Chiyoda in white lingerie

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Doll post time!

Yeah, I’m still doing doll photography from time to time, I haven’t lost interest so far.

I recently retired my DDdy-PeachPai-Plus, which means I throw it away. After around 6 years of good service it had discolored, had a few holes and was out of shape for some reason. So it was not possible to use it anymore in a satisfying way.

I mainly used it with my Dollfie Chiyoda, it has been a great combo, but now I changed her bust into DDIII-B-02F-SW from Volks, I don’t miss the additional volume, so it’s a good solution for the time being.

Someday I would buy another silicone bust since it is actually a good item for personalizing your doll.

This time Chiyoda is wearing a pretty lingerie with bunny ear headpiece, it looks great on her. Ah yeah I bought it on Taobao at the shop. This shop always has great outfits for all the Dollfie Dream sizes.

Taobao platform became incredibly restrictive recently so it became more difficult and annoying to search for stuff, shit commies, nough said hahaha.

The dress is skin tight and has a nice design overall, it works very good in some sexy photosesion.

I still love the make up coordinate of my Chiyoda

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, ClockworkAngel did a wonderful job.

After 6 years it’s not in 100% condition anymore, but I still can use it without feeling ashamed.

A problem that appeared since some years now is that face up artists, became an endangered species, many artists retired and nowasays it’s extremely difficult to find someone who has a free slot and is willing to do a custom face up. I guess even finding someone who would repair a face up would be nearly impossible to find. So I have to be super careful with the dolls lol. I hope I will have more luck this year to start 1-3 face up comissions. Or I’ll buy a new head on buyee lol.

Let’s finish this post, the dress is really pretty, Chiyoda is still gorgeous and I should try more exciting posing.

  1. Aya

    6 years of use pretty good lifetime for silicone ^^ too bad for your loss hope you can get replacement and the hips parts too someday.
    Nice lingerie don’t think white really suit her look but yeah otherwise it will stain so only choice of color ^^

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