Creator’s Collection – Peeled Back Kimono – Pink Cat

In 2020 I decided to get this Peeled Back Kimono figure, the figure follows the design of illustrator Mataro,
a highly regarded artist of attractive female anime characters in more or less naughty context

many figures have been adapted based on his illustrations so far, but I liked this one the most.

The general pattern of the artist’s style is cute facial features and dynamite proportions.

The figure was made by Pink Cat, one of the many Native sub label manufacturers. Not long ago the figure has been released in January, 2021 and I can say that she turned out extremely nice. The figures is scaled 1/6 and measures 16 cm.

Additional items included in this figure package are a white base with white fake fur, an exchangeable torso with exposed boobs, an exchangeable flustered face plate, clear stickers that resemble alcohol drops and a pink dildo, you won’t see in this review.

I don’t like such things, I actually used to have a rule about not buying figures that include sex toys. Albeit I was captivated by the figure’s beautiful kimono and general design, it would have been a shame not order her because I don’t want a single item in the package.

I like the figures brown hair; it’s made into a ponytail with donut bun hairstyle. The pretty color shows elaborate shading, longer strands are framing the head, the fringe is parted and also shorter strands are hanging between her eyebrows.

She also has a super detailed hair ornament, the ribbons hanging from it have a cute heart pattern, the donut bun is also decorated with white and pink flower petals.

The characters default face is especially cute, the flushed cheeks give her a lively appearance. The heavy blush from the prototype has stayed unchanged, which is a great thing to be honest. Often the blush effect is really reduced in the final product or completely forgotten unlike here, fortunately.

Well done by Pink Cat, well done.

She has beautiful blue eyes with many details, there also is a cute small nose and the small mouth with the color on the lips is perfect for this figure. The other faceplate shows the character in a more ashamed mood, probably because of her outfit and sake spilling action, it is a cute and funny expression of the lips, and the face even shows stronger blush than the other faceplate already did. Around the neck a pretty necklace has been attached.

She looks quite innocent with just her face, but everything else about her is naughty with the slowly sliding down kimono, but there is some more going on with this figure.

In the right hand she is holding a sake bottle, it has a good texture that makes it look like a handmade sake bottle, and with the golden line it looks more refined.

In case my dear readers still wonder where the dildo goes to, it won’t fit in anywhere except you would exchange it with the sake bottle. Now those clear stickers create lewd images in my head, uhhh.

She is spilling the contents of the sake bottle over her boobs, while kneeling there with spread legs and the front of her genitals exposed, not much is hidden there. The figure is wearing no panties and since there is no option for it, you have to display her like this. Her bald crotch is, … well kind of cute, the smaller details are painted in a darker shade of pink and gloss.

With pubic hair this figure would look lewder than it is, I guess that would have been a funny addition.

The colorful kimono is a highlight of the figure, it is a realistic recreation of a kimono with all the folds and wrinkles. The outfit has a very bold set of colors, the pink to purple gradient is very nice and the detailed flower ornaments make this outfit a lot more detailed than the sculpt already is.

The obi also has a distinctive black and white striped pattern. At the back you see the huge obi ribbon. The thin rope around her waist is the obijime, with a purple and yellow strap it fits

the general colorful concept of the outfit. The inner white garment is stretched apart by the figure’s thighs, it’s actually too short to be the usual nagajuban undershirt, but I’m no expert in this. She also wears thigh high stockings colored in very dark blue, there is a golden pattern applied at the top rim. Behind her are some shoes matching with the kimono design.

Generally, the pale pinkish skin tone is very pretty and the skin parts have a wonderful texture.

The boobs are nice looking, in the dressed state they appear a bit bigger, but undressed it looks less huge, the shape of her boobs is a bit on the droopy side. She has shiny pink nipples with an appealing areola in the same fashion, it’s not a real surprise that she has rather big nipples like in most hentai material around.

The figure has very nice thighs, the parts with the bare skin look attractive and once again the pale pink skin tone turns out to be a great choice. Generally, the Peeled Back Kimono figure body is more on the soft and voluptuous area, she is not what you would call petite as her arms are also looking soft and sturdy.

Final words – At the end of this review, I can say that I am very pleased with this Peeled Back Kimono  Creator’s Collection figure from Pink Cat. I was a bit worried at first since I had no experience with the manufacturer and it was the first work of sculptor A’n.

The concept of a drunk girl in slided down kimono robes turned out quite convincing. The figure has a good balance of cute and lewd, I really like the ecchi bits of it. The traditional kimono looks great, although the bold colors are not all that traditional, but it’s a nice outfit overall.

The general the quality is very good, but at some areas I felt as if the details could be a bit finer, as the cloth seems to be made a few millimeters thicker than it would have been necessary.

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  1. hsahin
  2. NEXUS4202

    Thank you for the review. She cute 😀 . Cant wait to get mine :3

    • wieseladmin

      You are welcome, thx for your comment.
      Yeah it’s a really sweet figure I’m sure you will like her, too.
      hope you will get her very soon.

  3. Otaking, the Statue Conqueror
    Otaking, the Statue Conqueror

    I can’t believe I didn’t notice something before: on the covered breast version, you can see a bruise on her left breast (right from our perspective). You can see on the second photo. I wonder if it’s some color transfer (damn) or if it’s part of the original design…perhaps some deeper backstory for the character…does she, like, work in some violent whorehouse or something sinister like that? … I looked some more and the stain/bruise is on the naked version too! I don’t think this is a mistake, it must be her deepest lore!

    I might as well post my original comments too
    First things I noticed:
    1) Both face plates made me laugh, she has kind of a derpy look. I say this not as a criticism, but just an observation. Interesting how the shadows from the 2 strains of hair fall on her blushed cheeks, and create kind of an interesting look. About her blush…I don’t think she realises her private parts are visible…ditsy little woman lol.

    2) I don’t like how the breasts are sticking to each other, like they aren’t properly separated, especially in the naked version.

    3) As usual I love the background. So you make most of these on a 3D printer. I’ll do some research some time to see how those things work.

    • wieseladmin

      Hey, I think I will have to disappoint you in this
      As I looked through the pictures I at first thought it is part of the areola,
      but I noticed that it’s just an unwanted reflection from her left sleeve,
      the light hit the bright red area and reflected it on the side of the breast.
      I rarely had such a phenomenon in figure photography before.

      I would not buy a figure with signs of physical abuse, it just would make me feel bad.
      Such figures exist and even though I really like naughty figures, I rather have happy fanservice.

      Yes, she looks somewhat derpy hahaha, but that is cute. So you think she is just drunk instead of embarrassed.
      I noticed that already on a few more figures, you will often see figures where the breasts aren’t made separately
      and the sculptors aim for a pair of squeezed peaches for some reason. I like a filled cleavage, but sometimes it looks strange like here.

      Thank you ^^ When I have a good idea I try to print parts of the set. There is a lot to learn in 3D printing,
      but I have learned a lot in little time. I would like to be able to sculpt figures in 3D, but apparently that is really difficult.
      Surely a wonderful figure but the boobs stick together a little.

  4. Osprey
    • wieseladmin

      Yeah finally indeed XD I have a few more to review next, fortunately the delay madness from 2020 came to an end.
      I missed to receive new figure last year. thank you very much, also for leaving a comment.

  5. pyon

    Such a great figure review <3 It's such a nice busty lady, clothes are beautiful and I like the variation of the display options that you have (*-*)/ Also! awesome photos, I really like the sort-of traditional/inn background that you created for this session. It would be interesting to see her in a combo with the other Mataro figure that is coming out later this year (referring to this one In any case – keep up the wonderful work! I really appreciate reading your posts (doesn't matter if figures or dolls). Have fun and stay healthy!

    • wieseladmin

      Oh thank you so much for the comment, it’s always nice to get some positive feedback once in a while.
      Its a really pretty figure, I also like the blush a lot. With such a nice figure I wanted to create a pretty set of course.
      I’m glad it worked for creating a fitting atmosphere for the figure. Ah yes, I saw that other Mataro figure, too.
      I like the blue colors on this figure and she wears optional panties, which is good compared to the figure in this review.
      thx for reading and your supportive comment. I will try make a new post next week. Stay healthy as well!

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