β it’s a pretty, silky smooth wig and so I also have a more personal looking Rin,

My very first doll was Mirai, a Smartdoll. A few months ago I’ve send her to beauty salon, the Face up artist

For the outdoor shooting Rin was supported by a saddle type base from SELEN’S. These are really nice and reliable and most importantly the height adjustable support rod is made of very thin metal, this way the low profile base is easier to “hide” in pictures.


That is all for today, see you again soon.

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  1. Aya

    Miss-leading tittle πŸ˜› Not a single picture of them together LOL
    both girls looks perfect πŸ˜€ finally see mirai new face up close

    • wieselhead

      Ah damn Arya noticed (βŒ’β–½βŒ’γ‚ž
      Well it’s a year too early for me to take care of 2 dolls at once,
      also outdoor it’s quite complex with sun and background and doll posing XD
      Separately I can manage though, thank you.
      I actually missed to post her new look on my blog.

  2. Miette-chan

    Hmm… yeah I can see Rin as nice Prinz Eugen… OK! You need to pick up her outfit from Taobao next time so Rin can cosplay Prinz Eugen!

    Your tree looks nice, you should plant another dozen or two, fill the yard with fluffy pink every spring! I wish I could plan things, soon enough, soon enough when I get a house with a nice yard!

    • wieselhead

      Haha for a one time cosplay fun, I will not spend a cent, maybe anchor hair clips would be possible.
      Thx, I like it too. Yeah your idea sounds great unfortunately I can’t decide such things alone here.
      Good things come to those who are patient ;p

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