Kiseki & Chiyoda on vacation 2017

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Hello everyone, do you all enjoy the summer? I hope you enjoyed your yearly main vacation or will have it soon.

Earlier this year, at the end of March I took a three week long vacation in the southern part of France with ïts beautiful landscape and uncountable traffic circles. Me and my other companions rented a big house with pool, in terms of equipment a enjoyable vacation should be easy to archive. A vacation was really necessary for me after half a year of quite misfortunate events. Three weeks before the vacation should start, my cute and loyal dog died, it hit me hard.

Nevertheless, the vacation fortunately began. As the locations was simply beautiful, I grabbed the opportunity to take two of my dolls along to take pictues and improve my doll photography skills. Chiyoda (DDdy) and Kiseki (MDD) were chosen to accompany me on my trip, together with a limited number of different outfits for them to wear.

It is no summerly vacation when there is no bikini involved.
Inside the house were also a few nice spots for taking doll pictures

I have tried my best to keep my dolls away from hard direct sunlight, since it is bad for the skin and make up.

I did a little stunt here with Kiseki riding on the pool in an inflateable fish, the wind always blew it off track, but I managed to take a few decent shots, without causing a drowning doll event.

Kiseki with mama (´ ▽`).。o♡

During the vacation it turned out that Chiyoda would act as Kiseki’s mum, she took good care of her, hopefully it won’t turn out as bad influence.

Since Kiseki is relative new in my “doll gang” I bought her two new outfits before the vacation, I had no money for a MDD swimsuit left.
Make good use of your surrounding.

I tried to refrain from taking too fanservice heavy pictures. About a few older doll posts of mines, where I showed my them in rather shameful outfits I feel some kind of embarrasment and remorse nowadays . Anyway the DDdy butt looks very appealing, so here enjoy your naughty picture with a teasing look over the shoulder (⁄ ⁄^⁄ᗨ⁄^⁄ ⁄)♡

Time for a sip out of the bottle “カンパイ”

At noon it generally was a nice temperature of 42°C in the shadow, to take this picture I had to hurry because it was hot, especially for me XD Well, I was more concerned about the doll, but these merely 4 minutes didn’t hurt ^^.

MDD’s are so cute!

When someone would ask “what have you done in your vacation, wieselhead?” I would answer that I took doll pics until I would drop dead! Haha, but no, it has been a truly enjoyable vacation for me this year. Under different circumstances I would probably only bring along 1 doll, but within three weeks I could manage to take enough pictures of both.

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  1. Miette-chan

    Did you really do nothing but take photos all day everyday? XD

    Looks like the house offered some neat backdrops for photos, a nice change of pace! Probably got lots of good practice in. It makes me wanna rent a studio for a couple of hours to try similar photos someday.

    Also brave man, I continue to be deadly afraid of large bodies of waters and dollfies. XD

    • wieselhead

      Hmmm, let me think… Well, aside from grocery shopping, I mainly took doll pictures and read Haruhi novels, a perfect vacation (‐^▽^‐)
      Unfortunately with my snail notebook I could not edit any pictures accurately *meh*, but who would like to edit pictures during a vacation, silly lol.
      Yeah indeed, a few quite differently decorated house, in every corner you could find interesting things. I would rent a hotel at first ;p
      Haha a bit of clean chlorine water won’t damage the dolls, I hope lol.

  2. Aya

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