New Figure Preorders #39 – END GAME

Today, we take a look at the figures that caught my attention recently and I might preorder at some point.

I have been keeping new preorders relatively on hold this year 2020, since I still am waiting for the releases of the figures that I ordered around a year before, my current preorder number is 10, 6 for 2020 and 4 for 2021.

This year I have been cursed with delay after delay again, of course as figure collector I’m used to it, but those additional delays because of Corona in 2020 are killing me and I only get more depressed by that AHHH!!!

How do you cope with the current situation?

Nevertheless, manufacturers still announce beautiful figures, of course their estimated release dates aren’t to be taken seriously, but when one really likes a certain figure waiting is not a big deal.

Yui KotegawaTo Love-Ru Darkness
release: December 2020

Yui Kotegawa in her trademark pose, I didn’t expect someone making a very good looking figure of her that way. The pointing index finger is so cool, I really want this figure. This one should get released in the next weeks, let’s see what happens.

Eustiana von AstraeaPrincess Connect! Re:Dive
release: January 2021

I loved the Princess Connect! Re:Dive anime for what it was, I even have the luck that figures of some characters are made, they look great, but when looking at this weird open month expression I don’t want them. Its quite sad since everything else looks so good. When I like an anime that much I have the tendency to be so picky with the figures XD.

Creator’s Collection – Shijyoji Airi
release: January 2021

Native figures became a bit odd to me recently, for sure they are much more daring than they used to be 10 years ago, I’m not a fan of everything they do anymore. This is not really a figure I would buy, but I somehow really like the design, her face is very pretty. Haha I would like to take pictures of her. I only wish that a non squatting pose would have been chosen for this pretty cow.

Misanee Black Bikini Ver. – Magical Girl
release: February 2021

Misa nee (。’▽’。)♡ She is to blame that I slowly started to warm up towards the character designs of sculptor Raita, I think she is beautiful, even or especially as bikini figure, the embarrassed expression is quite nice and her body looks great. You can actually choose between this black version and a white version.

Yumi [Bikini Style] – Senran Kagura
release: February 2021

Yumi probably became the favourite of the Senran Kagura fans, although the franchise offers more good looking buxom girls. This figure is quite attractive nevertheless, her soft looking, pale skin combined with the bright blue bikini is so good and Yumi also has a beautiful face.

Yuna Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear
release: March 2021

Anyone not knowing about Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear would wonder what this oddly shaped costume actually is XD But I think it’s a cute figure of heroine Yuna, it’s not very expensive and I like the adaptation from the anime.

Ino Sakura Dropout Idol Fruit Tart
release: April 2021

I already was curious about this figure before I have watched the anime named Dropout Idol Fruit Tart, it’s really funny and sweet show with likeable oddball characters. Sakura is nice and the quite dynamic figure creates an upbeat atmosphere, I also really like this lovely outfit combination.

Creator’s Collection – Yumi
release: April 2021

This figure really has hentai proportions, Yumi is based doujinshi with that kind of cartoon design. With clothes on it apparently looks a bit silly, but in the other display option she looks damn good and sexy.

Kudryavka Noumi – Little Busters!
release: April 2021

It’s nice that Kotobukiya plans in advance to announce the figures before an anime started airing, Noumi actually had her own movie, Kud Wafter this month. I played all the Little Busters! routes and I think it’s a beautiful VN, so obviously I’m quite attached to the franchise. The figure of Noumi is so cute, I love the hat and the waving cape.

Sakura Kinomoto Rocket Beat Ver.
release: April 2021

Clear Card Folder gave a new boost to the Cardcaptor Sakura franchise, it’s good that new figures are being made, when CCS was popular the figure industry wasn’t able to make satisfying merchandise in my opinion. This one here is a beautiful yet classic looking figure of Sakura, I like the idea with the roses.

DSmile Illustration [Kousa]
release: May 2021

This beautiful cat eared figure is based on an illustration from DSmile, it’s really colorful and pretty figure adaptation with a complex articulation and dynamic pose.

5th Villager Kukur
release: June 2021

A cute elf with a too short skirt and underboobs, of course it looks ecchi, but it’s also a nice concept. the exclusive version on AmiAmi costs roughly 3000 Yen more, but the extra face is probably worth it.

Vocaloid – Hatsune Miku – Shaohua
release: June 2021

I noticed that Hatsune Miku figures become more and more pretty recently, even the prize figures look great nowadays. This figure seems to be a beautiful adaptation, everything about it is beautiful with a unique look.
It’s a figure made by a Chinese manufacturer and a little difficult to acquire as I have heard.

Shadow Mistress Yuko Swimsuit Ver. – The Demon Girl Next Door
release: July 2021

I yet have to watch Machikado Mazoku, but it’s a very nice swimsuit figure with a funny appearance.

Yuuki – Sword Art Online
release: August 2021

Who doesn’t know Yuuki? Her story was so tragic, but she is one of the better characters in SAO. I really like how ALTER adapted this figure with this cool pose and stunningly great outfit.

Hachiroku Swimsuit Ver.Maitetsu
release: August 2021

Hachiroku is so adorable, after playing 12 hours of the Maitetsu VN, the charming Raillord won my heart.
If you don’t already know it’s a figure by ALTER. This figure is interesting since it comes with this pretty coal black swimsuit and optionally a white micro bikini . Physically Hachiroku looks like a child, but she is actually something like a robot with a mature demeanor, so I don’t feel like a lolicon for liking her.

Riela Marcellis – Senjou no Valkyria Duel
release: November 2021
I already ordered Phat Companies Juliana Eberhardt, she still wasn’t released, but hopefully next month.
Howver, I was overjoyed when I saw this figure of Riela listed at the shop. She is based on this illustration and I like how she turned out, she is cute with nice colors and has the figure has the distinctive Raita proportions.

Well that’s it for now, from this list I only ordered Riela so far, I would like to add a few more to my preorders, but deciding for one became really difficult now, getting everything is no option for me since some time and when looking at the high prices for figures currently I shouldn’t plan to get more than 2 figures per month, if at all. Anyway, I still love receiving and unboxing new, that became no less exciting for me over the years.

Do you also still enjoy collection figures?

5 Responses

  1. Aya

    You mean Pre-Delay 2020/2021 XP
    I think you will definitely order the elf with axe and didn’t expect 2 Asanagi’s art based figure being there XD the cow and that schoolgirl with cat option

    • wieselhead

      Yes, delays…
      Axe elf unfortunately the bottom is not cast off.
      Not the biggest fan of Asanagi, as it tends to look crazy.
      I think these 2 are very cute, the cow especially nice with her face and big body.
      Yumi might be better to keep in the end, she holds no condoms, cat tail is ok.

  2. Otaking, the Statue Conqueror
    Otaking, the Statue Conqueror

    Oh your fine, thought you were in the hospital or in jail (what’s the difference between those these days…).

    I don’t know about other collectors, but I’m mentally overwhelmed by how many figures can be made in one year. I won’t discuss as to why that is, too many things to say about manufacturing capacity, demand, the need for workplaces and profit etc.. Not necessarily a bad thing, but you know…

    Anyway, nice lineup. I had already ordered the Kuma Bear one, I hope I get to watching this anime too in the next years or so lol. So cheap I couldn’t pass it. Really moe, and it’ll match with this one that I have (just arrived at me very recently):

    Also preordered the Kud Wafter one, really cute and elegant, right? The other recent one from Brocoli was a bit weird looking, with the clothes just falling off, so I got this one instead.

    Vocaloid – Hatsune Miku – Shaohua………..this one looks so elegant and refined. A real dream. Similar to this one, I’m sorry I couldn’t get it, maybe in the future, if my finances hold haha

    I wanted the Cardcaptor Sakura one but decided to pass. It was in direct competition with this, so I decided to pick neither haha

    I recommend this one, I love her simple pose and very hot body. idk why but I think she might have the perfect body of any I have ever seen. Perfectly proportioned.

    Also, here are some other older shows and games that have gotten new figs right now: Toradora, Higurashi (the remake), Stein;s Gate, Angel Beats, Teen Comedy SNAFU (by Kotobukya this time)

    Also, a producer called Estream has some fantastic figs, but mind-blowing prices too. Look at the Overlord one – wooow

    • wieselhead

      Hey, no I’m tough and healthy, just kind of more depressed than usual.
      I’m having a hard time getting into review mode, this post here was fun though.

      Haha, yeah new Corona laws every 14 days, dunno what to think about it, at least the online stores are open.
      The Nanachi post is nearly done I think , just another wordpress session away, I really wish I had been faster.
      I’m sick of all the wasted resources for figures that I don’t want, especially GSC has the sickest schedule,
      they announce 50 figures each month and only release 20, which is still remarkable.

      Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear is very lighthearted, but I enjoy watching it. The figure is not what I like in general, but the character is quite cute.
      Pop Up Parade has reasonable pricing when you don’t want to pay around 120€ for anime merchandise.
      Haha bear payamas is adorable.

      Kud is nice, I should go and preorder it.

      I would like to have the Cardcaptor Sakura figure, but there are so many other figures, the usual collectors problem.
      Ah, Cocoa san. Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka Bloom is quite the hit this year, the previous seasons weren’t that good.

      The fox/wolf girl looks a bit evil with those claws.

      Ah yes Higurashi, I hope more figures will be made of some characters.
      Snafu, I watched the last season recently and oh well I had hopes he would end with the other girl.

      Estream is a bit too new to demand such prices ahahaha, but they look awesome at least.
      I liked Megumin Explosion Ver. but then I saw the price *uhhhhhh*

  3. Otaking, the Statue Conqueror

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