Nono – Punk Bambi !! Ghost Dress Set

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Time for doll photography, the model of today is Nono, she easily became one of my favorite dolls to take pictures of, she is just so cute with her little uneasy but gentle smile. Here in this post she is wearing a grunge style outfit. It’s actually a shirt made by Azone, the 45 Punk Bambi !! Ghost Dress Set for 45 cm dolls, it’s a big size for Nono MDD as you can see, but it’s still in the fitting zone in my opinion. The rest of the outfit contains of Volks SD Socks (Pink Stripes) and some sneakers I bought someplace, somewhere.

I really liked the shirt with the punk Bambi print and the black belts and belt-buckets at the front, the shirt has jagged edges and looks a little torn on purpose, generally Azone clothes have a higher quality in case you are wondering about what to generally expect from an Azone outfit.

I think Nono looks very adorable in this outfit and with her E-guitar, it’s Fender Telecaster rosewood finish miniature guitar replica at 1/4 scale from Axe Heaven, they are very detailed and it’s very convenient to have things available without spending a fortune. Haha it really looks like Nono is into electric guitars

“If you not hurry, I’m gonna eat you !!” my good girl would not use such a phrase, but it is kind of hilarious to have a cute MDD in grunge style.

Nono is having a MDD Mochi-Ashi Base Body (DD-f3), it’s great as it gives MDD great looking legs with nicely shaped thighs and a feeling of softness. What I like the most about this body is that it is perfectly balanced and allows the doll to stand on her own without the need of a stand or support. Of course she can’t stand on only one leg. But with normal poses the improved balance is a helpful feature.

I have a rather long backlog and plan to post pictures from all the unpublished doll shootings this year.

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  1. Otaking, the Statue Conqueror
    Otaking, the Statue Conqueror

    Glad I made a little time to look at this. Yeah, it’s cute and funny. I guess Chyodia (idk if it’s spelled that way, sorry) or another head would have been a better match for this outfit, but I get the size differences. Anyway, you have 2 miniature guitars, cool! And that antique phone with the lion’s head, too.

    Also different basket shoes then this one (i remembered lol)

    “If you don’t hurry, I’m gonna eat you !!” – guess the hunter from the story is going into the oven…or maybe Bambi is having some raw-non-vegan tonight. Her mother would be so proud…..or not?!

    Appropriate soundtrack for this post (hope Youtube doesn’t remove this like that last OST I posted here, ugh)

    • wieseladmin

      thanks for reading haha I know that is really a niche thing but I really like my dolls and taking pictures of them is both a road of frustration and fun.
      Chiyoda, like a certain district in Shibuya ^^ Yeah, it would most likely look good on the bigger dolls.
      The guitars are really awesome. Yes in the other post it were other (better made) shoes.

      Haha crazy Bambi, like in that Little Red Riding Hood alternative story.

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