Chinese New Year, Chiyoda and a silver cheongsam

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A Happy Chinese New Year everyone!
A great occassion to dress your pretty doll in a traditional cheongsam outfit?

A bit strange idea for an European that New Year doesn’t start on the 01.01. 2021 for everyone,
but before getting into arguments about such trivial matters 😅 Here is Chiyoda in a silver cheongsam.

I dug out this dress, which bought it years ago, when I was still new in the doll hobby on Yahoo auction for a good price. It’s an open chest cheongsam design which looks more spicy than a normal one. I like the cute buns and wrist sleeves pieces of it, I only wish I had bought something with a more bold color, maybe this year.

Since I didn’t use it very often I was worried a bit if it would fit Chiyoda with DDdy body. and to my surprise it fits, apparently it even fits perfectly and I think it’s very pretty on the doll.

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  1. Otaking, the Statue Conqueror
    • wieseladmin

      Ahaha, I actually took those pictures 3 weeks ago without thinking of Chinese New Year at all.
      Misaligned, oh no that means a lot of work to fix it, sometimes it happens that you accidentally push one eye in and slightly push it into a wrong direction.
      Unfortunately I didn’t notice it before, too bad. We could say that she is drunk XD
      lol nice songs

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