Rinko in a gorgeous cheongsam

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A new doll related post, today Rinko featuring in a gorgeous cheongsam outfit.

the first time I have seen this dress was @akayoutsuki on Twitter years ago, before he became super rich lol. Uhhh apparently I can’t timetravel that far in Twitter timelines, so no proof that I can show.

When I was looking for a new cheongsam, I stumbled over this one on taobao from seller CLS shop, fortunately the outfit wasn’t sold out at that time, there was a waiting time of two months for it to be made, but that was ok for me .

Part of the package is the dress obviously

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, a ribbon for sewing the dress together and a needle. I’m happy that it turned out to be a real high quality dress with beautiful cloth and great looks.

This cream white cheongsam emphasizes the beautiful doll legs and the bodyline of the Dollfie Dream in general. I think it looks wonderful on Rinko with her wavy twintails and nice make up.

The sleeves and shoes you see in this post are from Volks underwear from taobao

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  1. Aya
    • wieseladmin

      Yes, it’s super pretty, I didn’t change the outfit on her so far.
      I thought it was funny, but that is probably a very random thing with a fighting pose.
      I should try again with more erotic poses.

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