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It’s been a while since we reviewed a Sonico figure here, in early years wieselhead has been crazy for her, but since nothing new happened with her as anime heroine or virtual youtuber in the last few years, I lost interest a little. 

Today I will show you a very pretty Sonico figure from Wave, after making number of 1/10 scaled Beach Queens, they returned with nice figures recently of much bigger scale and muh nicer quality. Sonico – bikiny style version has been released in November 2020. The figure is scaled 1/7 which make her 21,5 cm in height, sculpted by Zuiko.

The figure comes with a candy pink base with fluffy white plush on top, not really fitting for the beach, but the figure could also show Sonico during one of the indoor gravure idol model jobs.

I actually planned to review the Sonico – Summer Vacation version from Orchid Seed, but after some brawl with Nippon Yasan they cancelled all my orders and I got my money back. Unfortunately I didn’t find a good deal for her afterwards, maybe another time. Thx to all the delays 2020 to 2021 my carefully planned preorders changed a lot. I’ll have to pay several figure orders in these next 2 months, it’s a bit of a bad situation for me, that hopefully ends soon.

The figures face is quite adorable, sparkling pink eyes, blushed cheeks and a happy open mouth. The sculpting of her mouth could have been a bit more detailed, but that is like the only thing to criticize on this really nice bikini figure.

The hair on this Sonico figure is longer than on other figures of her, it’s done very detailed and has a lovely pink to sky blue gradient. Her trademark headphones look extremely detailed and the bow is made from metal.

Sonico also wears a beautiful necklace, as detailed as her nice headphones.

A quality of the Sonico character is that she always smiles, even she is made to wear the skimpiest outfits available. Here she is wearing a tiny, innocently white thong bottom bikini, which is apparently not the correct size for her.

This Sonico reveals a lot of skin, the nearly nude appearance of the figure aside, it actually creates a happy beach atmosphere. Overall she has nice and gentle colors, Sonico has a beautiful skintone, a beautiful body anyway.

Super Sonico the ambassador of thicc/curvy body, back then Sonico was basically the first popular anime style character with a more curvy anatomy who appeals to both men and women, even with her sexy body she always has been portrayed as a friendly and good girl with an innocent personality. Many figures and illustrations have been made, not all are especially innocent. I bought a number of Sonico figures back in the days, but only the ones I liked a lot.

The bikini, as skimpy as it is still is made very detailed, realistic looking wrinkles and a tight fit, it’s a little funny how the bikini top appears to stressed from holding up Sonic’s proud assets.

Sonico’s flirty pose, is quite bold but with such a cute face one can’t accuse her of being lewd. Honestly, the pose is very good, bend over Sonico highlights her beautiful chest before her arms and sticks out her nice round butt. It is a similar pose like the Sonico – Racing version from Max Factory has, but not quite the same.

The boobs and cleavage look very inviting and soft, the illusion of the soft skin is very well done. Her hips and legs also look soft and squishy, the bikini bottom cuts deep into her skin, wearing it for more than a few hours is probably not advisable. I really like the articulations of her arms and the hands that are placed on top of her leg.

Final Words – This 1/7 scaled figure of Super Sonico is nice, Wave did a very good job her, everything is nicely detailed and cleanly done. She was sculpted very well wih a beautiful body line, it shows Sonico with attractive body fat articulated in a sexy pose. The skimpy clothes work very well in combination with the figures body and the signs of weight and stretch limits are visible, which is more fun than it sounds like. Additionally she has very nice hair and headphones, the face is pretty and cute. Alltogether the Super Sonico – bikini style is one of the better Sonico figures and quite enchanting.

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  1. Aya

    Hey wieselhead starting to lost interest in sonico not a good news 🙁
    ps: few weeks ago I check the mfc thread and yeah the NY trouble still ongoing, I would say the factory delays actually prolong their case ^^
    That pretty interesting pose the way boobs sagging and held by bikini also good, don’t seems natural but make sense lol

    • Otaking, the Statue Conqueror
      Otaking, the Statue Conqueror

      Great pics of a great statue. The details on the body fat and the clothes are so well made. I also love it when an anime fig has other materials then plastic, like metal.

      Off topic, but expect even more figure delays. Why? The australian government demands an investigation in the origins of Covid 19. They want to know if it was made in a lab or not. The CCP got angry and stopped importing coal from Australia in december. Over 50% of the coal used in China for heat and electricity comes from Australia. Since then ,the chinese citisens are living in the cold with a lot of power shortages. Off course this also means that most of the factories and workshops there have reduced working capacity. It’s great relying on an autocratic regime for all our goods, right? I mean China not Australia.
      When will western companies (including japanese ones) ever learn? They should know better by now :

      All written with my left hand lol

      • wieseladmin

        Thank You. She looks very attractive, the details of a more curvy girl are adapted quite nicely.
        I received a bunch of figures this week, I’m glad with my preorders numbers decreasing more and more.

        Interesting story, but I think China has enough sources for coal and they slowly change the production of electricity to more environmental friendly technology. Australia alone won’t create problems for China.

        I share your thoughts about outsourcing production to a a questionable regime,
        it’s always been obvious how little China cares about human rights and environmental affairs.

        Lol soon you can write with left hand perfectly, the human brain is able to adapt to different situations.

        • Otaking, the Statue Conqueror
          Otaking, the Statue Conqueror

          Just a few things for your readers especially.
          “China has enough sources for coal and they slowly change the production of electricity to more environmental friendly technology”. Nope, they don’t have much coal in their soil, and they have been building more and more coal power plants in the past 10 years. All of the CCP’s promises to the UN and the Paris Climate Agreement are just lies for foolish western leftists and hippies (called Baizuo by the chinese trolls online).

          Infact, China is very much dependent on raw material imports. Without these, they would be worst then many african nations. Boy, the CCP are dumber and more autistic then even I imagined.

          “Australia alone won’t create problems for China.” – well then why are they so angry with Australia then? Smells like desperation.

          But………”Don’t interrupt your enemy when they are making a mistake” 🙂

          PS I’m checking here so early because I saw your site was down for a few days, and I alreaddy see some changes around here.

          • wieseladmin

            Seems like your arm recovered and you are back at your game ^^.
            Sorry about my “apparently” wrong informations, I should look more into it.

            Yeah, my old hoster suggested that I should change to another one.
            Now the latest php version is supported and I have better speed and SSL now.
            I could recover most data with ease, but not entirely, I did change a few things and still do.

    • wieseladmin

      Haha, since there’s no new content with her, I will care less.
      NY is still fooling everyone, after my drama episode with them I thought they were done for.
      Not natural? looks like when Kaho or Airi would wear such a bikini, not?

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