Nono in summer 2022

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Nono is enjoying the warm temperatures of summer, at least I hope she does. As I learned this year that the heat can be a rather merciless thing during summer. Even I, who considers himself as the productive type had problems to do anything at temperatures beyond 34°C and a crushing air humidity.

Anyway in this shooting my doll Nono is wearing a self tailored bikini, a frilly dream in pink if you are asking me. I took some hopefully cute pictures of Nono in this simple studio like beach setting. Even with my pictures being rather simple, doll photography is still not easy in general.

Brushing hair (more or less thoroughly)!
Don’t lose the wig!
Pay attention to the elbow joints direction!

Sounds like a real pain, but I love it a lot nevertheless. It’s definitely worth for me to explore further in the doll photography direction. I really would like do more with size appropriate props in the future.

I got Nono from a tough battle at Yahoo auction. Winning the auction was totally exciting for me, because it doesn’t often end with me being outbidden by some rich money man. Nono’s cute head with the adorable expression was totally worth it, I really adore this happy flower with the subtle smile, Nono.

I gave Nono an MDD Ashi Mochi body, the Ashi Mochi body is really nice looking with those legs.It’s supposed to be an advanced DD-f3 body, but compared to the old MDD model I have to tighten the screws a lot more often. At least MDD Ashi Mochi is perfectly balanced and the Mini Dollfie Dream can stand on her own.

The middle oh summer and unfortunately I don’t feel as happy as Nono here. Summer is supposed to be a happy season

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, playing in the water, holidays, the beach, BBQ. Instead I turn on TV and the news throw the entire shit of the world into my face, drought, burning forests, war, headless politicians, forced gas shortage and I nearly forgot that damn Corona, if that is actually still a thing in your place. The only thing left is a meteorite on a collision course with our planet, don’t blame me if it happens tomorrow.

Anyway don’t give up, nothing is over and there is always hope for a better tomorrow.

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  1. Aya

    Nice swimwear, thought i am more interested with the hat XD
    is this Nono use the Mochi ashi MDD body ? don’t have any MDD so i can’t exactly always tell about their differences

    • wieseladmin

      not bad for being self tailored, although it hardly slides over her ass.
      The hat is just bought, but yes back in the days when I could still shop at taobao *cries*
      Yes, it’s Mochi ashi MDD. I would always prefer it since the juicy thighs really are looking great.
      The legs and feet are more chubby compared to MDD and the screws are less strong and need adjustment more often.

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