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Today we review Kikyou from Death Ball. Apparently Death Ball is a manga which is not translated as far as I know. Kiyou was released in December 2020. She is scaled 1/6 and with 260 mm and the extra volume of the character she has a quite impressive appearance. The sculptor in charge of this figure was Tsutakaze Toshi.

I’ve always been a fan of Daiki Kougyou or it’s sub branch Dragon Toy (I don’t know if this branch is still updated, but when you compare both companies figures the selection looks very much similar). Anyway, their choice of characters to be turned into figures is often really good, it are mainly curvy ero manga characters, that range from demon girls, sexy housewife, girlfriend or Walkure Romanze characters.

my favorite figures from them are Takatsuki Akiko and Suma Maya.

The figures are great because they have interesting and well made expressions and features of the face and a nice bodyline nicely adapted into beautiful 3D by different, talented sculptors.

While not every figure from them is a hit, you can generally expect to receive something good and wholesome.

The character has been illustrated by Akasa Ai

Obviously Kikyou is a pointy eared Elf, I mainly ordered her because of that which might be a bad impulse to spend 20.000 Yen. I think the figure is not bad at all, I will go into detail about her few shortcomings and of course the good sides in the following blocks of text.

The figure has several pieces included in the box, a green grass base, not long ago Daiki only equipped their figures with black bases. The green is a good match with the character. The figure has a staff as weapon, the tiny circles at the top can be rotated, which is a nice gimmick. There are two frontal hair pieces; one with visor and one without. There’s also a cape, exchangeable arms and a torso without clothes.

Everything looks pleasant when she is fully or partially dressed, she holds the magical staff tightly under her breast which looks quite funny. The cape covers neck and shoulders and generally has a good looking pattern.

Of course Kikyou is a pretty Elf, the cute head is great and her cleavage is soft, smooth and inviting. The face is nice, on one side it has a mature motherly warmth, but it also looks youthful and bubbly. The eye decals are very well made. The nose is nicely sculpted, but her open mouth is really outstanding with its level of detail and the addition of a tongue. What I also really like about her is the beautiful hair, sculpting and coloring are great.

You can display her with cape or without, I like her with just the cocktail dress and choker.

Daiki Kougyou figures often, no nearly always provide a cast off feature. It offers different display options, when swapping parts color transfer can happen. The paint transfers are often easy to remove, but it’s still annoying to pay attention to it in a photoshoot and in the editing process. Here, on this figure it happened above her nose and on the buttocks.

One thing I forgot to put in place in the first batch of topless pictures, was the choker, without it you would have a weird gap. You should always read the instruction sheet when the manufacturer is kind enough to provide it *teheee*.

The cocktail dress has a tight fit and accentuates the figures beautiful body and the belly is partially exposed. The blue color looks really great and bold and the white parts increase the contrast. She has white overknee boots with black feather rim and golden soles. The area of bare legs between boots and dress is very attractive. The figure wears white gloves. When changing her arms there is no gap which is great.

In the nude display option her boobs are exposed and wide hips are present.

Unfortunately it also reveals the lamest underwear I’ve seen on a figure in a long time, it’s not cute or sexy, it just looks plain and boring to me.

In the undressed display option you can use the other set of arm which enables the figure to hold the magical staff behind her back. You can use the other arms as well, but the option for both ways is there.

The slightly bend over pose is probably not the best choice, for the half naked display option. While it looks rather action orientated in the dressed state, with bare boobs it turns into a floppy pose, as if she would take a stroll around the nudist beach.

I’d rarely see such an innocent topless figure.

At the back the naked torso doesn’t allign properly, which is really unfortunate as well. The biggest issue I have about the naked torso though is the undetailed belly, a real omission that there is no sign of a midriff or the unsporty appearance was chosen on purpose, but even then a little stomach would have been better than the flat and undetailed design of this figures belly.

Final Words – Kikyou is a very nice big figure, she has a great looking outfit. Cape and cocktail dress create a good combination, the blue and white colors of her outfit are nice anyway. The figures hair is pretty and the face is simply gorgeous with the detailed sculpt and adorable happy expression. The overall quality is good, the paint is cleanly applied and there are no rough areas or ugly seamlines on the sculpt at all. The only bigger flaw is that the back of the exchangeable torso doesn’t allign properly.

I prefer the dressed display option of Kikyou as it looks much better. The nude display option doesn’t look as good as on other Daiki Kougyou figures and is surprisingly undetailed, only the bell shaped boobs save it before falling from grace, it is not bad, but I expected a bit more.

4 Responses

  1. Aya

    Elf with giant want and missile shaped boobies XD
    Her face looks great, I like how her mouth open and showing the front teeth

    • wieseladmin

      missile boobies? But yes her cast off isn’t as nice as on other Daiki figures,
      the body is not so detailed under the clothes which is a real shame.
      Her face is really perfect fortunately, I like that the mouth is very detailed,
      we both know how bad an open mouth can look in 3D sculpt from the past.

  2. The Osprey
    The Osprey

    Wow what a beautiful figure! How much did this cost and where did you happen to acquire it?

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