Kiseki – High School Girl Set / Mini (Navy Blue Vest)

Today it will be a doll related post featuring the High School Girl Set / Mini (Navy Blue Vest) from Volks.

On the Volks Dolpa 43 event this particular dress has been sold. I wanted to have it for my Rin Kagamine doll, although I didn’t notice it was for the smaller DDP frame. Apparently too small to fit Rin’s DDS frame.

Fortunately I call a DDP body my own and so Kiseki chan was getting the new outfit.

The outfit consists of a blouse , pleated skirt with interesting tartan pattern, navy blue socks, a ribbon tie and a sweater vest. It has a nice classic look, being a school uniform it gives the doll a fresh and smart appearance.

I became a big fan of the hime cut hairstyle since some years, people like Iretaro, she is so cool or the musician DAOKO make it look beautiful and stunning. Such a hairstyle is also available for dolls and so recently acquired this jet black wig. I did cut it into shape with what was in my manly hands ability.

The sweater vest is a bit too wide in my opinion, even though it’s nicely made and has a soft touch.

I think Kiseki looks very adorable this way. This outfit flatters the slenderness of the DDP frame, it makes Kiseki appears petite, but still rather tall and and it gives her a certain schoolgirl charm. The white collar above the blue sweater vest looks really stylish.

4 Responses

  1. Aya

    Turn out She looks great with Black Wig so she already a grown up with updated DDP body now XD

    • wieselhead

      I love it, maybe could look better with more hairgel haha.
      She grow so much, the DDP is nice, needs a bigger bust sooner or later.
      I Don’t know if MDD parts fit.

  2. Otaking, the Statue Conqueror
    Otaking, the Statue Conqueror

    “…being a school uniform it gives the doll a fresh and smart appearance…” – not with those tennis shoes, she’s going to get expelled, or atleast a talking down from the principal/director lol 😛

    “I did cut it into shape with what was in my manly hands ability.” – well, the best hairdressers are actually men, so… I can see what you mean about the hair of these being a nightmare to care for, I can see strains going out of it all over, like, there’s this one that makes a circle that I instantly noticed, on the left side of some photos (makes her look cuter, actually).

    Oh so you can mix around different bodies and heads around with these types of dolls. Interesting…I haven’t researched this, but are the eyes removable too? Also can you spin them in the sockets, to make them lok in different directions?

    • wieselhead

      Sorry, I have no loafers in her size, I really need to invest in more shoes.
      Lol no chucks allowed, must be a mean principal.

      Well, yeah taking care of wigs is as important as it is annoying for photography.
      You should only really prevent that the hair goes into the eyes, since it is looking odd.
      Some strands on the outside are rather looking natural, the big names in doll photography always have perfect hair.
      Yes, switching heads is very easy, there are different head sizes so not every combination is good.
      You can open the heads and exchange eyes, they stay in place with adhesive clay and can be positioned as desired.
      Although this is a bigger pain in the ass than taking care of doll hair XD

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