Time for Mirai

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Mirai (Smartdoll) was my very first doll, I have been quite happy with her most of the time.

After I build my first Dollfie Dream with custom face up, I began to neglect Mirai quite a bit, friends already started to name her “The unloved child”. A few years ago I’ve send Mirai to Atelier Ryukku, a face up artist, that gave Mirai a nice new look. Although I would probably never part with Mirai, but honestly I became more of fan of Volks dolls

When a preordered wig from Lullaby Poem arrived, I had no real idea who should wear it, so I have put it on Mirai, I was very happy how beautiful she looked suddenly. I thought hey your cutie should get a reward. I headed over to Mirai’s home brand shop and bought her an Off Shoulder Summer Knit, Long Tube Skirt and green Ebony 2018 eyes.

Culture Japan shop, isn’t the cheapest place for doll clothes, but I always had the feeling that Volks outfits don’t suit Mirai that well even though both are 1/3 scaled ball jointed doll, Mirai is more on the thinner side, so when I put my ordered Smartdoll clothes on her Mirai looked very happy about it and so was I. The clothes quality is so good ^^.

Afterwards, I placed another order, a Nice Sweater, a Sports Bra & Shorts Set and after many years I finally bought Mirai a set of new hands (Option Hand Pack 2), it’s really great to be able to give her different hand gestures soon.

I will show you the new clothes and hands in a different post until then take care =)

  1. Otakumouse

    Beautiful images as always! I remember back then when we were first designing Mirai w/ DC, he was really particular with the details, especially on the face. Your amazing photography shows all of it.

    I’m still planning to get one for my wife after all these years and we are having a hard time because there are so many options to choose from!

    Did you purchase yours directly on the Smart Doll’s site? How long did it take to arrive?

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