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Hi folks, I think it’s a good day for a new doll related post. Some months ago, after I looked for a few days there for a Dollfie Dream head, I found one and it was love on first sight actually.
Yes, she is based on the Aozaki Aoko DD from 2012, not a head I was familiar with when it came out,
2012 I still wasn’t much interested in the Dollfie world. Nevertheless I saw it and wanted to take it home.

What had lead me to the idea of getting a new head was, that I actually had a hard time with finding a face up artist for my Chiyoda (DDH 07), either no one head time or would not work on numbered heads at all. Nowadays custom face ups are hard to get. Most artist would put up an Dollfie head with custom face up on Yahoo auctions for hundreds of dollars instead of dealing with fussy customers. I would really like to have a makeover for Chiyoda, but for the time being this plan will be put on hold.

I’m nevertheless happy about the purchase of the Aozaki Aoko head, I named her Tatsuko, because I like it.
It’s a more mature and elegant looking head, so I wanted to give her a special and fitting name that conveys a strong will and determination.

I really like the elegant yet cute appearance. As you can see, she is really beautiful with the type moon character design the standard make up is already very well done. The facial features are lovely and the blush marks are very nice. Tatsuko has a very pretty head with mesmerizing blue eyes.

Since I only bought the head at the auction, Tatsuko currently borrows the body of Kagamine Rin. Unfortunately I also didn’t get the beautiful green boots from the set (such a shame) I’m still waiting for the new wig I want to personalize Tatsuko with in the end. Since the eyes and make up are quite nice as they are, no further changes are intended.

I got the outfit on a random buyee auction, a cute top and the skirt leggins combination was a really good catch. The top doesn’t cover the black hem, anyway it’s a pretty outfit overall.

Tatsuko looks really gorgeous, I’m really happy about having her

That’s all for today, I have a few more figure and doll related posts in the queque.

  1. Aya

    Beautiful head 8D ahaha I remember try getting aoko years ago(the volks lottery) her mouth is what i wanted for my grumpy girl lol
    anyway I saw aoko default wig for sale on mandarake if you interested

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