Kiseki with twintails

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Hi everyone, I would like to remind you to start to think about christmas presents.

We will continue with the doll posts, today Kiseki is presenting her beautiful “Aki” twintails wig from Lullaby Poem.
When I saw the little preorder reminder on Twitter I could not ignore the lovely wig, at first I could not decide for the color of the wig, in the end I chose the color her creator had chosen as hair when Kiseki’s head was on auction.

I’ve tried quite a few different wigs on Kiseki from silver to brown, the twintail hairstyle is really adorable and increases the overall cuteness of the MDD. The wig arrived with ribbons attached, coincidentially in a matching color to her jacket.

In the meantime I invested in doll furniture and in scale decorations, somehow the watering can turned out really small. The ladder styled shelf from Russia is really nice actually. I also could find a nice handbag on Taobao.

The vanilla blonde twintail wig is beautiful and has a good fit, the curly tails are quite nice to look at (‐^▽^‐)

With the big black bag she looks quite important, doesn’t she?

After all the different kinds of wigs I’ve tried on Kiseki so far, I feel quite happy about her with these beautiful twintails.

Do you also like Twintails?

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  1. Aya

    another pain in the as wig too brush 😛 ahaha
    it’s looks good on her thought at first glance looks too much for her, well at least the wig don’t touch the floor 😛
    the watering can too small XD nice flower shelf

    • wieselhead

      Lol, I will just use my new hairgel, so far the twintails did not get bushy or especially untidy ^^.
      Ah I actually did not really pay attention about the length when I bought them, I just thought “kyahhh twintails”.
      Knee long twintails are awesome ❤ Shit happens ;D for spring I need a bigger one for outdoor.

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