Rin is waiting for christmas

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Christmas time is stressful isn’t it? At least it has been for me in this week. I already got all the presents for my family together. Aside from the normal preparations for the annual event, I want more by my honor as blogger and ambitious photographer of figures and dolls, christmas is a nice event that can be used for taking seasonally related pictures.

This years christmas tree is especially pretty, the family bought 50% of new christmas baubles, too. The tree can be used as beautiful background for photography with the nice lights and reflections. Not only the tree is pretty, Rin herself is quite the eyecatcher (‐^▽^‐)I’ve dressed her in a pink dress gloves and a Swarovski” necklace, she nearly appears too much like a good girl. From some angles she has a jaunty expression, so it’s actually a great combination.

Maybe I would have liked to chill over the end years holidays, but apparently another part of me believes that relaxing is boring and so I prepared some more content to post during the holidays 😅. … stay tuned 🎄

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