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Hi, uhhh it’s September already, I think it’s time for a new figure review, today it’s about Suma Maya by Dragon Toy. The figure is based on Issho ni Shiyo, a collection of illustrated H short stories created by Saito Masatsugu. I actually don’t buy ecchi doujins, so the reason why I’ve ordered the figure was simply the stunning design of Maya.

Dragon Toy decided to adapt the character into a big 1/6 scaled figure with 29 cm Suma Maya is a quite huge figure. In my collection she is only rivaled by the Asuka Langley – Test Plug Suit version from Max Factory with 27,5 cm.

After being delayed by one month she was released in late July 2017. like many figures from Dragon Toy and the related Daiki Kougyou, Maya also was sculpted by Hagii Shunji. Dragon Toy figures generally range from attractive to slightly lewder designs, Suma Maya is something of the firstly mentioned, her well endowed mature body is so nice.

The ight blonde hair of Maya has nicely styled strands and the backside is flowing around in a dynamic way. The detailed deep hanging fringe and shorter hair frames her beautiful face, the top is decorated with an alice band with a red heart.

She has a very pretty face, the light brown colored eyes and the makeup are nice. The eyes shape has a downturned eyes style. She wears a bashful expression with an slightly opened mouth and pretty blush. Maya is also very cute with her sculpted lips and the overall embarrassed look on her beautiful face.

She is dressed in a outfit in lovely, shiny latex black. In the origin Maya wears her fancy outfit because she is cosplaying for her boyfriend. I liked her outfit because it reminded me of a certain villain from a certain space opera.

Maya wears an interesting top with a high collar and reversed cleavage that reveals a lot of her proud busom, there are also golden shoulder pads and a cape. The cape has an appealing red inlay color. Her outfit also consists of half long gloves, the shiny color and golden lines give everything an elaborate appearance. The belt long skirt consists of big frills, as underwear, she actually wears some haha, on her soft looking body the tight thong looks really sexy.

She wears black thigh high boots with golden details, on top is a frilly white rim with cute hearts attached at the front.

Now to the nearly best aspect of the figure, right after her beautiful face, the body. Suma Maya is a beautiful young woman with gorgeous anime proportions and her figure has a nicely sculpted body. She has nice big boobs and the squishy look of her skin around the belly and midriff is simply captivating ❤❤❤. The midsection of her just looks beautifu, the wide hips are marvelous and the plump butt also turned out quite nice, but I prefer the front after all.

There also is an alternative way to display the figure, aside from the common skirt castoff, Maya has an exchangeable breast part. That way the figure presents her exposed breast with attractively designed nipples.

I like the pose of Suma Maya, the bashful emotion is nicely portrayed in her face and also the articulation shows that. With the posing of her arms she is trying to make herself feel less embarrassed, nice try in such an outfit (⁄ ⁄^⁄ᗨ⁄^⁄ ⁄).
In this standing pose the long legs make the figure appear tall and gives it a towering appearance.

Final Words

I’m really pleased about my purchase of Dragon Toy’s Suma Maya. This big scale figure is a great portray of a bashful beauty, the face is a nice combination of simply beautiful and a cute look. She has a perfect curvy body and soft looking skin which make her utmost attractive and sexy. She is big and also her outfit looks interesting and appealing, the shiny black color with some golden details is really nice. Alltogether she also looks absolutely great, also in person.

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  1. Miette-chan

    Ah how I wish I had such a nice girlfriend/childhood friend that would do naughty cosplay for me. As I was reading and looking at the photos I couldn’t help but think Dragon Toys might have embellished her body… assets a bit. After referring a bit to my copy of Saitom’s book it feels like they did a little bit, nevertheless still a good rendition.

    • wieselhead

      Haha a lovely idea, I think.
      Yeah, she turned out more buxom. While I was writing the review, I thought “Hmm, that can’t be the body of a highschool girl”,
      but I honestly like it that way (。♥‿♥。).

  2. Tier

    She looks fantastic. Dragon Toy definitely makes some great figures; I wish they’d make more of them. The sexy costume and the bashful expression are kind of a strange combination but I think it works pretty well here. I’m glad to see that the tail is detachable, even if it does leave her with a second hole in her butt; I’m not a big fan of tails, even if it’s supposed to be part of a devil costume or something.

    • wieselhead

      Yeah, it is already one of my favorites this year, big in scale and the mature and quite curvy body is so attractive ♡.
      Lol I actually like that she looks shy and plays the “good girl” especially in combination with that cool outfit.
      It’s good to have such options, I don’t mind the tail, but without it, the figure looks great as well.

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