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Hey what’s up? Lazy bum wieselhead is back with a figure review he should have posted months ago.

Today the figure is Juliana Eberhardt, also named Juliana Everheart from Senjou no Valkyria Duel, it’s based on this illustration.

This Juliana Eberhardt figure was manufactured by Phat Company and released in February 2021… ok, that was a bit ago folks *facepalm*. Nevertheless, today I will show you that the figure is really nice and pretty.

Her origin is Senjou no Valkyria Duel, I have no knowledge about this except that I have watched the somehow related Valkyria Chronicles anime from 2009.

Some months ago Phat Company announced to make figures of Riela Marcellis and Juliana Eberhardt in the near future. I was hoping that they would make the cuter Riela, but no they made Juliana first.

To encourage the company to make the figure of Riela Marcellis I preordered Juliana in the end. I probably didn’t influence anything with the purchase, but a few months later Riela Marcellis was listed in the shops, she will be released around November 2021.

Juliana Eberhardt is scaled 1/7 and measures 250 mm. I like bikini figures like her, the tropical flair, with a cute bikini and vibrant hair hair and, you guessed it already, a dynamite body. The funny thing about this figure’s design is the stuck up and bitchy expression of Juliana, I really think this is something unique so far.

Senjou no Valkyria shows the trademark character design of Raita. In the past I kept telling myself as well as my friends that I am no fan of Raita’s style design, but when looking at my figure collection I’m probably a big fan.

Raita designs feature beautiful woman, the trademark are a little extreme proportions. There always is a quite obviously visible ribcage combined with a mainly huge bosom, in reality a probably impossible combination, but it’s still an appealing style, also with the otherworldy long limbs. The legs are so long! The characters have wide hips as well, which is something I really appreciate.

Juliana has an impressive hairstyle dyed in a striking magenta shade of color. The dozens of strands are following an onion sharp as if they were elevated by a gentle sea breeze. At the back her hair is decorated by a blue clamp and 3 hibiscus flowers

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, the little ahoge is a bit funny when you see the figures arrogant expression.

That said, her face and it’s facial features are really looking great, the beautiful blue eyes, the thin eyebrows and cool looking make up around the narrow yet wide eyes. Her head is tilted upwards, she is without a doubt looking down on me, but it’s sexy, isn’t it?

In general the figure gives you that certain proud ojou sama vibe, I don’t know if she is a person who genuinely enjoys a day at the beach, but at least she tries to show her best beach wardrobe.

The outfit is this neck holder style bikini, I like it’s blue and white colors, the frills and the blue pearls. The bikini is skimpy, but not in a lewd way, the short pleated skirt makes Juliana appear a little more dressed. Nevertheless under the skirt she is wearing a thong. She has fashionable summertime sandals with a little heel, not that ungraceful flip flop junk. Juliana’s favorite color really must be blue.

The back of her knees also is very well done.

At the left side of her body she wears 2 twin bracelets, around her wrist and ankle, I really like these small accessories. These parts also add a fourth color to the figure.

Her hands and fingers are also quite nice, compared to her body they are appearing a little big, but it matches with the rest of her proportions.

The figure has proud and perky breasts what made camera focusing a little difficult when they stick out like that, albeit I would say that the nearly realistic illusion of weight and droopiness is very well done on Juliana.

There is no cast off option for this figure, the head can be taken off though, to reveal the stunning backside.

Furthermore the nice body sculpting features these smooth and delicate shoulders and nicely carved out collarbones. There is the ribcage under her skin, it might look strange to some of you, but I am already used to it, in any case it’s a curvy figure. The body also has a distinctive midriff. The slim waist and wide hips are nice, Juliana has a beautiful butt and the nicely shaped buttocks flashing underneath her skirt.

On thing, unfortunate about the figure’s massive hair is blocking the view on the extremely nicely sculpted backside of the figure, it’s a beautiful sight.

Final Words

The sculptor Yadokari did a wonderful job with this adaptation of the Juliana Eberhardt character in beach outfit, her face is beautiful and the body looks simply great. The figure looks more cute and feminine then the illustration. But at the same time it looks more angry or frustrated. I guess she was happy in 2D, she didn’t like the switch to 3D (a true otaku gal). It’s nice how the 2D mouth, that is just plastered to the cheek of the face in typical 2D anime style, has been rendered in 3D by this sculptor.

The figure has a nice holiday atmosphere and tropical vibe featuring Raita’s special style. It’s a big figure with a distinctive appearance. Her in beach outfit, her face is beautiful and the body looks simply great. The figure has a nice holiday atmosphere and tropical vibe featuring Raita’s special style. It’s a big figure with a distinctive appearance.

The quality has lots of light and a little shadow, some things are made very smooth with attention to every detail and some other things are painted with a rough brush and look chunky, I’m not happy about how those earing’s look on closer inspection. A few areas on the head are also a little rough, but everything is still at an acceptable level for me.

Juliana Eberhardt is a stunning bikini figure and the bitchy expression is really refreshing.

3 Responses

  1. Aya

    and here is it the Raita’s proportion XD elf body with well endowed boobs and ass.
    She looks perfect not sure whether I like her expression or not but she looks amazing

    • wieseladmin

      Yeah, I guess that is my third figure with this style, they are all great.
      The ass especially turned out great XD Yes, the expression is something new “angry at the beach”
      But she is still really good looking overall, anyway I think I might be happier with the Riela Marcellis figure coming out in November.

    • Otaking, the Statue Conqueror
      Otaking, the Statue Conqueror

      elf body – yes, that describes Raita’s designs well. It’s weird I didn’t see this before you said it.

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