Chiyoda with armchair ♡

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I recently acquired another piece of doll furniture, after the ladder shelf, I was looking for an doll size armchair.
In the end I found one on taobao, it was custom made, you could chose different cloth for it and it took a few weeks until it was ready to ship. It’s a sturdy wooden frame construction and I was quite impressed by it’s dimensions.

The slight oversize gives it a comfortable and relaxing look, if I would try and Chiyoda would be so kind to make some space for the others, I could probably put two and a half dolls on this armchair.

I wanted to dress Chiyoda with something bright and cute, a frilly pink skirt, pink jacket and brown stockings.

I’ve made the happy top with the colorful dots myself, something went different as planned and it turned out as very tight fit top that unintentionally creates a killer cleavage (〃▽〃) ♡, please don’t bully Chiyoda just for having big boobs.

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  1. Aya
    • wieselhead

      Yeah, it is or she is ❤ haha. Well, it’s really big for Dollfie, paying 120€ and then it’s too big lol. But better too big than too small (∗´꒳`)

  2. Miette-chan

    Haha, that infamous chair at last. I considered buying such things before but shipping always scares me off in the end, I’m surprised you carried it through. Hardcore doll collector for sure!

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