Golden Autumn Time – Rio

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Hi there, this post features some leaves and Rio in the Dark Owl Dress from Volks Designers Collection

Actually the setup turned out quite different from what I expected, but I think it turned out ok. I really don’t enjoy to try around too much with the light setup, sometimes it’s such a bother to work with external flashes, they bully me.

In general I would always pick outfits for Dollfie Dream, because they are cute and cheerful but Super Dollfie (SD) outfits also fit. The fancy and unique look of SD outfits they make your doll look like a character from an J RPG I like those outfits because they follow a more mature direction that combine a certain victorian esque chic and elegance.

This SD Dark Owl Dress consists of blouse, corset and skirt, everything is nicely made. The shirt has a nice grey color and linen texture, it’s short sleeves are equipped with ribbons, these have to be tied by the owner. It has a big collar, the button tab is decorated with a frilly row left and right of the middle. I also like these tiny brass buttons a lot.

The leather corset is an interesting addition to the overall outfit, it’s mainly black but features several brown highlights and brass colored eyelets. Officially the outfit fits for SD Girls / SD13 Girls / SDGr Girls / DDS (SS-S-M-L Bust) / DD (SS-S-M-L Bust). Rio has a DDS L bust, it’s slightly tight at the sides, I guess the corset better fits on a shapely DDS bust or smaller bust. At last there is the triple layered skirt with a pretty patterns, the top layer is see through black lace, then comes grey lace and under that it’s transparent black cloth with subtle golden glitter applied.

In summary the Dark Owl Dress is very pretty and my Rio looks quite enchanting with it.

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