New Figure Preorders #40

Hi, how are your figure preorders coming along? I was haunted by delays since spring this year. It’s has been a while since I dedicated a post to my current figure preorders, so today I will show you the things that I have preordered recently and the things I’m still waiting for to be released this year.

Azur Lane – Javelin – Beach Picnic! Ver. – Alter

Javelin will be my first Azure Lane figure in a cute beach version. Mainly Azure Lane stands for big and busty ship ladies, but also features different aesthetics among it’s wide range of characters. I like Javelin a lot, she was my first ship because she looked cute lol. Alter made a very pretty figure, her petite body with the wide hips and pretty legs. They created a very cheerful Javelin befitting her personality and charms.

release date: September 2022

Creator’s Collection – Sakurako’s Injection! – Native

I think it’s been 8 years or more since Native announced this figure at wonfes some years ago, I always was a fan of the design. I don’t know what took them to long to finish this figure, but I am glad that she wasn’t canceled and I could finally order the figure I’ve been waiting for so long. Her design is a bit wild with all the medical utensils and pink slime, but I’m really happy how this turned out, the body looks great as well as the soft looking facial features. Fun fact is that compared to newer Native figures Sakurako’s Injection look relatively tame,

release date: August 2022

Atelier Ryza ~Tokoyami no Joou to Himitsu no Kakurega~ – Lila Decyrus – Alter

I don’t know why I ordered the figure in the first place, at that time I haven’t even started playing Atelier Ryza. Atelier Totori has been a bit of an bad experience for me, I liked the general look and feel of the game, but it was a stressful affair to get everything done on time there. After playing Atelier Ryza for some weeks now, it’s a lot of fun and less demanding in terms of timing. I’m happy that I did order Lila. I would like to add a figure of Ryza herself in the future as well, I already saw a few nice things in the making.

release date: January 2022

Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata ♭ – Hyodo Michiru – Lingerie Ver. – Alter, Aniplex

I’m probably not the biggest fan of Michiru, I didn’t even watch Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata ♭ , but in this attire she looks absolutely great, combined with an angelic face which features her with such a cute expression. The overall color scheme of purple and white is extremely pretty. I unfortunately had to pay upfront for her, the shops that offered to pay later were looking unreliable, so I rather ordered at well known shop.

release date: April 2022

Yuigahama Yui – Yukinoshita Yukino – Ending Ver. – Alpha Satellite, eStream

I felt betrayed by this anime when it showed me a ship that sunk in the harbour, of course the end makes sense when you think about the show as a whole, but I wanted to believe. Yui and Yukino are both very kind and nice girls and I was happy that a company made a figure combination with both characters, I’m a sucker for figure combos and I liked this one a lot as they are very close to each other and captured in a lively way. Both got the same attention to detail and look enchanting. As you all already know eStream is a very expensive brand, I’m usually against paying such prices but the two look so nice together.

release date: April 2022

Original Character – Amemiya Natsumi – Native

Yeah, let’s get dirty… what was I thinking, wieselhead you naughty boy. I honestly wished for a less lewd looking figure of this certain character created by Kekemotsu, but so far that didn’t happen. The exposed nipples aren’t optional, but at least the lower part isn’t lewd by default. I tried to resist ordering Natsumi, but it was of a useless struggle. There was something i really liked about her. For example I like the figures actually beautiful face with the tongue out it looks quite interesting. I also like the strong looking legs the figure has to offer, she looks hot, but I would have really preferred a different pose.

release date: January 2022

Insei Iroiro – Chie – Creator’s Collection – Native, Rocket Boy

and another lewd figure. I always wanted a figure of Chie created by illustrator Ishikei, in this figure adaptation she’s nicely seductive and gorgeous. I’ve been very happy when Chie appeared at the Native shop. The figure looks great, I really like the big boobs, I don’t really need the spread legs pose, but the boobs look wonderful. Ishikei has a great character design, although she mainly uses her talent for very lewd illustrations.

release date: February 2022

SSSS.Gridman – Takarada Rikka – I Believe in Future – Good Smile Company

Well, I didn’t like Gridman very much. I also don’t like Rikka that much, she was cool, but I liked Akane more as a character. In the end Rikka was the nicer figure in my opinion. What is great about this Rikka are the thighs. I think I never saw a figure with thighs like that. The overall design is very nice and fresh as well. Although I loved Darling in the Franxxx, Kiznaiver and Little Witch Academia was great for the most part, I have a problem with most Trigger shows.

release date: September 2021

Senjou no Valkyria Duel – Riela Marcellis – Phat Company

I already own Juliana Eberhardt, the other Senjou no Valkyria Duel bikini figure that Phat Company released earlier this year. I liked Juliana, it was very well made and the arrogant expression, but the figure I really wanted is Riela, as she looks friendlier and had a cuter bikini. The haircolor gradient is also very cool.

release date: November 2021

Maitetsu -Pure Station- – Hachiroku – Swimsuit Ver. – Alter

She is the personification of a classic steam train, the mechanical, humanoid train conductor and train mechanic Hachiroku, in the VN it was hilarious when she munched on coal and drank water, everything a steam train needs. She is a really enchanting girl, kind, sometimes gloomy, but always keeps her elegant mature demeanor in contrast to her actual size. It’s great that Alter decided to make a figure of her

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, a swimsuit one, but to me that is also very welcome, alternatively the figure alternatively can be displayed in a skimpy, lewd bikini and nervous expression on her face, most would feel guilty about it, me too.

I played the tame version of the VN, fortunately as I later heard that it went overboard with the lolicon relationships in the 18+ version, I don’t want that. The figure should have been released this August, but recently was delayed to 2022, too bad

release date: January 2022

4 Responses

  1. Otaking, the Statue Conqueror
    Otaking, the Statue Conqueror

    Sakurako’s Injection – she was announced 8 years ago? Wow this industry is crazy! You really have to pay alot of attention to it if you don’t want to be out of the loop. So they announce it the very year the covid vaccs roll out to little success. Is she supposed to be a weird promotional item to convince people to get them ? Sorry but once that crossed my mind it just stuck there and really made me laugh to myself haha!

    eStream have fantastic looking figures but so damn costly! All I’m curios about is where do they manufacture? Also in China? I can’t find info about that anywhere. I felt sorry (kind of) that I couldn’t get the 2 Bunny Girl Senpai figures they made, especially the Mai one, with the train tracks. Anyway, if I ever suddenly get very rich, I’d like to get most of the eStream figures up tp date, they just look so great….. I can dream can’t I !?

    Chie created by illustrator Ishikei – so Ishikei is a woman? But I’ve been told that only pathetic looser incel men like to draw such illustrations ! I guess twitter and all the feminist university teachers all lied to me then! Good to know. Lol irony alert for those who aren’t in the know. I’d like a figure in this sexual pose for my collection but you know, finances won’t allow it.

    About the Takarada Rikka figure, I really like these kinds of figures where the character floats in a fantasy like way, I think those are very iconic of the anime figure in general. If you make a review of it, I really want to hear your DETAILDED opinion and review of the show, why didn’t you like it. Better to write about that there then here tho.

    Maitetsu -Pure Station – so train girls too? First aircraft leg girls (Strike Witches), then sea ship girls, and now this? I wonder if this has anything to do with Thomas the Tank Engine? I’m pretty sure there were memes about that in 2016 when this game came out. Ah what am I saying, there are tens of western kids shows involving anthro trains, only a matter of time till an anime game would make girls out of them haha.

    • wieseladmin

      normally when things take as long as Sakurako’s Injection, they most likely will get cancelled before the next stage.
      when you look at companies like Orchid Seed you will see a lot of things that weren’t developed further,
      even though it were (ero) great concepts. I have been a great fan of them, but they became so damn slow.
      Lol that is a good idea, so covid saved this figure.

      I don’t think I will ever buy another eStream figure in the future. I made an exception because I really liked these two girls.
      There is a big chance that the figures are made in Japan, but maybe eStream just demands those prices while the production still happens
      in China.

      Haha yes a women, although a bit hard to believe. Yeah, it’s some people will really get angry when facing lewd content.
      I guess it should be accepted of parts of human nature, most people have a sex drive if they like it or not, it’s completely normal to some
      degree. I have mixed feelings when ordering lewd figures, but sometimes I really like the concept, my only no go are figures including sex toys.

      Don’t tell me you liked that show, honestly I would have to rewatch it in order to tell you exactly what I thought was wrong with it.
      What I remember is that treated the male lead as one dimensional idiot, in that case they could have cancelled his character from the start,
      making Rikka the pilot.

      Train girls yeah, kind of that. They were more like taking care of the actual train, driving it and transporting passengers.
      I like old railway and the character looked cute, so I ended up clearing one route.

  2. Tier

    It’s kind of funny how both of our wishlists have a lot of Native figures on them, but I think we chose completely different figures. I’m looking forward to Ade-Sugata 6, that one 1/4 scale Tony-designed girl in shibari, and Reiko Hagi. I’m thinking about Sakurako’s Injection but there are so many figures to buy and as you said, she’s a little less lewd than some of the other figures available on Native’s store. Javelin is definitely cute; I think she’s tied for my second-favorite starter ship in Azur Lane, though now that I think about it, she’s the only one I haven’t yet leveled to 120. Sometimes I’m a little wary of figures based on characters designed by Raita since the body proportions can be a little strange-looking, but I’m really liking Riela the more I look at her.

    • wieseladmin

      I rather like their softcore lewd figures, I have absolutely nothing against seeing the lewder ones on your blog,
      but owning them myself is a different story. Sakurako’s Injection, I have waited so long for this one that ignoring the figure now would feel rude.
      I recently liked the design of Creator’s Collection – Yumi, which follows the Asanagi style. In the nude display option she looks fantastic ^^ I think Riela will turn out great.

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