New Figure Preorders #41

Hi, today I will dedicate a post to my current figure preorders, I’ll show you the nice figures that I have preordered recently and the things I’m still waiting for to be released this year and beyond.

Bombergirl – Sepia Belmont – Wing

I really like the Bombergirl character designs, the facial expressions and features are a little different than the average bishoujo looks. From the available figures I liked the design of Sepia Belmont the most, she is sexy and with 26 cm (1/6) a rather big figure. I think the facial expression is marvelous and the figure looks great.

release date: May 2022

Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! – Uzaki Tsuki – Ushigara Bikini – Wave

When looking back at Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! I don’t like it anymore. It’s the weakest romcom among the popular titles of recent years, Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san, Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru or Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san. But nevertheless I liked Uzaki’s mum and this figure of her looks really great. The optional faceplate is looking very promising with it’s more erotic direction

release date: May 2022

Elf Mura – Cecile – Vertex

It’s about time that I will get myself a figure from the elf village series, I liked a few of the previous figures, but Cecile hits all the right buttons, she’s a beautiful Elf girl with a nice design and the pretty outfit is also looking great. I only think that the skirt is too short, but it’s cast off as well.

release date: August 2022

Atelier Ryza – Reisalin Stout – Phat Company

Ah it’s Ryza, the lazy farmers daughter, I really liked the first Ryza game and will play the other part when it becomes a little cheaper. I decided to get this figure of her, because I don’t really felt convinced by any of her figures, that show her with open mouth, I rather like Ryza’s curious smiling face, another good point about the Phat Company figure is that it’s scaled 1/6 and 16,5 cm big. She can be displayed with and without jacket.

release date: November 2022

Azur Lane – Bremerton – Scorching-Hot Training, TF Edition – Mimeyoi

There are a lot of great Azure Lane figures to order, but because of their relatively high pricing, I can’t order a figure like ALTER’s Formidable for 31.800 Yen for example. Other nice Azure Lane figures are scaled 1/4 and that is also not good for me and the limited space that I have for figure collecting. Fortunately Bremerton isn’t expensive and not too big by my standards. I have ordered the simple version since I don’t like the tennis theme all that much. This Bremerton has a very pretty face and of course I can’t saYy no to a body like that.

release date: May 2023

Beatless – Kouka – Good Smile Company

I actually was surprised when Kouka was suddenly announced, I had doubts that she would ever be turned into a figure in the end. I was already very happy with the previous Lacia figure from GSC with Kouka another Beatless main character was turned into a figure, the weapon is a big part of the design, but the character of Kouka also looks nice and appealing. I will receive her in 2024 at best. Isn’t it sick that this is in 2 years, how crazy is that?

release date: January 2024

still waiting for…

Yeah, I’m quite upset that those three figures were delayed, not by much but I was really looking forward to them. Especially this figure combination of Yui and Yukino is so damn adorable.

Yuigahama Yui – Yukinoshita Yukino – Ending Ver. – eStream

delayed to: June 2022

Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata ♭ – Hyodo Michiru – Lingerie Ver. – Alter

delayed to: June 2022

Senjou no Valkyria Duel – Riela Marcellis – Phat Company

delayed to: October 2022

So that is all about my current preorders, I hope to receive them sooner than later and that they will turn out as expected.

  1. Kwok Chan
    Kwok Chan

    Nice choice of figures, if only I can display them in front of my parents, I wouldn’t mind ordering them. But once again, damn those are so sexy.

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