Maid Rinko and her young apprentice

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First a Happy New Year to my dear readers, 2021 can only get better, I really hope so.
After some serious slacking in the past year, I would like to set a few New Year’s resolutions for myself.

One of these resolutions is to get rid of my nearly overwhelming backlog on doll pictures that I haven’t really published last year, for today I chose my dear Rinko dressed as enchanting maid, letsa go!

In general I love maid outfits, with more available budget I would dress all of my dolls as maids.

Rinko is wearing the beautiful Swallowtail Maid Open Bust Dress from Volks, the frilly blouse is very sweet, also when the doll has a little bit more bust. The black skirt part has a good design and the texture feels great.

The fancy metal tablet is from Taobao, as well as the surprisingly nice wig. The following story is really funny, when I placed the order, I had the impression that the sold object was actually a cute sweater with bear head pattern, but as it turned out when I opened the package it was the wig, the model in advertising wore, fortunately it’s a quite pretty wig.

We are only here for the maid uniforms

Kiseki is wearing the Sweet Maid outfit from PurpleDream It’s a bit better than Volks quality, if you are willing to pay the little more you will receive a beautiful maid uniform. The DDS size is a bit wide around the chest part of Kiseki, who has a DDP body. Maybe Volks will do something about, I don’t think the MDD parts fit.

That is it for today, I will really try to increase the pace of publishing blog posts this month,
please stay tuned for more doll and figure content, I have the feeling that it will be fun.

4 Responses

  1. Aya

    I was expecting you show us the new doll XD
    That’s super cute wig , that’s quite expensive outfit but yeah if you mention it’s have better quality than volks it make sense. I was thinking DDP size would be troublesome to find but seems you have no problem finding one

    • wieselhead

      I won’t show the best things first :p
      Yeah, it is a great wig, I did not expect such a quality from a chineses wig.
      It became Rinko’s default wig. I like the dress once in a while one outfit can be more expensive for my girls.
      DDP can wear any MDD clothes, sometimes the blouse is too short, but just around 3mm.

  2. Otaking, the Statue Conqueror
    • wieselhead

      Thank you very much, I like that as well. I’m always happy when the lighting works.
      Sometimes it really and gives me a headache how to figure out why things doesn’t work.

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