Kiseki in autumn

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Autumn here in Germany unfortunately isn’t as nice as in previous years, I can’t remember a single sunny day in this November ☔, seeing all these pretty autumn pictures from the japanese wonderland recently feel a bit surreal to me 😁

I used my chance during September to snatch a few autumn pictures with doll.and a early autumn atmosphere 🌧.

The model is Kiseki the small MDD and my pride and joy ❤, yes that quote is from Love Live! Sunshine!! Season 2

Kiseki is wearing the Tenshi-no-Koromo Noble Ruby Set with SB-MSD-145 shoes, it’s the first outfit I’ve ought for Kiseki as it shows what kind of character I imagine her to have, a smart and charming little lady with attitude.

I’ve found this fashionable hat at taobao, I really like this kind of hat design and just had to order two.

Since I have a serious lack of new figures incoming for the next month, I will focus on doll related posts.

I have a quite long backlog actually☺

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  1. Miette-chan

    Here in Texas we don’t get autum anymore, come to think of it winter is slowly eroding away. Yay for climate change eh? Plus the landscaping crews are too good and keeping the public spaces clean so I get no accumulation of nice fallen leaves.

    I’m glad you still get some nice warm autumn colors in Germany if it leads to taking nice outdoor doll photos like these.

    • wieselhead

      Oh damn how unfortunate, I’m just sad I wasn’t able to enjoy a single sunny autumn day with vibrant red leafs, it was all rather brown and yellow.
      Thanks, I’ve tried my best in these clouded conditions ^^

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