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Today we take a look at Hachiroku from the VN hit Maitetsu ~pure station~, since ALTER decided to make this figure I guess it’s a popular game. I played the Maitetsu version from Steam. It was fully translated and had a quite nice story. It was a censored version and that probably was the better decision, but more about that later.

Maitetsu is a classic Visual Novel, every girl is cute and has an route of her own. The game is set in an alternative Japan with a few sci fi and fantasy elements. It’s a story about reviving the old railway system in a rural area of Japan. The game is telling a lot of info about trains and it gets much into detail about Railroads and economics. It was one of the newer VN’s that I have played recently, one of the things that stand out are the highly animated sprites, which let the characters do some animated movements what makes them appear more lively and adorable, it’s a great feature and increases the players motivation.

Hachiroku is not a human being, she is a 130 cm tall Raillord, (a mechanical doll with a soul, that is needed to operate a train, the JGR Class 8620 in her case. After staying in a glass cabinet for several years, Hachiroku is activated by chance and now wants to revive the long neglected railway service with help of the main character. There is no discrimination between humans and Raillords in this story.

Surely our Hachiroku is not a real human, but she is also not acting like a robot, not in her behavior nor in her speech pattern, she has such a nice voice performed by Kiritani Hana. In the game I really liked her charming personally and elegant demeanor. Her normal train conductor outfit is beautiful.

What is more odd than the sweet fantasy train story are the ero scenes, Hachiroku looks like a loli and so do 90% of the cast. Every girl has their dedicated route, in case you got a hold of the uncensored version it will have ero scenes. The fact that most of the cast is underaged gives the nice game a strange feeling. I don’t want to make a fuss over one persons fantasies, but it doesn’t sit well with me that it’s part of the game.

I don’t mind doing it with Hachiroku, but the characters that look even younger? Come on that is just kind of bad and tasteless even in a fictional reality. Anyway that should not be our topic today at all.

Figures made by ALTER often promise an exceptionally nice quality and so I ended up ordering this Hachiroku. ALTER made a Hachiroku figure in a swimsuit version, her release date was in January 2022. She was sculpted with great care by the experienced Takaku & Takeshi. The swimsuit version is scaled 1/6 and measures 23 cm in height.

This is not be first Maitetsu figure, there has been a beautiful figure of Hachiroku in her stunning train conductor outfit made by Aspire and a few bikini figures from Q-six. I might still want the one from Aspire.

The swimsuit version was ought to be a figure with exchangeable body parts, but during production ALTER ran into problems, so in the end it was decided that two complete figures were made and put in the box to finish the production on time. Of course it’s a nice thing for the buyer to get two figures in one package.

There we have the happy Hachiroku in a frilly black swimsuit and train conductor cap. Next to her is her naughty “twin” wearing a scandalous micro bikini, yes I feel bad about it but with adorable face I can’t leave her in the box.

The first thing that came to mind when I was unpacking the figure was “Wow, she really looks like in the VN. The face(s) have been made with great attention to detail. The shape of the face, the cute nose and the round and slightly elevated cheeks. The deep red eyes and cute blush give the figure a very lively and detailed expression, her lips are glossy but painted in a natural color which is a great additional detail on the figure.

The hairstyle is something classic what slightly resembles a hime cut with long hair at the backside. It’s coal black hair with semi transparent tips and a gradient from black to grey. As little mecha musume reminder Hachiroku is equipped with a few antenna like things that resemble train parts, on the left side of her head is even train pipe. Her necklace is designed like a railway signaling token carrier pouch, in the past those were used as security measures and to control which train is allowed to use a certain track section at a certain time.

I like the black colored swimsuit a lot with it’s smoke black color, brass lining and dots and the red ribbons.
The frilly top and the short skirt attachment give it a cute appearance, although from a lower angle you can notice that the swimsuit isn’t all that innocent, since her buttocks are not covered very much. The effect of transparency and stretchiness is very well made and it’s overall a lovely design.

The other Hachiroku shows 99% more skin, her bikini only consists of tiny white triangles and black strings. I think the small bikini of Hachiroku (lewd) is looking a bit silly on the petite, infantine body and I have no idea why she would wearing it in the first place, it shouldn’t be taken too seriously, but it’s definitely odd to see.

Actually its nice to place both of them together, they have different poses, expressions and outfits.

They have different poses, the dressed Hachiroku does a cute salute greeting, while holding an inflatable train under her arm. The nearly naked figures wears a nervous expression, who would not while being dressed like a …her hands are placed below her bellybutton with her fingers nervously articulated.

Hachiroku is a small sized heroine, still with feminine proportions, she has a flat upper body, the hips are as wide as her shoulders. Her round belly is slightly sticking out, I don’t understand why loli characters always have such bellies recently. Arms and legs are nicely sculpted as well as the fingers and toes.

The pretty transparent base shows sand and the ocean, each figure has it’s own base, it’s nice that both figures don’t have to share one, which also allows you to display both at the same time and also together.

As final thought, I really think that the Hachiroku – swimsuit version made by ALTERturned out as I expected, the size is nice and the details are very nice. It’s even better since I got two figures in the end, of course one of them has weird clothes, but both are actually cute, the one in the black swimsuit is still my favorite.

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  1. Uzies

    Hey, it’s kinda cool seeing people review figurines in this format. I’ve recently found your 2013 Fate Testarossa figurine review when searching up the third movie of the anime and currently reading the other reviews and posts you’ve made. It’s nice to see you’re still doing reviews for many years so I look forward in seeing the next review. Hope you have a nice day during these bad times.

    • wieseladmin

      Hi, thx for stopping by 🙂
      since I started and feel more familiar with this review text format I never thought about changing it.
      I sometimes thought about video reviews, but I don’t like hearing my recorded voice haha.
      Ah yes the big Fate, nice that you are interested in these things I created, yeah it has been many years so far.
      I’m also wishing you a nice week and stay healthy.

  2. Aya

    ah you went ahead play the games XD would be interesting if you reviewing the game lol considering your impression.
    2 figures in one, a super deal good deal i would say,but I don’t like the micro bikini version

    • wieseladmin

      I played the first Hachiroku route, it’s a bit dry sometimes, but overall a sweet VN.
      Yeah, it was a surprise, although it takes more space than 1 lol.
      I like the face from the lewd bikini Hachiroku, but the bikini looks bad on a child body,
      I don’t understand why she is wearing this thing in the first place.

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